Drug X: Assassin Of Natural German Superiority

Doctor warns of widespread addiction, puny horny children, mindless jabbering, uncontrollable masturbation, painful intercourse, and a fluttering anus. And – Gott Im Himmel – this sinister drug evidently causes a complete loss of true Germanic Character!

SPOILER ALERT – this is posted with tongue firmly in cheek.

Wow – this story should be breaking in the “National Enquirer” or on “Before Its News”! But, you’re reading about it first here on PanaceaChronicles because followers of this blog deserve to be the first to know about this incredibly dangerous substance so that you can take steps immediately to protect yourself and your family.

The following information is excerpted from a book written by a prominent German doctor. We will reveal the identity of the writer and give you a link to his book at the end of this post. However, to shield the reality of this terrifying substance from casually prying eyes who might, once learning of its existence, be tempted by their weak nature to try it, I have substituted the phrase DRUG X everywhere it is mentioned in these excerpts. However, for those readers with the mental fortitude to persevere through to the end of the essay, the awful truth will be revealed.

And while you are reading this post, I would ask you to consider – what if this dangerous, addictive, destructive DRUG X were to be let loose on the streets of America in 2014? What if it were to fall into the hands of Muslim Terrorists, or Drug Cartels, or even the Tea Party? Imagine what horrified peals of alarm would arise from politicians, drug experts, religious leaders, and Homeland Security! Think of what harsh penalties would be imposed on anyone dealing a drug with such devastating effects – especially if were used by pregnant women or (heaven forbid) little children? Do you think that our brave and wise leaders would stand still for one moment in the face of such a threat to our national character, to our very existence?

I am sure that the answer is that they would not hesitate to protect us by banning DRUG X and sending anyone convicted of dealing it or even possessing it away to a SuperMax prison for the rest of their lives. Therefore I am posting this information with full confidence that, as long as our nation is fully prepared with a clear understanding of the threat, this DRUG X scourge will never visit the streets of Hometown USA.

The Tragic Truth Will Now Be Revealed – Read At Your Own Risk

Man in his natural state must make some effort to recollect things long since passed; but immediately after taking DRUG X the memory’s magazine spreads itself, so to speak, upon the tongue – and imprudent chit-chat and the revelation of important secrets are but too often the result. Moderation and just bounds are everywhere exceeded. The serious reflections of our ancestors, the solidity of judgment, firmness of will and resolution, the perseverance of the body in executing its slow but energetic movements, all becomes ” Pleasures! Pleasures!” Thus the men of our days exclaim. They desire to enjoy life promptly and without interruption, even at the expense of all other interests!

Now, they accomplish their purpose by means of DRUG X, which, at once, reanimates and destroys the vital qualities of character. These qualities which formerly distinguished the national character of the Germans vanish before DRUG X. And by what are they replaced? Imprudent effusions of the heart, precipitate and ill-founded resolutions and judgments, levity, loquacity, and vacillation, finally a fugitive and non-energetic mobility of the muscles, and a theatrical countenance.

I well know that to abound in luxuriant imaginations, to compose lascivious romances, and to make flippant, jocular, and pointed poems, the German must take DRUG X. The ballet dancer, the improvisator, the juggler, the boatman, the banker of a Pharoah bank, the modern virtuoso-physician with his extraordinary rapidity, and the fashionably omni-present physician who wishes to make ninety visits in a single morning – all these people necessarily need DRUG X. Let us abandon to these people their excitants opposed to nature, with all the vexatious consequences which result therefrom for their own health and for the good of others.

If any one not accustomed to DRUG X should take a moderate portion of it, or if some one who is accustomed to DRUG X should take an immoderate portion of it, he will experience during the first hours a more active sentiment of his existence; the pulse is higher and more frequent, but also softer. His cheeks assume a circumscribed redness which does not insensibly vanish in the adjacent parts, but presents itself apart like a red spot. The forehead and the palms become humid; he feels more heat than before, and this sensation causes him an agreeable uneasiness. The heart is agitated in a voluptuous palpitation, as it is on occasions of great joy; the veins of the hands swell. By touching him externally one also observes a supernatural heat; however, this heat never becomes ardent, even after taking a large portion of DRUG X, but it rather passes into a general sweat.

