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Twitter’s Problem – Their Business Model Is Not Inclusive

OMG – not inclusive? How is that possible? The Millennials of America have made inclusiveness their mantra. They believe in inclusiveness. They write, speak (and Tweet) about it endlessly. They believe that they are the most inclusive generation ever. They are soooo different from old people.

This is the core of Twitter’s problem – they believe and therefore assume that they are actually inclusive in their thinking. It’s a natural mistake for young people to make, but one would hope that young people in business would check their assumptions a bit more carefully. After all, this is business, not a social movement. But my guess is that Twitter’s marketing geniuses long ago concluded they have checked all the “inclusiveness boxes” and have never looked back.

Want an excellent example of how this happens?

There is a boutique Cannabis Recruitment firm, who I will not name and shame because they are really nice people, who very specifically make inclusiveness their #1 goal in recruiting personnel for the Cannabis industry. Here are two quotes from their beautiful website, featuring beautiful photos of beautiful people depicting diversity and inclusiveness.

To candidates: “We are fully dedicated to promoting diversity in the workplace, and we strongly encourage women, people of color, LGBTQ candidates and candidates with disabilities to submit their resumes.”

To employers: “We will help you find candidates that are aware of and sensitive to the diversity among your customers and stakeholders. With our help, you can build your brand as one of the rare marijuana businesses to connect across communities.”

What, or rather who, is missing here?

Let me approach the question as it applies to Twitter this way.

Of the 46.2 million Americans over 65, 70% are daily internet users, 27% own the latest Smartphone, and 8.4% are Twitter users.

Oops! That is the lowest user rate of all Twitter’s demographic segments. They almost don’t exist.

I think the reason is simple – very smart young people tend to be in charge at companies like Twitter, and they have a focus on Self that borders on obsession. Twitter is built on that obsession.

Which is perfectly natural, and for a while it has been very smart. Young people are always obsessed with themselves. Always have been; always will be. Twitter is a great model built on that completely natural, completely human, completely understandable fact.

By the way, older people have always known this about the young, which is why they smile indulgently at their grandchildren’s self-absorbed chatter and tell them how clever and special they are. It is an exceptionally rare grandchild who ever asks a grandparent what they have been doing lately. It is almost always the other way around.

For a while this has been a very smart business strategy. Twitter’s prime demographic markets have supported its growth so spectacularly that probably nobody at Twitter corporate even noticed the right side of the user graph that shows people over 65 as the least Twittery of any group. I mean, who the fuck cares about having only 8.2% of those 46.2 million old people anyway, when you’ve got all those billions of young people happily Tweeting away about where they are and what they are doing and what music they are listening to?

Hey Twitter – ever heard of “low hanging fruit”? Ever thought about what happens when it’s gone? Has it occurred to you that there might be some fine old fruit higher up on the tree – like more than 65 feet above the ground? Your user numbers say that this has never occurred to you.

History is littered with once very successful, very powerful, very rich companies that have completely disappeared simply because they didn’t see what was right in front of them, and never bothered to re-access their business model because it had always worked. Until it didn’t.

The classic Tarot card for The Fool is a young man stepping off a cliff while gazing up at the moon, so entranced by his own reflection in the heavens that he doesn’t notice impending doom right beneath his feet.

That is your problem, Twitter. Self-absorption is not the primary focus for most people over 65. And your business model depends on self-absorption.

Here’s a clue, oh high and mighty Twitter executives. Ask yourselves – what actually IS the primary focus for older people? What do THEY want to talk about, especially with other older people? What might they actually want to Tweet about?

You don’t know, do you? Is that because it has never occurred to you that you needed to know? My guess is – probably so.


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Is A Simple Nutritional Supplement Poisoning You?

Are you or someone you care about suffering from muscle pain, abdominal pain, neurological symptoms including numbness and blurred vision, nausea, fatigue, gut irritability, severe digestive problems, and symptoms of an impaired immune system including severe reactions to some foods? Are you unable to find a diagnosis that will enable treatment? Have you tried everything?

