Pure, Natural Coca Leaf – A Healing Gift Of The Divine Plant

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If I Were Krazy Kim I would Love Daffy Donald

krazykimI would see the world as my enemy, and I would be absolutely certain that the world was ready to attack me at the first opportunity. I could see the world gloating over my death, and then forgetting me.

So, paranoid megalomaniac that I am, I would have been gaming my response for years, preparing to play and win the game on my own terms. Neither the US, nor China, nor any other country would impress me at all.

But I would LOVE the ascendance of Daffy Don to the US presidency, because I would be certain that now I was faced with an utter fool who I could count on to “provoke” me into doing what I actually plan to do, and who would be completely taken in by my game plan. PLEASE don’t throw me into that brier patch, Brer Bear!

My plan would have been to set up the world to think that I am building my nuclear weapons capability to launch nuclear missiles at my neighbors and, ultimately, at the US. So, I would have done everything in my total power to convince them that they are correct. I would have launched lots and lots of missiles, and I would blown off a bunch of nukes, and I would have bragged how far my missiles could fly and how destructive they were.

By all evidence, I would be a very happy man these days, because the whole world seems to have bought my head-fake. Especially Daffy Donald. I would find the preparations of my enemies to counter my nuclear missile threat – the whole world full of them – to be terribly amusing. I would be especially happy about what the South Koreans and the US are doing. Go ahead – build that missile shield. And by the way, I am going to scream and threaten you while you do.

But my real plan would be very different from what I have convinced the world to think, and to prepare for.  

I would have spent years and unlimited amounts of money placing chemical, biological, and of course nuclear weapons in as many places in the world as possible – on the floor of harbors, in warehouses, in business facilities, and just plain buried in the countryside. I would have used normal shipping vessels to carry most of these weapons around the world, and I would have had trained teams on board these ships who would offload and place the weapons.

If the nukes were shielded properly they would be very hard to detect. The chemical and biological weapons – impossible to detect. They would be built to lie in place for years.

All these weapons would be on remote triggers, and I would have people in place, with other people as failsafe backups, to activate the triggers. They would have been in place for many years, and they would have been extremely well-paid. And they would not have a clue what hitting that switch, or dialing that cell phone number, or pressing that button, was going to do.

And then the moment that I saw, or believed that I saw that my enemies were about to annihilate me, I would order these weapons triggered, knowing that I was going to die along with most of the people in my country. But I wouldn’t give a shit, because that would be just part of my plan.

But because I am crazy, I would think that this was all a grand idea and that any of the world that happened to survive would remember my name forever. Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao – all nobodies. What was left of the world would remember only Kim.

If I were Kim, going down in spectacular flames would be the culmination of my ambitions. I would see myself surrounded by flames of glory. I would be completely satisfied with that outcome. I would be absolutely certain that the world would never forget me. I would be the greatest, forever.

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Cannabis And The Broken US Health Care System

nofearxWith the ever-present exposure we all get to the modern health care system it’s easy to forget that all this technology is relatively new. Until a few years ago almost all Americans who could do so dealt with disease, illness, injury, impairment and old age in the context of a family and a community of friends and neighbors.

This isn’t a “good old days” fantasy about how things were always better in small-town America where everybody pulled together and cared about each other. In years past there were lots of people without friends or family who suffered and died alone – that’s one of the origins of the centralized health care delivery system, the urgent social need to care for the millions of people, many of them immigrants, who lay sick and dying alone in the city streets of the last centuries. Centralized health care institutions grew out of this core failure of the industrializing American system, when the very closeness of family and community which enfolded those in need was not available so many, for whom there was no alternative but the brutal poorhouse or dying alone in the streets.

But there were also tens of thousands of smaller cities, towns, villages and rural communities where few lay alone, whether sick or injured, where aging people were passed from family member to family member if need be, but were kept, and where the medical profession was an enormously useful adjunct to the family-based health care delivery system but was not the primary caregiver. These days are recalled as quaint by some modern docs who chuckle about the days of house calls, though many doctors still wish that they could make a decent living doing just that.

We live now in an age when care has become interpreted as technical intervention alone. When a person becomes seriously sick or gets badly injured or simply old and frail they are often removed from their family in a manner that brooks no interference. Medical emergencies convey license upon lifesavers who rush you to the central facility where you are handed over to technical specialists, who then take charge as you are transformed into a “case” or “patient”.

Your family or friends, if you have any, are reduced to huddling in a waiting room where they are visited from time to time and provided reassurance that you are in good hands and everything possible is being done.