Nature desires that the evacuation of the excrement should be made with a certain effort, and she forces us to it by pains and very inconvenient necessities which suppress all agreeable sentiments of life until the necessary function is in operation. But the refining spirit of this century has also provided for this inconvenience and has also sought to elude this natural law. It is DRUG X that accelerates and aids the work of digestion in an artificial manner, which, in the ordinary order of things, would only take place in the course of several hours. For the intestines, being excited by the primitive effect of DRUG X, have a more rapid peristaltic movement: they convey their contents more promptly toward the anus. But as the aliments can not be sufficiently digested in so short a time, and as the chyle can not be sufficiently modified in the stomach, nor sufficiently absorbed by the absorbents of the intestinal canal, the mollified mass passes through the intestines so that the body does not receive one half of its nourishing particles, and reaches the orifice still in a semi-fluid state. Oh, the excellent digester! Oh, the admirable method of correcting nature! The primitive effect of DRUG X also incites the anus to open and close more rapidly during the evacuation, so that the same takes place almost without effort and more frequently than among those who do not take DRUG X.

The primitive effect of DRUG X, more than all other artificial means, also excites the sexual instinct, which the refinement of our age has placed in the rank of principal pleasures. On the least occasions voluptuous images present themselves to the mind, the genitals are excited in a few moments even to erection, and the effusion of semen is almost irresistible. DRUG X awakens the sexual instinct ten or fifteen years too soon, before the age of puberty, and in the most tender youth of both sexes, a refinement which hastens the time of impotence, and exercises the most evident influence on morals and morality.

Little infractions of regimen, as well as vexatious passions, cause them painful sufferings of the chest, stomach, and abdomen, known under the false denomination of cramps. The menses never take place without pain, and do not occur at their regular periods, or else they are less copious than usual, and finally they become quite trifling in quantity; the blood itself appears aqueous and slimy; the leucorrhea (generally of an acrid and pungent nature) continues to flow almost from moon to moon, or entirely replace the flux of blood. The act of coition sometimes causes pains. An earthy, yellowish, or very pale color, languishing eyes surrounded by a bluish circle, pale lips, a soft flesh, flabby and pendant breasts, are the exterior signs of the miserable condition of the internal organism. The scanty menses sometimes alternate with strong hemorrhages of the womb. Men suffer from painful hemorrhoidal difficulties, and nocturnal pollutions.

The genital faculty insensibly dies away in both sexes. The natural energy which a healthy couple exercises in the act of coition is reduced to a futile result. Men become impotent, women sterile or incapable of suckling their children. It is behind the use of DRUG X that the hollow-eyed phantom, masturbation, that execration of nature, chiefly hides itself! (However, the reading of passionate and lascivious novels, bad company, excessive efforts of memory, and the inactivity of a sedentary life in the corrupt air of rooms, also contribute their share in the producing this hideous evil.)

The beautiful emotions, such as the love of humanity, gratitude, pity, heroism, force and nobleness of soul; as well as serenity and gaity of spirit, are metamorphosed into timidity, indifference, apathetic hardness, fickleness, and moroseness. The use of DRUG X is continued. Sentimental affectations always alternate with insensibility, precipitate resolutions with irresolution, fits of anger with a loose condescension, grimaces of friendship with jealousies and hidden malice, transient exaltations with sadness, scoffings with weeping miens – in a word, caprices follow caprices, and attest the continual vacillations of the body and mind between a state of irritation and a state of relaxation. It would be difficult for me to describe all the evils which lurk among the generation of users of DRUG X, under the name of debility, or that of nervous or chronic diseases, evils which enervate humanity and cause it to degenerate in body and spirit.

The presence of mind, the attention, the sympathies are more active than in the regular and natural condition of the body. It seems to the person in question that all the objects which surround him have received a seducing appearance; everything seems to be covered with a gay varnish and shines with an infinitely agreeable luster, especially if the portion of DRUG X has been greater than usual. During the first hours one sees on the lips of the taker of DRUG X self-complacency and a satisfaction with everything that surrounds him. Every agreeable sentiment, which is communicated to one’s self, rises rapidly to the degree of enthusiasm (though but for a short time). All vexatious recollections are effaced from the memory; all disagreeable sensations are silenced during this species of enchanting fever. However, if the portion were excessively large, and the body should be singularly irritable and wholly unaccustomed to DRUG X, a unilateral headache would follow, which descends from the superior part of the parietal bone down to the cavity of the brain. The meninges of the side are also painfully sensitive. The hands and the feet become cold, and a cold sweat issues from the forehead and the palms. The humor of the person in question passes into it state of hyperaesthesia; he is angered and vexed; no one can please him. He is timid and trembles continually; he is uneasy; weeps without scarcely any cause, or smiles almost involuntarily. After a few hours he falls into a light sleep, and at intervals awakes by starts.