My wife had all of these symptoms to the point that she could barely get out of bed most days and would cry from the continual pain and despair. She became afraid of eating because almost everything hurt. We tested for literally everything. We did find that she has Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, but now has it under control. But that was it – nothing else was found after literally dozens of kinds of tests. We actually had to wrestle with doctors to get some of those tests ordered – including the one that found Hashimoto’s, which that doc tried to shame us out of demanding.

Life was getting to the point where we were seriously talking about the “Thelma & Louise” solution. She couldn’t face living this way and I couldn’t face living without her.

I know that many people are going through something similar, and haven’t been able to find a doctor who could help. As you probably know, most docs don’t like to see patients who they can’t “cure” with a prescription. Anything else and you are put into the “difficult patient” category and they start working hard to convince you that you are causing your own problem. Women especially find male doctors suggesting that their problem is what used to be called “hysteria”. Most doctors where we live simply didn’t believe her and told her so, and it got to the point where she stopped trying to get medical help from such idiots.

We are both reasonably intelligent people and we have spent literally years reading everything that might offer a clue. We are careful what we read, and most of what we pay attention to is on the fantastic NIH database PubMed, which has ONLY peer-reviewed medical journal articles. There are so many diseases and conditions with some or all of her symptoms, but no definitive answers emerged.

My wife has always taken nutritional supplements including probiotics. She is very careful about the quality of what she takes, and we learned long ago to check what is actually in the supplement in addition to its “main” ingredient. For example, it is very hard to find Vitamin C that doesn’t include “citrus bioflavonoids”, and she reacts violently to all forms of citrus, pineapple, cherry, etc., so we have always been careful.

I’m getting to something that may be important for you to know, but had to give you some background.

Here it is.

Several years ago one of her doctors, a really brilliant female naturopath with a full MD and a background as an ER physician, recommended that she begin taking a Zinc supplement. Specifically she recommended Zinc Picolinate, because it is a form of Zinc that is “more easily absorbed”.

So after looking around we settled on a Bluebonnet brand 50mg Zinc Picolinate supplement, once daily with a meal. It became part of her everyday program, and we never questioned its value.

Then for some reason – perhaps a guardian angel whispering in our ear – two weeks ago we decided to look into Zinc toxicity, and up popped a bunch of citations, but the Mayo Clinic’s comments were a revelation. According to Mayo, the UPPER LEVEL of daily intake of Zinc for an average adult is 40mg. That’s zinc from ALL sources, not just a pill. Even 40 mg/day is WAY excessive for most people, but going over that can lead to exactly the list of symptoms that my wife has been experiencing, all getting progressively worse over time because Zinc toxicity is cumulative. There it was – she was POISONING HERSELF WITH ZINC.

And how do we know that? She stopped taking the Zinc supplement and within two days ALL of her symptoms began to decrease. It has been almost two weeks and almost every symptom is GONE. She has energy, her muscles don’t hurt, she can eat without pain, she can be active without crashing and burning, her brain fog is gone, and her spirit is strong again. She can even eat a little popcorn. With butter! (Goat butter – she’s not ready to risk cow dairy yet.)

We are even hopeful that once the toxicity that has been building up for years is gone (it can be gradually excreted, although some damage may be permanent – we don’t yet know), perhaps she will be able to enjoy a more varied diet, even – please God – the occasional pasta dinner and maybe even an egg and piece of toast with butter for breakfast. It’s probably too much to wish that she could also enjoy a glass of OJ, but who knows?

If you, or that person you care for, are taking a Zinc supplement in the “standard” 50 mg dose, you are exceeding the UPPER LIMIT according to the Mayo Clinic and you might want to consider leaving it out of your diet for a week and just see what happens. It appears that this has been the problem all along for my wife. This is surely not the only health issue she faces, nor the answer to everything, but it seems that we have just received a miracle.

