Growing Medical Coca Leaf – Three Centuries Of Lost Knowledge

Hi! The fight for the right to grow your own medical Cannabis is well on the way to victory over the forces of darkness, but the natural medicines revolution is just beginning. Now it’s time to begin liberating all of the other healing gifts of nature, starting with the Erythroxylum coca plant.

It turns out that there’s no mystery to growing a personal crop of medical Coca. It was cultivated for centuries around the world by people with no scientific or technical knowledge or special technologies. From one perspective, it’s just a plant, not something mysterious. A remarkable plant with remarkable and hugely beneficial medical properties, but in the end just a plant. Once the obstacles to getting cuttings and viable seeds are removed, either legally or by private initiative, there won’t be any problem growing your own medical Coca leaf just like many of us are now growing our own medical Cannabis. And from the looks of it, Coca is a far easier plant to cultivate with far fewer requirements than Cannabis. In fact, anywhere you can grow a coffee plant – which is just about anywhere – you can grow Coca.

“Searching For Mama Coca”   brings together three centuries of Coca cultivation experience. With this digital guide you can browse the historical experience behind every step of growing and harvesting Coca Leaf and then explore links to the full original sources through the hyperlinked bibliography. It’s a detailed look at centuries of authentic Coca growing experience.

Then for full medical context you’ll enjoy browsing “The Coca Leaf Papers” a digital collection of 5 complete full-text, digitized, hyperlinked books from the 1800s (with lots of internal links to digitized archives of other, earlier Coca books) detailing every aspect of Coca use, preparation and cultivation.

There is also a complete look at evolution of the understanding of the remarkable medical properties of this revolutionary medical plant. If this ebook were printed it would be over 800 pages. but it’s super-easy to browse in electronic form, and the key citations in the bibliographies are all linked to digital editions of those rare old books – very cool reading!

I know that’s information overkill, but if you’re a Coca history fanatic like me then overkill is no problem. The book includes: 

“History of Coca”, Dr. Golden Mortimer, 1901

“A New Form Of Nervous Disease: An Essay On Erythroxylon Coca”, Dr. William Searles, 1884

“Erythroxylon Coca: A Treatise On Brain Exhaustion”, Dr. William Tibbles, 1877

“Coca Erythroxylon: Its Uses In Treatment of Disease”, Angelo Mariani 1885

“Coca – Its Therapeutic Applications”, Angelo Mariani, 1890

Plus a groundbreaking English translation of the detailed inside story on Andean Coca

“Drug Wars & Coca Leaf In Brazil”, Ivan Barreto 2014


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2 thoughts on “Growing Medical Coca Leaf – Three Centuries Of Lost Knowledge

  1. I absolutely love reading your work about Coca. I’ve been a Coca fanatic for about 5 years now and recently started a little Coca crop of my own. Your reading material has helped me tremendously in providing these special plants the appropriate environment.
    I can’t thank you enough! Keep up the awesome work my friend.



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