If and when the emergency subsides you are then passed on to other specialists who apply whatever medical technologies they are familiar with and choose to use in the name of standard medical practice. Their choice of technology and strategy is determined by many considerations, and their motives are usually the highest, but their methods are not to be questioned, and there is literally no room for family or friends to function in the role of caregivers. They can come during visiting hours, and that’s it, because the institution is in total charge of care-taking, and their version of care-taking is how its going to be.

If the institution and the specialists can’t fix the problem you will be designated incurable and sent somewhere called a home, but probably not a home with your family in it, for long-term care. You generally won’t go with your family because they “aren’t able to take care of you”, meaning that there is no system to provide the resources that would enable them to take care of you at home. The systems that exist to provide and allocate society’s health care resources choose to allocate those resources to taking care of you in institutions which they administer and from which they profit, not to home-based alternatives which, while better and more cost effective for you, do not benefit them. They’re not evil, just doing what comes naturally, which means surviving at all cost.

If you recover you are released which means you are free to go, after dealing with the bill of course. You walk out to rejoin your family, if you are very fortunate, and maybe on the ride home in the car someone will ask you – ” So, how do you feel?”  Well of course you feel “fine”, and that’s about it. Everybody goes home and goes on with their lives until the next time they crash or drop or break or pass out and then it all begins all over again.

But are you healed by all this? Your disease certainly seems to have passed, your bones mended, your new organ functions perfectly, your heart beats. But what about how vulnerable, how violated, how isolated you feel even behind the pills you are given to “make you feel better”?

Given the institutional cultures of the current health care system, there is no “feeling better”.  The isolation and emotional and spiritual deprivation of the severely ill or merely very old person grows until death by loneliness becomes inevitable.

This is the precise point at which families of sick and elderly people ought to begin taking Cannabis seriously, because this marvelous little flower has the capacity, when given with loving hands to a sick or just plain old and worn out person, to not only treat but even to heal, and most certainly to make a difficult life more bearable. There is so much more to say about the Cannabis option, and I will be posting some of my thoughts on this in coming weeks and months.

But for the moment I simply want to say to all those who have already discovered the healing properties of this little flower of the Gods that you are on the right path, and my hope is that if there are others who you care for and love that you will be able to help them walk this same path to a better world. With no fear.

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The Amazing Healing Power Of Natural Coca Leaf

CocaFlowersxThe range of diseases and conditions that were successfully treated and cured by European and US physicians using Coca Leaf over the course of hundreds of years should be truly amazing to us in the 21st Century, even those of us who have been propagandized into believing that allopathic medicine and modern science have “made great strides”, “revolutionized the treatment of disease”, yada yada.

As you look over the table below you might reflect on how little actual progress has been made in the treatment and cure of so many diseases, although we have certainly developed a lot of impressive technology and there have been some dramatic, if somewhat mixed-blessing advances such as antibiotics.

However, let me point to just one example; with all of our vaunted antibiotic technology huge numbers of people still die of Pneumonia – a deadly condition that doctors of the 18th and 19th centuries who were familiar with Coca leaf (and who didn’t resort to poisonous ‘remedies’ like Mercury, Arsenic and Bleeding) were quite often able to treat and reverse successfully with a few cups a day of Coca Leaf tea.

Also, since many of today’s most destructive diseases did not exist, or didn’t have a name during those earlier centuries, this post is intended to point to the historical record that strongly suggests that if pure, natural Coca Leaf were freely available today as a natural medicine it could lift the immense burden of these modern conditions and diseases from tens of millions of people virtually overnight, with no “side effects”, no risk, and for literally pennies a day.

Freely available Coca Leaf would literally destroy the market for useless, often even dangerous pharmaceuticals as well as the incredibly lucrative market for America’s beloved over-the-counter “remedies” – which, of course, would guarantee strident howls of objection and opposition. Americans spend $625 Billion a year on the over 300,000 “Over The Counter” medicines that promise relief from pain and suffering of all kinds.

Here is a table taken largely from the work of Dr. Golden, whose “History of Coca” (1901) outlines the conditions and diseases that were known in the 1800’s to be treatable and curable by Coca Leaf, along with number of diseases and conditions that have been largely ‘discovered’ in the century since Dr. Golden wrote. I believe that the evidence that he and other physicians and scientists recorded in their times shows that simple natural Coca Leaf infusions and extracts could prevent, treat and perhaps cure these modern diseases and conditions where the products of “Pig Pharma” so often fail.