Man, in a regular and healthy condition, should experience agreeable and disagreeable sensations alternately; the wise organization of our nature demands this. But during the primitive effects of DRUG X all is but pleasure, and even the corporal functions, which, in a natural state of health, are accompanied by rude and almost painful sensations, now operate with an astonishing facility and even with a species of pleasure. Whoever no longer lives in the primeval simplicity of nature will well experience, during the first moments after awakening (especially when it has taken place earlier than usual), a certain physical and mental dullness; the sentiment of existence will be less active, the head heavy, the limbs somewhat dull and less agile than usual; rapid movements require efforts, and thought is sluggish. But DRUG X almost instantaneously dispels this disagreeable and natural sensation, this uneasiness of body and mind; we suddenly revive.

Having finished our daily task, nature also desires us to be fatigued; a disagreeable sensation of languor in our physical and natural forces now renders us morose and obliges us to give ourselves up to necessary sleep and repose. But let us take DRUG X, and this state of moroseness and inactivity, this disagreeable lassitude of body and mind, will suddenly disappear; an artificial vivacity will succeed the desire of sleeping, and we wake in spite of nature.

In order to live we need food, and nature obliges us to seek it through hunger, a gnawing sensation in the stomach, joined to a tormenting desire for food, to a quarrelsome humor, to debilitation, etc. In like manner thirst, an equally wise institution of nature, is a very inconvenient sensation; for besides a languishing desire for liquids, which our bodies need to repair their losses, we experience also a parching dryness in the throat and mouth, a dry heat of the body which somewhat hinders respiration, a certain uneasiness, etc.
We take DRUG X – and we feel nothing more of the painful sensations of hunger and thirst. Real users of DRUG X are almost ignorant of natural hunger and thirst; this is especially the case with women who take no exercise in the open air, which deprives them of an advantage which annihilates, at least from time to time, the vexatious consequences of DRUG X. The body is thus cheated out of its food and drink by a sort of illusion, and the cutaneous vessels are, at the same time, forced, in a manner contrary to nature, to absorb from the air as much moisture as the organism absolutely needs for its existence. This is the reason that users of DRUG X discharge much more liquid through the urinary duct than they have actually swallowed.

It is thus that we refuse the body the enjoyment of its prime necessities; it is thus, thanks to DRUG X, that we insensibly approach the state of the blessed. What a beautiful foretaste of transfiguration in this world below! The Supreme Preserver of our days also ordained that, after satiating ourselves with food, a short interruption should intervene in our affairs, and that we should give a little rest to our bodies and minds, that the important function of digestion might quietly begin.

The disagreeable sensations which arise from pursuing an opposite course should induce us not to violate said law. Wishing to make physical efforts immediately after meals, a certain stupor of body and mind, an oppressive weight in the region of the stomach, a sort of disagreeable compression of plenitude and tension in the abdomen, etc., remind us that the time to taste repose is at hand. In like manner, if we wish to make mental efforts, a dullness of the intellectual forces follows immediately, the head becomes dull, the limbs are cold, while the face is warm, and a disagreeable compression of the stomach, joined to an inconvenient tension of the abdomen, still increases. For it is but too certain that the efforts of the mind, made when digestion begins, are still more opposed to nature and more pernicious than physical labor. But DRUG X rapidly banishes this lassitude of body and mind, as well as the inconvenient sensations in the abdomen.

The effects of DRUG X, of which I have spoken up to this point, exhibit themselves in a light still more striking among persons of an extremely irritable temperament, or who have already become enervated by the frequent use of DRUG X and by a sedentary life. The simple and honest man, in considering the moral and physical condition of those persons, recognizes therein everywhere the opposite of nature, and the stamp of an irregular excitement. He observes an exaggerated gaity or sentimentality which far exceeds the nature of its object, a tenderness almost convulsive or an extreme sadness, or sallies which surpass the limits of reason, or contortions of the muscles of the face, which degenerate into true caricatures, instead of a mild smile, a little irony, a moderate affliction or compassion. Even the muscles of the remainder of the body now exhibit an extraordinary mobility contrary to nature; all is life and activity during the first hours of the effect of DRUG X. The most varied ideas and images present themselves in great number, and succeed one another rapidly before the throne of thought and sensibility. It is a life artificially doubled, artificially exalted!

