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Can Coca Leaf Tea Treat Long COVID?

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Long-forgotten, or maybe long-ignored science says yes it can, safely and probably very successfully.

Doctors 150 years ago knew Coca Leaf tea, or infusion as they called it, as a well-established and solidly proven treatment, and in some cases a cure, for every one of the symptoms of diseases like pneumonia and other inflammatory diseases and conditions that are these days also the primary symptoms of Long Haul COVID. I’ll show you the rather extensive and well-documented evidence in this post. So since this has been known for centuries, why aren’t we treating Long Haul COVID worldwide with Coca Leaf tea? Why aren’t we at least trying it? Or even talking about it?

Here’s what the CDC has to say about Long COVID symptoms:

“Long COVID is a range of symptoms that can last weeks or months after first being infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 or can appear weeks after infection. Long COVID can happen to anyone who has had COVID-19, even if the illness was mild, or they had no symptoms. 

“People with long COVID report experiencing different combinations of the following symptoms:

Tiredness or fatigue

Difficulty thinking or concentrating (aka “brain fog”)


Loss of smell or taste

Dizziness on standing

Fast-beating or pounding heart (aka heart palpitations)

Chest pain

Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath


Joint or muscle pain

Depression or anxiety


Symptoms that get worse after physical or mental activities

Every single one of these CDC-designated symptoms of “Long Haul COVID” are symptoms that thousands of doctors in the US and Europe treated successfully every day in the 1800s with Coca Leaf tonics and teas. No Big Pharma needed – just the leaves of the Coca plant and a teapot. And notice I said “treated successfully”, not “healed” – although there are plenty of medical records of that too. Bottom line – generations of people suffering from diseases and “conditions” exactly the same as Long COVID were treated successfully with Coca Tea. 

Somehow all that information has disappeared. Where has it ever been taught in schools. Where does it exist anywhere in our social media or our entertainment? The slate has been wiped clean – almost. 

That historical record is real, and it exists, and once you even glance at it there can be no argument – if Long COVID victims had access to Coca Tea, many would find relief and maybe even regain their health. And so cheap, easy, and natural. The following post contains dozens of links to hard data that support the possibility of Coca Leaf tea as a natural, safe treatment for Long Haul COVID

So really – what possible harm could there be in allowing people suffering from Long Haul COVID to buy Coca Leaves a pound at a time over the internet so that they can make themselves a few cups of Coca tea a day and maybe get better? Let’s get real. Nobody could put together a Cocaine production operation one pound of leaves at a time. Even with free shipping from Amazon Prime – which is where you can bet one-pound bags of fresh organic Coca leaves would show up immediately. Coca Leaf for tea will be way too expensive to buy by the ton, which is what would be needed for even a small cocaine operation. So there’s really zero issue about legalizing small amounts for making this healing medicine.

Two weeks after regulations were lifted on fresh Coca Leaf it would be available from indigenous sellers on the internet and Long COVID sufferers worldwide could begin treating themselves and we could all find out if those doctors in the 1800s were just primitive fools without access to modern medical knowledge – or maybe we’re the fools? If you’re curious to find out, here’s your access to virtually the entire body of long-lost Coca Leaf medical knowledge and a whole lot more.

5 long-lost books, over 800+ Digital pages, with hyperlinks to 300 years of amazing history!

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