Perhaps this simple solution will help you. It appears to have worked for us. Good luck to us all. God bless.


Have Yourself A Fine, Dizzy Day!

Magic carpet w_guyGetting dizzy by spinning around and around until we all fall down is great fun for almost everybody when we are children.  As babies we get bounced and then spun around by loving adults, and we all laugh and have great fun, and we find ways to spin ourselves into dizziness whenever possible thereafter. Our playgrounds are full of great ways to get dizzy. We spin and drop and then watch the sky go round and round.

And then at some point in life we discover that sexual orgasm is the best way EVER to get dizzy! It starts with masturbation and proceeds in numerous directions. We all try to have sex as much as possible in order to get dizzy in different, exciting ways. Sexual dizziness is where we are at our most inventive.

Life is full of ways to get dizzy, and people have long ago found all of them. Religious rituals are a fave. Occasionally a new way to get dizzy comes along, and it is popular for a while. Dance crazes always incorporate new movements that make you dizzy in fun, different ways. Long before Rock ‘n Roll became White kids music it was how Black people talked about getting dizzy from sex. That’s why those gyrating Elvis hips stirred the beast in so many super-straight White folks.

Although none of the ways of getting dizzy last, while it does last being dizzy is fun. Unless it’s something disgusting like head in the toilet drunk dizzy …  but let’s all just forget about  the nasty stuff and think nice dizzy, fun dizzy, non-barfing dizzy.

My point – almost everyone, as a child, learns to love being dizzy. But then most children grow up adhering closely to sanctioned form of dizziness, and as adults we often deny that dizziness is what we’re seeking. “I just like a little taste of (wine, beer, margaritas). And I only drink with meals.” Sure. And by the way kids, you can’t get dizzy this way until you are mature and responsible adults. If you do, you’ll be punished.

There are many substances are adored by many around the world and hated by others because they create pleasurable states of dizziness. Cannabis. Opium. Cocaine. Meth. Alcohol. Some kinds of pleasure states are sanctioned by authorities, and some are banned. Some will cost you your life.

Who these authorities are, and where their authority comes from isn’t ever really clear, but they always seem to have the means to enforce their ban on whatever way of getting dizzy offends them. And of course they have their own, exclusive ways of getting dizzy – torturing prisoners, droning weddings, stealing elections, humiliating helpless victims. On and on, endlessly.

Doing evil shit that you get away because you have power and wealth with is a MAJOR dizzy. Making others suffer is very dizzying for plenty of people.

Still, we all know, even the anti-dizziness enforcers secretly know, that getting dizzy using simple, traditional methods like sex and drugs is and always will be one of the most personal, most delightful human experiences.

Which is why so many of us love Cannabis Flowers- because they are a very, very nice Dizzy. And those pretty little flowers can also be a very potent dizzy. And unlike alcohol drinkers, no Cannabis smoker pretends that getting high is secondary to the taste or aroma. And very few wind up with their heads in the toilet.

Sooooo, although anyone prone to falling down and going boom who still wants to get dizzy with Cannabis or anything else needs to find somewhere safe while they make themselves nice and dizzy, anyone who can still Boogie on while dizzy is free to go and have yourselves a very fine Dizzy day.

It’s just so human to enjoy being dizzy and high, isn’t it?


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Why Do So Many Seniors Fear Cannabis?

nofearxPeople in the Cannabis business know that people over 65 are perhaps the largest untapped market for their Cannabis goods and services, and their resistance is legendary, even in states where Cannabis is legal for all of their medical, spiritual, creative, and sensual needs. All over the US adults are trying to convince their aging parents to try Cannabis for some of the simple but terrible ills that plague their lives, but without success. It’s fear that is holding them back, and they have been made afraid deliberately.

Whether you’re in the Cannabis business, or you’re a concerned son or daughter, or maybe both, here’s why I think it is going to be hard to reach many of these older people with conventional thinking. Please leave a comment or send me an email with your thoughts and experiences.