But it is certain that the most refined sybarite and the most consummate spendthrift of life, could not have found in the world any medicinal dietetic more suitable than DRUG X for changing all his ordinary sensations into agreeable sensations for a few hours. What could, like it, spread over our humor a serene and even impetuous joy, and cause our spirit to gush forth in sallies, and inflame our imaginations with a fire exceeding our temperament? What could thus accelerate the movement of our muscles to a trembling point, double the slow march of our digestive and secretory organs. Who knows what dietetic enervation was the cause that the heroic virtues of patriotism, of filial love, of inviolable fidelity, of unwavering integrity and zeal for duty, acknowledged attributes of our antiquity, have dwindled away to a petty egotism! It is true that we do not see any more of those heroic crimes, evidences of physical and mental vigor, such as were committed in the middle ages and in more remote antiquity; but, in exchange, we are surrounded by myriads of individuals, making profession of cunning, intrigues, of well-guarded frauds and deceptions of all kinds which threaten an honest man at every step. Which then of the two is best, a single bomb, or a million invisible caltrops? Finally, what could, like it, banish the torments of hunger and thirst, remove sleep from fatigued members, and produce an artificial wakefulness, while the entire creation of our hemisphere are tasting the sweets of repose in the quiet shades of night!

It is thus that we conquer the wise institutions of nature, but to our great detriment. After a few hours, the primitive effect of the DRUG X being passed, an opposite state, the secondary effect, insensibly follows. The more the former has been marked and agreeable, the more will the latter be sensitive and disagreeable. I shall, however, state beforehand that the noxious consequences of DRUG X are not similar for each individual. Our bodies have such an excellent organization that a few faults against diet become almost imperceptible, if in other respects we lead a life conformable to nature. In this way, for example, the peasant and the journeyman in Germany take brandy, a very injurious beverage in itself, almost every morning; but if they take it in small quantities they, nevertheless, reach a very advanced age. Their health suffers but little from it, for their good constitution, and the healthy mode of life which they lead in other respects, overcome the injurious effects of this beverage to such an extent that they suffer very little from it. If the father of a poor family of journeymen or peasants takes DRUG X instead of brandy, the result will be the same. The vigor of his body, the violent exercise which he gives his limbs, the pure air which he inhales every day in abundance, all this removes the sad consequences of the drug in question, and his health suffers but little or not at all. But the noxious effects of DRUG X become much more evident among those persons who do not enjoy the advantage of the above-mentioned favorable circumstances.

It is true that some persons spending their time in sedentary occupations, and even some men of a feeble complexion, fixed for the most part to their rooms by sedentary pursuits, enjoy a sort of health, provided they observe in other things a regimen suitable to their situation. This regimen requires that we take none but simple aliments, easily digested, purely nutritive, mild, and little seasoned, as well as beverages equally innocent; that much sobriety be exercised in the use of said enjoyments; that the air of apartments be frequently renewed; finally, that all passions be moderated with wisdom. Upon these conditions women who take but little exercise, and even prisoners, may also enjoy a species of health which, though easily disturbed by exterior accidents, however furnishes a degree of relative well being. It is upon such persons that the effects of all morbific substances, that is to say, of all medicaments, will be more pointed and greater than upon robust men accustomed to labor in the open air, who can bear petty noxious things without suffering any considerable injury. Those feeble recluses whose health is at such a low degree enjoy, so to speak, but one half of life. Their sensations, their vital functions, their activity, all these have no true energy. It is not astonishing, then, that they should take with avidity DRUG X, which for several hours exalts the sentiment of their existence so powerfully; they care but little for the evil consequences and the secondary effects.

This secondary effect is similar to the uneasy state in which they find themselves before taking DRUG X, but it is a little more severe. The primary effect of DRUG X, that is, the totality of this vital, exalted, and artificial activity having disappeared after a few hours, a desire to sleep, joined to yawnings and a greater inactivity than that of the ordinary condition, insensibly follow; the motions of the body become more difficult, and the extreme serenity which reigned in the mind during the few preceding hours now passes into a gloomy, downcast humor. While the digestion and secretion of the aliments had been artificially accelerated during the first hours after taking DRUG X, painful flatulency and a slower and more difficult secretion now follow than in the preceding condition.