Please consider the physical, emotional, spiritual and financial impact on the lives of millions of individuals and their families if even one or two of the conditions/diseases in the following table were proven beyond all doubt, using all of our contemporary research powers, to be either effectively treated or actually cured by drinking Coca Leaf Tea alone – no other treatments or medications needed.

And once you have reflected on this, if you are a strong advocate of legal Cannabis perhaps you’ll consider adding Coca Leaf to your demands that the US government and Pig Pharma back off and go away.


If you would like to read Dr. Golden’s extraordinary “History of Coca” I have digitized his book and it is available here. ($1.99 for the full 251 page book plus bibliography).

I have kept all of the original illustrations intact and – most importantly – I have hyperlinked as many of Dr. Golden’s bibliographic references to the original source materials as I could track down, almost all of them freely available in internet historical book archives.

Have fun – I certainly did while tracking down and studying these obscure but critically important resources for treating and healing disease using one of the most amazing natural medicines ever.

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How Predictable Is This?

From "Cultivators Handbook of Marijuana" (1969)

From “Cultivators Handbook of Marijuana” (1969)

While the Feds have literally starved researchers who want to investigate the health benefits of Cannabis, anyone who can find an excuse to look into how evil the little flowers are is showered with cash.

To wit: Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome. (AKA retching & barfing)

It seems that “Potheads”, as the DEA likes to call Cannabis users, still playing around with a phrase that came in with Harry Anslinger (a real prick – look him up if you’re not familiar), are prone to sudden attacks of nausea and vomiting and that the only cure for this new “disease” is a hot shower. Not cold – hot. Wow – thanks guys! I can clue you in to a few other things that a hot shower works well for too – does that mean I can get a grant?

Now, one of the things that I’ve noticed – and this isn’t trivial, from a scientific point of view – is that researchers who are investigating the bad, bad effects of Cannabis on people NEVER ask those people what kind of Cannabis they are using. Probably because they don’t know the difference between Mexican Smash and White Widow, and they certainly don’t know and don’t care that there’s a big difference between smoking a bud and smoking Wax or Shatter. It’s all Pot, all bad, all the time. And we can prove that it’s horrible for you – just look at our anecdotal data and trust us because we’ve got MD & PhD  behind our name.

You know what? I’m 75 years old and I’ve been smoking Cannabis since some friends of mine and I made our first run from Ithaca to Harlem in 1959 to score an actual kilo. Man, that car smelled super-strong all the way back to Ithaca. We were sure that as we passed through the little towns on the way that every sleeping cop in the burg would snap wide awake and come flashing in pursuit. We were so relieved when we made it back to our apartment and then put the word out that we had joints available.

That’s right – the three of us sat there and rolled joints until the entire Kilo was gone – less a small stash we kept for ourselves. And when we counted our little pile of cash we looked at each other and said – this could be a good deal.

Now, of course this story is pure fiction – just to establish my credibility as an old pot smoker.

But the point is that I’ve been around throughout most of the evolution of Modern Cannabis, and I have to tell you that the time or two that I’ve tried some of the hot new stuff like Wax and Shatter, I got pretty dizzy and nauseated too. Didn’t head for the shower though – my bad. And some of the new ultra-high THC strains are a little more than I can handle as well. If I was in my twenties, it might be a different story, but I’m not.

So, I’m not at all surprised that some so-called “researchers” on the government payroll can find Cannabis users who confess to symptoms that can be named “Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome”, and I’m really not surprised that they don’t know, or care to know shit about the difference between a bud and concentrated extract.

I also have to admit that I MUCH prefer smoking a nice, simple, beautifully-formed and sparkling-with-resin bud. Much.

Kinda like I used to be able to go through a Fifth of Sour Mash whiskey in an evening but now even one glass of wine makes me more sleepy than giddy. Age – it’s what happens if you live long enough.

As a good friend of mine, now long dead, once said “Everything in moderation – including moderation.” Wisdom to live by. But “Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome”? Go fuck yourselves, sellouts.

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Campi Flegrei – Not Your Average Nightmare

cfWho hasn’t heard the story of Mount Vesuvius and the immolation of thousands of people in Pompeii? The petrified remains of those people, posed forever in their death agonies, are a popular tourist attraction. “Gosh, look at the pain and suffering on that poor woman’s face. Just imagine ….”

Meanwhile, life goes on in the shadow of the great volcano. Of course Neopolitans are aware that at any moment Vesuvius can and no doubt will erupt again, but meanwhile la dolce vita trumps worries over an event that is in the future somewhere and, anyway, can’t be prevented.