People in their late 40s/early 50’s today were toddlers just as the War On Drugs machine went into action. People who are in their 60s/70s today were those kid’s parents. They suffered the WOD propaganda machine running full bore through their psyche.

The War On Drugs worked through the schools by design, so parents and children in the 1970s were continuously subjected to the best behavior modification and propaganda techniques that tax money could buy, which continues quite pathetically today. And speaking of schools, who can forget Nancy Reagan and her screeching “Just Say No” contribution to the WOD of the 1980s. Those poor kids! Those poor parents!

The fear messages proved so effective in the 70s that they have been continually updated decade by decade ever since. Who can forget Crack in the Ghettos? Meth in the Hollers? And now, ta da, Heroin In The Burbs!

But wait! There’s something brand new that will really scare the shit out of you if drugs in the streets don’t do the job. Now we’re giving you Terrorism and Security to worry about. So just like parents in the 70s and 80s and onward permitted – no, insisted – on body searches and blood tests for drugs to keep their kids safe, they are now insisting on total surveillance of every school, to keep the kids safe.

Is the War on Terror any different than the War On Drugs? Well, the actual number of kids per year being killed by strangers, much less terrorists, in schools around the country has never ever been even close to the number of kids killed at home, nor in car wrecks. But using exactly the same “Assassin of Youth” fear tactics that proved so successful in terrorizing people for the War On Drugs, the War On Terror now has bombers and shooters lurking everywhere, and enough crazies are rising to the occasion, that American parents are in full-on fear. They are demanding universal surveillance and armed police in every school. And who can deny them – obviously America is under attack from obscure outside forces who will stop at nothing to destroy the American way of life. So giving up huge chunks of the American way of life in order to protect it from terrorists has once again been sold to the gullible public. And of course American entrepreneurs are ready and able to rise to the challenge of providing 100% security for everyone, and especially for the children.

So, with all this manipulation at every level for decades of their lives, is it any wonder that so many Seniors are, shall we say, leery of Cannabis?

Their raw numbers are huge, any way you cut it. Even segments of the potential, but non-responsive over-65 market for Cannabis products & services are huge. 43 million people live at home with full-time caretakers. That’s some 86 million people in 43 million households living with intense health issues hands-on, day after day.

Many of the things making life most difficult for these 43 million old, sick people and their 43 million caregivers, could be alleviated and even cured in some cases by judicious use of the right Cannabis strains, whether used as beverages, tonics, and foods or as medications, but often best taken by a puff or two of a beautiful Cannabis flower.

My wife and I cared for both our Mothers Laurie and Elizabeth for many years in our home, and we held Elizabeth’s hands when she died. I was also a single parent of a toddler son for years, so I understand what it takes to give care to another person. But I also had to learn to respect the personhood that remains strong even in someone who is growing older and sicker and further from life day after day, over many years, and not to make them feel helpless with my caregiving. Caregiving can be easily consumed with tasks that must be performed by all caregivers, many of them associated with small breakdowns of the body. For so many millions of older people at least some of these little but vastly debilitating health issues like sleep, appetite and mood, don’t have to happen as long as the caregivers, and those cared for, are able to understand the truth about Cannabis as a natural medicine, and also understood the truth about the healing power of pleasure and how Cannabis can give important parts of life back to them.

So why don’t they? Why are people over 65 the age group filled with people who are most resistant to Cannabis for healing medicine, let alone healing pleasure.

We all also know that almost all people over 65 have some level of daily pain, some trouble sleeping, some gut issues, and other conditions that copious amounts of pharmaceuticals aren’t helping, and in the Cannabis industry we know that the right strain of Cannabis used in the right way could treat and even help heal older people suffering in these ways.

The really short answer is – fear. But that fear is many-sided, and can’t be dismissed, or made illegitimate, or over-ridden, or even reasoned with or cleverly avoided by Cannabis growers and manufacturers that want to reach a nice-sized segment of these 100 Million and more fearful Seniors.