If the persons in question had been penetrated with an agreeable heat by the primary effect of DRUG X, this artificial fire now becomes insensibly quenched; they become chilled and have cold hands and feet. All external objects appear to them less agreeable than before. The sexual desires, excited during the first hours, now become the more feeble and lax. Their bad humor increases, and they are more easily vexed. The natural appetite is replaced by a kind of canine appetite, easily satisfied, and yet food and beverages load their heads and stomachs more. They have more difficulty to recover sleep, which is more feeble, and on awaking they are more sleepy, more sad and melancholic, than they usually were before they become acquainted with DRUG X.

But they repeat the use of this injurious palliative, and, behold! All the pains of which I have spoken are dissipated! A new artificial life begins, with the only difference that the happy period this time is a little shorter than the first. The use of DRUG X must then be more frequently repeated, or it must be made stronger and stronger, if it is to excite anew the vital functions for a few hours. It is thus that the bodies of the inhabitants of chambers continually degenerate more. The injuries caused by the secondary effects of DRUG X enlarge and take such deep roots that even more frequent and stronger repetitions of this palliative can no longer dissipate them, not even for a few hours. The skin now becomes more sensitive to cold, and, in general, to the influence of much air, even when it is not cold; digestion becomes more difficult, the evacuations are often delayed several days; flatulence causes agonies and a number of painful sensations. The constipation of the abdomen alternates only with diarrhoeas, and not with natural stools. Sleep comes only with difficulty, and rather resembles a slight sluggishness which does not refresh. On awaking, the persons in question have the head much engaged, a drowsy imagination, and a sluggish memory; the movement of the limbs is much constrained, and their hearts are filled with an oppressive sadness, which darkens the aspect of the beautiful nature which surrounds them.

The agreeable, but palliative, sensation which DRUG X diffuses, even among the minutest fibres for a few hours, afterwards causes, as a secondary effect, an extreme inclination to painful sensations, an inclination which increases in proportion as DRUG X has been taken longer, more frequently, of a stronger quality, or in larger quantities. Even trivial causes which scarcely make any impression at all on healthy men unaccustomed to the use of DRUG X) cause a headache to the female user of DRUG X; often also toothache almost unendurable, and generally nocturnal, accompanied by redness of the face, and finally producing swelling of the cheeks; sometimes also tearing and cutting sensations in different parts of the body, now in a single side of the face, then in this or that member. The body becomes very much inclined to erysipelas, either manifesting itself in the thigh (which often causes chronic ulcers in the legs), or taking place in the breasts (which sometimes occurs while nursing children), or, finally, it may make its appearance in one side of the face. Anguish and flying sensations of heat are their daily ailments, and unilateral and nervous headache are theirs by preference.

This headache never ceases before night, and in very stubborn cases I have seen it last thirty- six hours, so that it only left on the evening of the following day. If the attack is less violent, the prime cause of this evil, that is, DRUG X, abridges its duration in a palliative manner; but the body becomes so much more inclined to reproduce it after the lapse of a shorter interval. The period of the return of this evil is indefinite; it may he within fifteen days, or three weeks, or four weeks, etc. It appears suddenly without any proximate cause; even during the preceding night the patient rarely feels the slight indications of the nervous headache which awaits him on the morrow morning.

The secondary effect of the frequent use of DRUG X producing in the body an eminent disposition for all sorts of disagreeable sensations and the most piercing pains, it will be easy to conceive how it is more proper than any other injurious substance to excite a strong inclination for caries. No irregularity of diet occasions more easily and more certainly the decay of the teeth than the debauch of DRUG X. DRUG X, grief, and the abuse of mercury, are the most active destroyers of this ornament of the mouth, this necessary organ of distinct language and of an intimate amalgamation of the saliva and the food. The confined air of chambers and the nocturnal repletion of the stomach also contribute thereto.

But DRUG X alone is capable of destroying the teeth in a very short time, or, at least, to make them black and yellow. The incisors are especially attacked by it. With the exception of the real spinaventosa, scarcely any other caries among children are produced by any other cause than DRUG X, unless they have been maltreated with mercurial cures. It also sometimes engenders among them deep-seated ulcers, which pierce very slowly and have very narrow openings.

