Coca: A Simple, Natural, Virtually Unknown Medicinal Leaf

Ever heard that the leaves of the Coca plant are a powerful natural medicine? Not the drug cocaine, or the anesthetic – I mean fresh or carefully dried, whole, natural coca leaf taken simply as a tea or in a tonic. Exactly like the Cannabis flower – as a simple, natural medicine.

European and American physicians in the 18th-19th centuries knew all about Coca leaf “infusions” or teas, as well as alcohol extracts, and used them successfully to treat a wide range of diseases and conditions. They weren’t misinformed idiots – they saw they Coca infusions worked for their patients, and they wrote about it extensively. One of the of the most popular medical tonics in the western world was Vin Mariani, a French Coca Wine, widely prescribed by European and American physicians and used to treat and prevent illness with success by many prominent people including the Pope.

I love finding and sharing lost knowledge found in unusual places, so here’s a selection of my Coca articles filled with hyperlinks to long-lost original source materials. If you share my fact-based distrust of Big Pharma, I hope you’ll find this new knowledge worth exploring.

Can Coca Leaf Tea Treat Long COVID?

Coca Leaf Tea for Compromised Human Gut Microbiome

Coca Leaf Tea and Chronic Low-Level Whole-Body Inflammation

Coca Leaf Tea – A Safe & Effective Treatment or Cure For Asthma?

Coca Leaf & Congestive Heart Failure – Part One

Coca Leaf & Congestive Heart Failure – Part Two

Coca Leaf Tea – A Possible Treatment/Cure for Alzheimer’s & Dementia?

Coca Leaf & Muscular Energy

Coca Leaf Tea as A Potential Treatment for Deadly Forms Of Fatigue

A Simple Natural Cure for Obesity – Coca Leaf Tea?

Drug X – Assassin of Natural German Superiority

The Place of Coca Leaf In The Living World

Coca Rico? Puerto Coca? Post-Maria Independence & Prosperity

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