As we all know fear gets expressed in a lot of ways, but here are some of the most common ways that millions of Seniors express their fear of Cannabis.

My doctor will think I’m crazy for asking and might turn me in

The federal government still forbids it

It is against my religious beliefs. God forbids it

I don’t know anything about medical marijuana and I don’t want to look foolish

I’m afraid I’ll become addicted

My doctor will find out when they test my blood

I’m afraid I’ll fall

Only addicts and criminals use marijuana

I’m not convinced about marijuana’s medical usefulness

Each of these fears, and all the others so carefully planted and nurtured over decades, can best be addressed with love, compassion and careful questioning and listening. If you are in the Cannabis business, you will have to also address fears like these effectively in order to be successful with seniors. That will also require love, compassion and careful listening on the part of your company if you want to understand and address the largely unrecognized needs of this diverse, suffering group of people.

But if an older person who you love lives near you, and you live where medical Cannabis is legal, and if they are resistant, why not spend a little extra time thinking about why they are fearful. As you know, older people express fear in different ways. Think of what you can do to help them overcome that fear, which only they can do for themselves but which is a lot easier if you have someone you love helping and caring. It may be that one of the finest gifts you can offer to an older person you love would be to help them decide to bring pure, natural Cannabis Flowers into their life, to share a place alongside aspirin in the medicine chest and organic Tea in the pantry.

Some effective pain relief, at least a little better appetite, a little better sleep for sure, more fun listening to music, and more vivid dreams and memories.

From a simple flower? A gift.

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The Heroin/Opioid Stampede

@ 12,000 Heroin Deaths Per Year

                        @ 12,000 Heroin Deaths Per Year

Congratulations are pouring in to the East Liverpool, Ohio PD for publicizing photos of adults passed out from a possible Heroin overdose with a (gasp) innocent little kid sitting in back of the car. The chief of the department is getting a lot of air time talking about the horrors his small town is suffering from the Heroin epidemic, and how helpless he is to fight it.

You have to respect this cop. He is clearly trying to do his job.

Still – I have to wonder how many people die each year in East Liverpool, Ohio from Alcohol and Cigarettes? I wonder how many kids are given cancer by their smoking parents? I wonder how many kids are beaten up by drunk parents? I wonder how many wives are abused by drunk husbands? I wonder how many Diabetics die, and how many obese people suffer and grow ill far too young

My guess is that the numbers of dead from alcohol and cigarettes (and metabolic disease and obesity) in East Liverpool are pretty much like those around the country – the real killers are so commonplace that nobody cares, but let a few unfortunate victims of Weaponized Heroin show up and it’s time to panic.

@ 88,000 alcohol deaths per year

                        @ 88,000 alcohol deaths per year

I’m sure that the Ohio police chief really believes what he is saying, but if his town’s priority is saving human life from products that kill then along with just about everyone else in this country he is being manipulated into a panic designed to create a stampede.

That stampede could be turned and stopped before it reaches the abyss by the simple abolition of all laws on the Federal level regulating the private cultivation and use of all natural drugs. Eliminate the regulations; eliminate the regulators; eliminate the corruption; and take the pain industry away from the international criminal cartel called Big Pharma.

Fortunately all that doesn’t have to happen on the Federal level IF one or more of the states that have already expressed their independence from Federal oppression on Cannabis legalization will take the next steps necessary to sever all powers of the Feds to regulate the Cannabis industry within their state borders, or in any communications, banking or other kind of network within the borders of the state, then we’ll know that the end is near for the War on Drugs. State’s rights must extend to the freedom to declare independence from abhorrent Federal regulation within the borders of any State. The freedom to grow your own ANYTHING is a fundamental freedom that any civilized society must acknowledge. Who will be first State to force the Federal tyranny off the backs of its citizens?

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Our Very Own Turd World Economy

turdchartx100 million Americans without work? No problem.

Because if you are one of these people you gotta understand – your role is not to work; it is to not work.

