Science explains Jan 6: Anger destroys intelligence

American Academy of Neurology

“Hostile attitudes” and “Effortful coping” in young adulthood predict cognition 25 years later”

Translation: Angry people get increasingly stupid as they age

Results: Baseline hostility and effortful coping were prospectively associated with lower cognitive function 25 years later, controlling for age, sex, race, education, long-term exposure to depression, discrimination, negative life events, and baseline cognitive ability. 

Compared to the lowest quartile, those in the highest quartile of hostility performed 0.21 SD units lower (95% confidence interval [CI] −0.39, −0.02). 

Those in the highest quartile of effortful coping performed 0.30 SD units lower (95% CI −0.48, −0.12) compared to those in the lowest quartile. 


Worse cognition in midlife was independently associated with two psychological characteristics measured in young adulthood. This suggests that interventions that promote positive social interactions may have a role in reducing risk of late-age cognitive impairment.

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