Those of us who are fascinated by stories of the world’s great volcanos have recently been alerted to an even bigger story than the lively magma circulating underneath Vesuvius – the largely ignored story of a huge caldera on the other side of the Bay of Naples named Campi Flegrei.

Do you think that the projections of global winter if Yellowstone erupts, as many believe that it will, are accurate? Well friends and fellow disaster aficionados, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Yet life goes on.

We’re worried about war in the Middle East. We’re disturbed by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We’re tired of hearing about Iraq. We’re eager to see some kind of resolution to Iran’s aggression. We’re afraid that Pakistan and India are going to nuke each other. We’re unhappy over China’s world-class pollution. We’re hoping that the murderous situation in the Philippines will end soon. We’re fed up hearing about the crime and violence in Mexico and Central America. We’re nervous that the San Andreas fault may let go. We don’t trust anything we read in the MSM. And the new American administration either horrifies or excites us. And don’t even get us started on the Heroin epidemic, evil bankers, rampant obesity and lurking terrorists.

Yes indeed, bad shit is happening all over the world

Funny thing though – it’s all irrelevant if Campi Flegrei lets loose. Even though the few headlines that have appeared lately are pretty ominous in that regard, they are NOTHING compared with what the scientists who have been studying Campi Flegrei for the last several decades have to say.
But hey, who has the time to read long-winded scientific studies? Well, maybe you do, and if you do, you might want to set aside an hour or so and really, really focus on this one. Because if these guys are right – and their data looks REALLY solid, then it isn’t going to be long before all those worrisome trouble spots listed above shrink to insignificance underneath the world-wide cloud of fire and ash from Campi Flegrei.

You may want to pay special attention to how closely the data from Campi Flegrei match up with similar gas composition, flow and sequence data from other mega-volcanos that have been studied before they blew. Not on the massive scale of this one, when and if she blows, but the data curves from several previous big, bad boys are eerily close and point to something happening soon.

Beginning with the biggest eruption since the age of the (end of) Dinosaurs, exploding underneath the Bay of Naples, and spreading fire, poisonous gas and ash over most of the Northern Hemisphere in a week or so, this will be an extinction event to end all extinction events.

Global nuclear war? Fuggedaboutit. GNW would be quick and relatively painless compared to the years of freezing, dark, hopeless death by starvation that would be the fate of virtually everyone north of the equator. And no amount of prepping will change fate one little bit except by extending the suffering of the prepared ones. That’s if Campi Flegrei blows while you and I are still among the living. If we are not, we would be able to count ourselves among the lucky ones, if we could.

So, why am I writing a post like this in a blog dedicated to uplifting the spirit of Mama Coca? Because it’s just possible that the Andes mountains that are the home to Mama Coca and her people might survive the extinction of the people of the North, and if that happens then I hope that the Spirit of Mama Coca will keep her people safe, keep them from hunger and sickness, and perhaps enable them to re-build a human civilization that is more human and less satanic than the so-called civilization that the people of the North have inflicted on the world for far too many generations.

If you read what these scientists say, the moment when Campi Flegrei accomplishes what all the wars in history have never achieved is not too far off. And it will happen, when it happens, in the blink of an eye.

The true translation of the famed “Eat, drink and be merry” Epicurean creed is “Eat, drink, and enjoy all the pleasures of the flesh, for after death there will be no more desire.” True, that.

Have a nice day, every day.

For my readers who want to check out the full story, and all the data, here is the citation

Chiodini, G. et al. Magmas near the critical degassing pressure drive volcanic unrest towards a critical state. Nat. Commun. 7, 13712 doi: 10.1038/ncomms13712 (2016)

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How We Can End The Obscene Oregon Cannabis Pesticide Laws

compelOregon’s Cannabis pesticide laws are bringing the entire Oregon Cannabis industry to its knees.

This is not just an Oregon issue. There is nowhere to hide. Nobody is safe.

Anti-Cannabis forces in other states are watching this new tactic to subvert the will of the people, and they can hardly wait to implement it themselves. 

We must work together to stop this new anti-Cannabis tactic in its tracks, before it spreads and destroys what we have all worked so hard to achieve.

We can do just that, because if there has ever been a clear case of a State violating citizens’ rights that are protected by the Fourteenth Amendment, this is it.

The “Equal Protection” clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution has, for over a hundred years, been the foundation for compelling fair and equal treatment of citizens by powerful anti-social elements in government at all levels. 