Do not work. Got it? And just to make sure you get the message, in case you go looking for it, you aren’t going to find any.

So – chill. And keep your eyes on the screen.

You see, silly rabbit, only by having a Hundred Million people like you (and me) not working is it possible erect huge institutions that employ millions of certified-loyal people to work the system designed to “take care” of you and me.

That system wouldn’t be possible, or necessary, if there were still thousands of productive, growing communities linked together in a network of shared responsibilities and opportunities in America, but that era is over and gone, unless we can somehow reconstruct it. Otherwise it is already sold off, moved out, gone away, so long suckers. Shit happened while you were looking the other way. Here’s a picture of what happened. Nasty looking stuff there at the end, isn’t it?

Well, that’s how it is. Now everything is centralized because Americans have been deliberately left with no other choice – the decentralized network of productive communities that once supported at least a working version of America is gone, except for a few holdout communities. The rest has simply turned to shit.

So, we just have to accept that centralized institutions are there to do everything from feeding us and housing and educating us, to arresting and imprisoning us, to making us sick and then “healing” us only to make us sick again, to keeping us poor with taxes and fines and surcharges, and then finally discarding us when we are husks. All of this takes a lot of institutional jobs in government, banks, schools, military and other “predator class” institutions

And those who work for these predatory institutions do hold on tight to their jobs. Increasingly and of course by design these are the only good-paying jobs available. So people employed by predatory institutions will do whatever it takes to anybody the institution targets – er, serves – to keep their job because they KNOW what not having a job means in America today.

100 Million people not working in the US? That simply means that there are more than 100 Million people working at high-paid jobs to “take care” of those 100 Million not working. And please, I do agree that society needs institutions like firefighters and health clinics but the basic reason that institutions exist is because most people need groups, and wherever there is a group there will be someone, or more than likely several contenders trying to organize the milling throng to serve their personal agenda.

So can we agree that the predator class and its institutions have to keep the non-workers alive and moving around because in addition to their principal job of “not working” they have a very important, in fact absolutely crucial second role as “Consumer”? I think this is a psychic phenomenon that someday will be recorded as a breaking point in American history – the predator class propagandists and mind-control artists have 100 million non-workers proudly calling themselves Consumers, and demanding their rights as Consumers. Exquisite!

Now this sweet little state of affairs didn’t just happen.

The only way to create to massive numbers of people not working is to make their jobs disappear along with their community structures and then to make them dependent on those working to take care of them – and to do all this without creating a revolution. Luckily for the predator class, the behavioral psychology discoveries that exploded simultaneously with mass media in America made it almost easy to accomplish the hollowing out of America in plain view of an entire people being transfixed and programmed while the predators were stealing their jobs, their communities, and their families.

So as long as the 100 million Americans who are not working can be kept focused on their consumer benefits and rights rather than asking where the hell their country went, then then all’s good with the predator class and its governments, churches and banks. Hell, we even keep feeding the institutions with our children while they leer in our face and declare that everything they do is “for the children”.

So, all’s good as long as all the important institutions, government, corporate, religious and social, manage to stay on top of those 100 Million who don’t work and keep them all not only not working but damn proud to be an American.

Those institutions have to make sure that all 100 million people keep on doing all the things that create institutional jobs – speeding, stealing, fighting, having babies, getting high, hating and injuring, and making life miserable for each other. All good. Makes lots of jobs. Just the way it’s supposed to be. There is a balance and as long as the balance holds the rulers rule.

On the other hand, an awful lot of mostly young people did seem to get excited about the ideas of a craggy old Senator from Vermont recently, so maybe the grip of the predator class and its ruling institutions on 100 million Americans isn’t quite as complete as they would no doubt like it to be. I still have some hope for all of us.


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Weaponized Heroin Part 2 – Trust The People

grannyxLongstanding tradition says that writers have to lay out the problem before presenting the solution, but in the case of Weaponized Heroin in particular, and the War on Drugs in general, I think I’ll just put my simplistic little solution on the table first and then describe the problem as I see it.