In general, DRUG X exercises the most pernicious influence over children, which is greater as they are more delicate. Although it does not, of its own propensity, excite the real rachitis (English disease, a knotting of the limbs), it however accelerates this disease conjointly with its peculiar producing causes, that is, non-fermented vegetable food and the confined, damp air of rooms. But it also alone engenders among little children, who, on the other hand, enjoy healthy food and pure air, a certain phthisis, almost as sad as rachitis itself.

Children subject to said phthisis have a pallid complexion and very flabby flesh. They are a long time learning to walk; their walk is tottering, they easily fall, and always want to be carried. They have a stammering voice. They ask much and many things, and yet eat and drink but little. The native simplicity, the gaity, and playfulness which form the amiable character of infancy, are replaced by a mean prostration. Nothing gives pleasure to these little unfortunates, nothing satisfies them; all they do denotes but half a life; they are very timid and are easily frightened. Diarrhoeas alternate with constipations. Their respiration is rattling, especially in sleep, for their chest is always filled with a tenacious mucus, which no cough will detach; they always have the chest engaged, as it is generally expressed.

In the evening, some time before the hour of retiring, or even at bedtime, one or both of their cheeks generally redden and become heated. During the night their sleep is disturbed, they are much agitated, and often ask for drink; they transpire, not only on the forehead, but also on the head, and, above all, in the back part of the head. They also cry sometimes during sleep. It is only with difficulty that they overcome all illness, and their convalescence is always imperfect.

They are often subject to a chronic inflammation of the eyes, joined to a singular relaxation of the upper eyelids, which does not permit them to open their eyes, even when the redness and swelling of the lids are only moderate. This sometimes lasts several years; children who suffer from it are continually sad and inclined to weep; they often sleep on their faces, or they hide themselves in the dark and remain there, lying down or sitting in a stooping position. Said inflammation chiefly attacks the cornea, covering it at first with red veins, and finally with dark spots, or causing little pimples or ulcers to appear, which sometimes enter deep into the cornea, even threatening the loss of the sight. This ophthalmy and this rattling of the chest, as well as some other of the above-mentioned sufferings, even affect sucklings that take nothing but their mother’s milk when she takes DRUG X and keeps herself shut up in the air of rooms. What must be the strength of DRUG X if the suckling is already compelled to suffer from it?

The End

And now what you’ve been waiting for. The secret is revealed!

The full story of DRUG X is contained in a book published in 1875 by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, MD – “Treatise On The Effects Of Coffee”. Yes, its true – Drug X is Coffee. Kinda puts those triple Mocha Lattés in a new perspective, doesn’t it?

First published in Germany in 1875 and translated into English for Americans by Dr. William Breyfogle, MD., this book should serve as a warning to all –


You can read the full original text by clicking this link:


Editor’s Endnote: I hope that my reason for posting this piece is clear. If it reminds anyone of the 1930’s propaganda film “Marihuana: Assassin Of Youth” that’s not just a coincidence. If is also recalls how US law has made Crack a “lock ‘em up and throw away the key’ offense for black and brown people while Coke is a slap on the wrist and maybe a year or two at a country club for white folks, that’s also not a coincidence. And while few people are alive today who remember US prohibition and the anti-booze propaganda that powered that calculated hysteria and the rise of the American Police State, this kind of over-the-top reaction to Coffee should remind us that there will always be those who are horrified by any substance that creates a bit of pleasure, sharpens the mind, dulls the pain, or just provides a few moments of escape from reality. And, of course, there will always be ‘experts’ to reinforce the hysteria and justify the official repression with their professional opinions. And perhaps there’s no need to point out that in every instance of this kind of repression there are always major financial interests behind the scenes playing puppeteer.

This isn’t to say that the good Dr. Hahnemann was being dishonest. God knows, the prospect of losing control of one’s anus is enough to drive culturally anal-retentive German’s absolutely bonkers. So I’m not posting this to make fun of the doctor’s sincerity – well, not exactly anyway. I’m posting it to illustrate the fact that, just like Coffee, Coca Leaf was subjected to hysterical analysis by experts in support of moralistic fascists who wanted to use ‘science’ to justify their opportunistic repression of something that gives people relief from pain and perhaps, along the way, a bit of pleasure.

So, here we are in 2014, with Medical Cannabis finally liberated at least to some degree but with the healing powers of pure, natural Coca Leaf still viciously repressed and denied to tens of millions of sick and suffering people who could be quickly and safely healed by this natural medicine for pennies a day. Let’s work together to end this tragic farce.

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