The “Equal Protection” clause reads:

“No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

That simple clause gives us all the legal tools we need to defeat the anti-Cannabis conspirators in Oregon, and prevent them from from spreading their poison nationwide.

I want to be clear that I don’t believe that the Oregon State Legislature is anti-Cannabis; these regulations may even be well-meaning on the part of many Oregon legislators and regulators. However, given how the anti-Cannabis forces operate across the country I strongly suspect a “back door” effort here. In either case, the threat is real, and must be addressed.

Here’s why the Oregon Cannabis community needs “Equal Protection”.

Oregon is violating the “Equal Protection” clause by imposing pesticide testing regulations on the Cannabis industry that are not imposed on an absolutely equivalent industry – Big Tobacco. Big Tobacco is free to sell its contaminated products without any testing or regulation, but now the Cannabis industry is being forced to comply with regulations designed to make it impossible to stay in business.

Make no mistake – these pesticide testing laws have nothing to do with protecting peoples’ health, and everything to do with destroying the Cannabis industry in Oregon first, and then in every other state where Cannabis has defeated the forces of darkness.

Of course, nobody can doubt that ethical Cannabis growers want to do everything they can to ensure the health, safety and well-being of people who use their beautiful flowers for medical reasons or for pure pleasure. There is also no doubt that Cannabis growers can be self-regulating with regard to quality, just like the wine industry that is the model for so many businesses in this new field.

But the regulations currently being forced on Cannabis growers by the State of Oregon go far beyond what is necessary to promote health and safety, and the fact that they are imposed on Cannabis growers who are for the greatest part ethical, caring people, but not on an industry that is notorious for literally killing millions of people worldwide with its contaminated, poisonous products, cannot be tolerated or ignored.

By imposing pesticide testing on Cannabis growers but not on “Big Tobacco”, Oregon clearly violates the “Equal Protection” clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. These discriminatory, anti-Cannabis laws hurt everyone in the community – Cannabis producers, Medical Cannabis patients, Recreational Cannabis smokers, physicians and clinics, dispensaries and retailers.

The State of Oregon must be forced to grant “Equal Protection” to the Cannabis Industry immediately before further irreversible harm and damage is done.

I believe strongly that the State of Oregon will never be willing (or able) to impose pesticide testing requirements on the Tobacco industry comparable to what they have imposed on the Cannabis industry, and so because of the legal pressure that can be brought to compel the State to apply the “Equal Protection” clause, they will back off of the Cannabis industry and agree that self-regulation is more fair than broad, compulsory testing, and is an equally effective model for Oregon. If we can accomplish this in Oregon, other states will follow. 

We can only do this once we have demonstrated that Tobacco products are contaminated with far more dangerous pesticide and agri-chemical residues than the relatively minor issues found so far with some Cannabis growers. At that point the State will have a clear choice, and Cannabis industry self-regulation will become the clear choice for Oregon legislators.

We Can Do This By Working Together!

We can compel Oregon to comply with the “Equal Protection” clause through legal action, and to accept that there are other, better, voluntary ways for the Oregon Cannabis industry to act together to ensure the health and well-being of the entire Oregon Cannabis community. I am hearing from readers that a solution that they would prefer is for the Oregon Legislature to put in place a properly funded provision that would enable Cannabis growers to voluntarily submit samples for testing and at the same time certify that they have not used any pesticides in growing their crop. This would earn them a provisional OK to go ahead with selling the crop, which could then be certified when testing was completed. Better yet, some suggest, would be for the Legislature to put a surcharge on the entire industry, from grower to consumer, which would be used to pay for all testing rather than imposing the costs just on growers.

The full plan & the strategy for the successful defeat of these obscene laws are explained in detail on a Go Fund Me campaign set up to enable me to work with Oregon growers to make this happen.

Please help to end this travesty in Oregon before it does irreparable harm to the Oregon Cannabis community, and before it spreads like a cancer to other states. You can bet that the anti-Cannabis forces in all those states are watching Oregon carefully, and salivating.

You can also donate right here, without bothering to read the full story on my Go Fund Me website. Every penny will go to this fight. Thank you!

; Donate Button with Credit Cards

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Universally Available, Incredibly Cheap Health Protection

Do you drive a vehicle? Are you insured? If you are, then you have immediate access to up to $100,000 or sometimes more in incredibly cheap health insurance protection in your vehicle policy that most people don’t have because they simply aren’t aware that it’s available.