Trust The People

Admittedly this is a ridiculously oversimplified solution in response to the very complex problem of illegal drugs that ordinary people simply can’t understand.

But how about this?

Revoke all criminalization statutes and cease policing natural drugs immediately and withdraw all laws prohibiting individual cultivation and consumption of all natural drugs.

If people want to abuse those natural drugs, which everyone ought to freely admit can happen, then simply let them, with social institutions like recovery centers standing by to help if they want it.

And if they want to grow these drugs as natural medicines and treat and heal themselves or others with Cannabis, or Coca Leaf, or Opium, then stay out of their lives if you can’t be helpful!

Society lets people drink too much alcohol and suck down lethal food so if people want to smoke way too much Cannabis or zone out on poppy juice from their garden then fucking let them. Getting High is at the core of American values like it or not. Handling the consequences of this kind of behavior will cost society a hell of a lot less than having hundreds of layers of police and parasites feeding on “illegal” drug users.

Give licenses to grow, along with a full pardon, to anyone who has ever been convicted of any non-violent drug “crime”. We’ll talk reparations later. Meanwhile leave people free to grow and sell natural Opium, Cannabis or Coca Leaf – no pills, no extracts – and then leave every peaceful citizen the fuck alone.

Let all Americans grow and use and sell their own Cannabis, Opium and Coca, and let the economic power unleashed by that new liberty flourish. You will see a nationwide economic transformation with the kind of localized people-power that the legal Cannabis movement has begun to reveal.

The minute that Police in every form disappear from the lives of people who are using or growing drugs and natural medicines and are otherwise minding their own business, and the minute that the law tells people everywhere in the country that they are free to grow their own pleasure drugs and natural medicines, that is the exact minute when the usefulness of Weaponized Heroin and other Weaponized drugs will begin to erode as a long-term military strategy for devastation, hollowing-out, and ultimately the conquest of this country.

So now let’s talk about that “Weaponized Heroin” problem a little more.

The problem is that Weaponized Heroin isn’t a “Drug Problem”; it’s a military attack.

Weaponized Heroin is being used as a prime component of a simple, 100% deniable long-term military, economic and social domination strategy. This strategy seems to emanate from one of two sources – Chinese military planners applying lessons learned from the Opium Wars to Vietnam, or, equally possible, as a stealth weapon in the hands of wealthy eugenics freaks within the global ruling classes to clear out genetic defectives and make America beautiful again. Or maybe there are other possibilities – but let’s go with the military option, which seems most likely to me, although the Eugenics freaks have been active and well-funded for centuries.

I have to start with the idea that America’s “War On Drugs” was and is a deliberately created distraction designed to cover a huge range of endemic government incompetence and corruption. John Ehrlichman, one of two of Nixon’s prime architects of the WOD, admitted exactly that near the end of his life. And while the thugs who operate the War On Drugs use just about every kind of killing/maiming weapon available, the weapon they have consistently used most effectively against their real adversary, the American people, is propaganda.

With that in mind, let’s look at the images that are evoked by the words War On Drugs media managers are currently pounding into the heads of anyone distracted enough from reality to be watching one of the screens planted in their heads and not really listening for the clear intent behind the choice of words.


The first images that most people will see in their minds when they hear or read “Heroin” are a quick, dim collage of hypodermics, burned spoons, bubbling gummy black stuff, injection, and slack-jawed death in dirty alleys. And lots of black people.

Of course now the mental horror show programming includes white powder and designer pills, and it is beginning to include dead white kids and suburban Moms, to heighten the impact of the message. And then of course we can’t forget those highly useful, quite dead, unfortunately addicted, thank you for your service, homeless Veterans. God bless America.

So with all those images bouncing amorphously around the word Heroin, scaring the shit out of the listener in micro-seconds, the mind is now prepared to receive the rest of the message:


OMG! Epidemic! Shit – that’s fucking dangerous!

