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Are We Citizens, or Serfs?

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IMG_0530xLately I’ve been wondering why so many states are finally recognizing the People’s right to have unrestricted access to Medical Cannabis while the Federal government continues to threaten and attack those same People under state-sponsored terrorism laws feebly disguised as a “War on Drugs”. I realize that I might seem to be Captain Obvious here, but it’s clear to me that the Federal government doesn’t actually consider us citizens anymore whereas at least some of the states still do. Since only citizens have rights of the kind enumerated in those outdated documents the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, once the Feds decided several decades ago that we weren’t citizens (unlike corporations, which do have rights because they are “persons”) then they didn’t have to respect our rights because it turned out that we didn’t have any left. Surprise!

However, in some of our states we are still citizens. This may have something to do with the fact that in most states the Legislators no doubt consider themselves citizens, whereas we all know what happens to politicians once they set up shop inside the DC Beltway. They become untouchable demigods, surrounded by layers of heavily armed goons and protected from upstart former citizens by laws with quaint names like “The Patriot Act” and now the “American Freedom Act.”

This dismissive attitude and well-protected existence enables them to create Federal agencies with names like “Homeland Security”, “Internal Revenue Service”, and “Department of Justice”, whose missions are designed almost exclusively to keep Americans securely under the iron-clad fist of the Federal government.

In contrast, state legislators actually live in the communities that they at least nominally serve, and since most state legislatures meet for only limited periods of time each year these people actually have to live among and interact with the people who make up their communities. This means, among other things, that state legislators, judges and even police have regularly come face to face with friends, neighbors and family members who are suffering from diseases that the medical industry only exploits – hardly ever cures – and who over the past few decades have managed, in spite of the Federal government’s terror squads, to discover that Cannabis helped them where none of the FDA approved poisons of Pig Pharma did anything but drain their bank accounts and make their already painful lives more painful and much shorter. (And Pig Pharma accomplished all this while racking up $400 Billion a year – almost 3% of total US GDP.)

So I’ve come to the Captain Obvious conclusion that the reason that Medical Cannabis has finally become a reality in so much of the US is because we still are (perhaps) a nation of free states more than we are an enslaved Federal “union”. Those of us who have worked so hard to make Medical Cannabis a reality should not neglect this source of our success. We should be as active in the fight to restore State’s Rights as we have been in the fight for legal Medical Cannabis. The two root sources of freedom and liberty are inextricably linked, and it is up to us to strengthen these roots. If we fail to do the tree of freedom and liberty, already withering, will die and the Federal monster will finally completely subjugate us. To the Federal government we are not citizens, but “taxpayers” and “consumers” – in a word, Serfs – and we should never forget this basic difference between our state governments and the odious Feds.

Author: panaceachronicles

I have recently moved to Portland, Oregon & I am looking for opportunities to contribute further to the Cannabis revolution that I helped to start with my 1969 "Cultivators Handbook of Marijuana". I wrote "Cultivators Handbook" in Eugene, Oregon and self-published it with the indispensable help of the Eugene Augur news collective, the Whole Earth Catalog, and independent booksellers up and down the West Coast. Having the FBI on my ass the whole time made things extra exciting. I have a few new Cannabis & Coca-related ideas that are pretty revolutionary and as part of a team of good people I am confident that we can shake things up a little in a positive way. I am especially interested in working with companies and/or organizations that want to help motivate Seniors to get past any fears they may have regarding Cannabis and take advantage of the tremendous health benefits of this simple, powerful natural source of treatment and healing. Milestone Achievements The Cultivator’s Handbook of Marijuana, Agrarian Reform Press, Eugene, Oregon, 1969. The first US grower’s guide Self-published in the face of active FBI interference. Managed initial West Coast distribution. Published worldwide in six languages. 3+ million copies sold. Still in print in 2017. No longer the best – but still the first in its genre. Marijuana Foods, Simon & Schuster, 1981. The first full-length medicinal Cannabis extract cookbook in the US, offering unique extraction options and techniques for creating edible Cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. The first Medical Cannabis book to focus specifically on the needs of Seniors. Still in print in 2017. Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company. 1980-82. Conceived, founded & developed the company & its flagship brand “American Spirit™”. Worked with Native American groups to develop a market for native, natural tobacco produced by Native Americans on tribal lands. Initiated organic growers program. Lost company through bad choice of outside investors – lesson learned. Writer/Producer of “International Straight Talk” video/CBT series. 1995-97. Sponsored by US/SBA, Texas Instruments, Texas Utilities and GTE. Ten full-length country-specific videos with accompanying Computer-based interactive training app. Focus on practical cross-cultural skills for Americans doing business with, or operating on teams with people from other countries. National & international distribution 100,000+ copies. Still used in Graduate Schools of Business & International Management. Blogger & Social Media Fanatic: 2012 – Present. 175+ full-length posts on the historical and contemporary medical and spiritual uses of Cannabis, Coca and Opium, advocating for the full legalization of Coca Leaf as a natural medicinal plant to complement the emerging range of medical applications of Cannabis and the historically validated importance of Opium as a natural medicine. (Plus, the occasional political ranting and utopian dreaming.) Other Relevant Publications The Connoisseur’s Handbook of Marijuana, Rolling Stone/Straight Arrow Books, San Francisco & NY, 1971. Best-selling history of Cannabis as recreational, inspirational and medical drug. International Cultivators Handbook of Hashish, Opium and Coca, Wingbow Press, Berkeley, 1975. First US book to link & document the medicinal and spiritual uses of the three great natural drugs. The Cultivators Handbook of Natural Tobacco, Cultural Dimensions Press, 1982- 2010. The first grower’s manual for natural tobacco as grown by Native Americans for thousands of years before this powerful spiritual herb become corrupted by the modern cigarette industry. The Coca Leaf Papers, 2012. Medical and scientific research from 1750-1900 on the therapeutic uses of Coca Leaf in the form of extracts and tonics. Extensive bibliography hyperlinked to original historical resources. Advocates for acceptance of Coca Leaf alongside medical Cannabis as a powerful, natural medicine that cannot be co-opted by the Pharmaceutical industry.

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