For example, I have $100,000 of this coverage for me and every member of my family and it costs me less than $50 a year on my car insurance policy. Everyone who drives or rides in an insured vehicle has this same simple, one-click access to this same level of coverage, but almost 100% of those people actually have only $5000 worth of coverage, not $100,000, because their insurance company isn’t going to tell them about it.

This coverage applies to all costs that I may incur as a result of an auto accident with injuries and a trip to the ER – something experienced by nearly 4 million Americans a year. Over 70% of ER visits as a result of vehicle accidents result in one or more expensive diagnostic tests like an MRI, and it isn’t uncommon for your hospital bill after an auto accident to exceed your health insurance coverage by $50,000 – $100,000.

Who goes to the ER as a result of vehicle trauma? The biggest groups are younger drivers – which means the people who typically have the lowest levels of health insurance coverage, as well as the least ability to pay medical bills that are not covered by whatever health insurance they do happen to have. Literally millions of families have been ruined financially because one of their young adult children has been seriously injured in a car wreck.


Which of these age groups are you in and, even more important if you are a parent, where is your child in this picture? If they are in the 0-15 age group, how many times a week are they in a car with someone else driving? If they are in the 16-24 age group, which has the highest rate of ER admissions from vehicular trauma, how many times a week do they drive, and how many times a week do they ride with someone else in the 16-24 age group driving?

Now take a look at the tests that are routinely administered to people taken to the ER as a result of vehicular trauma. er02Notice that far more tests are run by the ER for vehicular trama cases that for ALL OTHER kinds of ER admissions.

But even before that, what is your health insurance co-pay for the ambulance? How much is your co-pay for the ER? How much of the cost of the tests that the ER WILL RUN would your health insurance pay? If you are admitted to the hospital, when does your health insurance start paying for your daily charges? How much of the tests and medications you will receive does your insurance pay for? How much of your rehab costs are paid for? How much of your long-term care costs are paid for? How much of your lost wages are paid for? How much of your totaled vehicle does your insurance pay for?

And here’s the kicker. Under ObamaCare the healthiest part of our population, young people in their twenties and thirties, often don’t have health insurance at all because they feel they don’t need it, and yet people this age are the MOST likely to go to the ER for vehicle accident trauma. The secret I’m about to reveal will provide coverage even if a young person don’t have ANY health insurance.

Here is the secret, and it’s an open secret that your insurance company will NEVER reveal to you unless you know exactly what to ask for.

Every vehicle insurance policy issued in the US always has a provision that is usually labeled “Personal Injury Protection” or something very close to that. And every one of those policies ALWAYS has a default value of $5000 for the PIP. Furthermore, that coverage is almost always is the cheapest item in the list of coverages in your vehicle policy as part of your overall coverage.

But here’s the relevant part of the secret. You can raise that PIP amount in almost every case to $100,000 per person per accident for an increase in premium of a couple of bucks – in my case as I said it costs me @ $50 a year more to be insured for $100,000 rather than for the default value of $5000.

And all you have to do is to call your insurance company and ask what the upper limit is for PIP and what the increase in premium would be for that coverage. Then you decide. I think you’ll find that this coverage is a no-brainer.

But here’s the beauty of the PIP coverage – in all the states that I’m aware of this coverage is over and above any other medical/health insurance you have. In other words, if you are injured in a bad auto wreck and your hospital treatment and recovery costs up to $100,000 more than your existing health insurance will cover, or even if you don’t have ANY health insurance – you’re covered up to the limit by the PIP clause in your vehicle insurance policy.

Final hint – in addition to PIP coverage, many auto policies also offer “Medical Coverage”. You can have both PIP and Medical in such policies – the “Medical” covers just the medical costs while the PIP is free to cover everything else related to the accident. And while the “Medical” coverage is a little more expensive than the PIP, it isn’t that much more and it is still WAY cheaper than an equal amount of coverage on any “health insurance” policy.

Big Hint! Auto insurance companies are sneaky. They REALLY REALLY don’t want you to buy this insurance but they are forced to offer it by your State insurance regulators. So you have to check your auto policy every time it renews to make sure your PIP coverage stays at the top limit. I’ve seen my own coverage mysteriously return to the default level of $5000 several times. When I’ve called to reinstate the $100,000 coverage all I’ve gotten is “Oops – we’ll fix that right now” from the company. And I have one of the best companies – USAA. I can’t imagine (well, actually I can) how other companies would act – so keep an close eye on your policy every year at renewal time.