More dim images swirl around. Human masses. Everyone sick and dying. Crying. Thin. Snotty noses. Somewhere far away. Horrible. Flies! Dirt. Tents. Brown people. Black people. Everyone dying. Invisible disease. No medicine. Hopeless.

Now the images and thoughts really begin flowing together. “Heroin Epidemic!” What an idea! Could hit anyone. Could hit my kid. Hooked. Prostitution. Poverty. Violence. Frightening. Do something! Kill the pushers – yeah. Philippine guy knows what he’s doing. Bastard Pushers. Mostly Mexicans too. Addicting decent people. Damn rapists too. Killing’s not good enough.

Heroin & Epidemic – whew! That’s a pretty powerful set of images you got swirling around inside your head there pardner.

Let me try out another phrase.

Weaponized Heroin.

Just substitute “Weaponized” for “Epidemic”.

If anything could be worse than an Epidemic it’s a great big Weapon that can kill lots and lots of people. All weapons are designed to kill. Drones and  and IEDs and gas and nukes – all damn scary.

But if Weaponized Heroin was as obvious as a couple of dozen nukes going off across America, or a few tons of anthrax or Sarin released at the Super Bowl, or any of the other shit that Dr. Evils have been dreaming up for years, then people might realize that we are under attack.

But the reaction to Weaponized Heroin seems to be “Holy Shit, those asshole pushers are putting elephant trank in their Heroin now – must be trying to give addicts a better high”.

We are not seeing a Heroin or Opioid epidemic, we are seeing a well-disguised attack using weaponized Heroin and other weaponized drugs – and NOT the natural drugs Cannabis, Coca Leaf and Opium, by the way – to wage war on what the enemy sees as undeserving people (that would be Americans) occupying waaaay too much really nice land and water (that would be from sea to shining sea).

Oh, and let’s not forget the “Opioid Epidemic”. The WOD media management guys try to include “Opioid” as much as possible in their “news” because those are the orders, but “Opioid” just isn’t that effective for evoking scary images. It sounds like an alien race – look out for the Opioids! Or maybe just a more severe class of hemorrhoids. “Man, when you got the Opioids you can’t sit down at all!”

Besides not being a very sexy word, I am sure that an amazing number of sponsors of the “news” have hinted to the editors who control the talking heads that everybody should soft-pedal the pills and push the needle. So I am sure the WOD media guys are relieved that they’ve got “Heroin” to work with – a proven hot word.

“We’re going with Heroin Epidemic! Double the budget!”

In trying to grasp the military reality of weaponized Heroin I find it helpful to visualize invisible chemical clouds hanging over hundreds of cities and towns, put in place by a stealthy enemy who has gone undetected while his secret weapon has created mysterious destruction everywhere. That does a better job for me of saying “It’s a fucking attack!” than simply visualizing millions of individuals with pills, white powder and needles who are having an increasingly serious drug problem with fortified Heroin.

The really clever thing about this secret weapon, this weaponized Heroin, is that it has been carried in and placed throughout America by simple profit seekers doing business with single-minded pleasure-seekers. The oldest form of human transaction. What a weapons delivery system! Top that, “Defense Department”.

Cheap, powerful highs are always welcome on the streets of America, and most other places in our society, truth be told. It’s one of the things that others know about us and are able to exploit because we are so institutionally committed to denial of the simple fact that lots of people like to get high and in today’s America that is an overwhelming majority of people because the misery of living is so broad and deep.

So what we’re seeing is actually just an updated version of the same strategy used by the Chinese in Vietnam, and before that by the British in China, who saw that a single vulnerability would allow them to control an entire population, which they went ahead and did with great success in every case. And of course Karma being what it is, that is precisely where the Chinese military idea comes from for using Weaponized Heroin not simply against an invading army, but against an entire population of people who happen to be sitting on the most desirable piece of real estate on Earth.

And the only effective answer to this threat, quite ironically considering that this is America, is in my opinion to trust the People.