Masters Of Illusion – The Coca Cola Company

Most conscious people need very little convincing that corporations in general, with few exceptions, are simply criminal thugs in suits who will stop at nothing to acquire as much wealth and power as possible. They start wars for profit, manufacture poison for profit, enslave men, women and children for profit, corrupt governments for profit, and they will eventually destroy this planet for profit.

But corporations are just legal entities – paper chimeras created by professional eunuchs called lawyers – so that the psychotic monsters who actually run these engines of exploitation and destruction can hide in their glass towers, dash around town in their blacked-out limos, live in palatial splendor behind gates guarded by dogs and guns, and dine on hummingbird tongues whenever the mood strikes them.

In other words, corporations are simply exquisitely evil people hiding behind a legal fiction, enforced by a massive structure of “laws”, and all of the evil that corporations do is in fact the work of the twisted people who run these secret organizations.

So it is with the Coca Cola Company. Here is a corporation built on a “tonic” designed to enslave and addict people to heavy doses of Cocaine, designed to create an overwhelming need to keep the high going or else suffer the hellish pains of withdrawal – all packaged in a cute, friendly little bottle with smiling kids and puppies frolicking in even the earliest (c. 1890) advertisements.

Of course the original Coca Cola was developed as a direct theft from a European genius named Angelo Mariani who created and sold a Coca Leaf extract product (not a Cocaine product) that was used around the world by doctors and laymen to safely and effectively treat a range of diseases and conditions.
Portraits from Album Mariani
The original developers of Coca Cola (along with hundreds of other small-time drug pushers) took full advantage of the open, legal market for Cocaine to create vehicles – usually carbonated drinks, syrups and tonics though they also created lozenges and other convenient product packages – that would hook their customers almost from the first swig, guaranteeing a steady flow of profits until, of course, that customer went over the deep end of addiction and killed themselves with Cocaine and other addictive drugs – also freely available.
But never fear – the strategy that the early Coca Cola Company (and other Cocaine tonic manufacturers) developed for replacing customers lost to the black hole of addiction was pure genius. Get kids to start drinking Coca Cola as early as possible.

In an earlier post “Soda Fountain Fiends & The Birth Of Cocaine Addiction” I quote a doctor from the late 1800s saying:

“The most insidious and damaging manner in which cocaine is reaching our people is through the carbonated drinks for which many have such a passion. It is in the manufacture of such drinks that the bulk of cocaine is used. The great increase in the importation of cocaine leaves is not due to the demand for cocaine as a medicine, or from its personal use by drug habitués, but it is because of the demand for the leaves as the one essential ingredient in establishing and perpetuating the use of these carbonated drinks.”

“Many of these drinks, some having a name very suggestive of this damaging, yet fascinating drug, have been skillfully and persistently advertised; but their use and the hold they have upon the public do not depend upon this skillful use of printers’ ink, but upon the fact that the effect of one drink creates a demand for another.”

“These drinks are advertised to relieve headache, overcome fatigue, and impart in its stead a sense of exhilaration and well-being, and they do this, but not by removing the cause of such conditions, nor by supplying the system with the physiological activity and the energy which are the counterpart of these unwelcome conditions; they do it by blunting the sensibilities, for a time, to their existence.”

“As the effects of the stimulant in the drink dies out the demand for another drink is strongly felt, and then a second drink is taken, and this is repeated several times a day. We have, as a result, thousands of young men and women depending upon the energy derived from these drinks to enable them to carry on their work. Many of them taking from three to a dozen or more of these medicated soda-fountain drinks each day. They will tell you that they feel totally unable to undertake their day’s work without their “coke.” They are, in fact, as really enslaved by the drugs these drinks contain as they would be were they using them in other form. It is to their enslaving properties that these drinks owe much of their enormous and continuous sale.”

“Doubtless, when the facts are ascertained as to the use of cocaine by the school children of Philadelphia, which has recently created such an uproar, it will be found to have had its origin in the medicated soda-fountain drinks rather than from the seductive influence of older persons used in a more direct manner. Children who are allowed to become soda-fountain fiends acquire a taint that, when opportunity presents, leads them to take to cocaine or other stimulants like a duck to water.”

Well, you may be thinking, that was then and Coca Cola no longer contains Cocaine – although it actually does contain minute traces of the alkaloid from the company’s processing of the Coca leaves it imports by the ton to make some of the key ingredients in its secret formula. And of course you would be right – Coca Cola no longer contains Cocaine as an addictive ingredient.

But the company didn’t survive to become one of the biggest and most profitable corporations in the world by simply saying “Oh well” when Cocaine was made illegal early in the 1900s. The company was far too accustomed to having a customer base that simply HAD to have their product several times a day. The question was – how to accomplish that in the absence of being able to use Cocaine as the addictive agent.

For many manufacturers the answer lay in a completely legal substance with many of the same addictive qualities as Cocaine – Caffeine. And of course the fact that Sugar is also a potent addictive substance has been fully exploited, as are the super-addictive properties of High Fructose Corn Syrup. But those are simple and obvious strategies.

However, I am also as certain as I can be that the Coca Cola Company’s “secret formula” contains a wide range of bio-engineered chemicals similar in effect to the “smoker satisfaction chemicals” that cigarette manufacturers use to addict smokers to their particular brand. I have no evidence of this as far as the Coca Cola Company goes, but there are reams of solid research describing the use of bio-engineered chemicals by the cigarette industry, and I have to assume that other companies like Coca Cola must have looked at this and thought – “Great Idea!!”

But potentially the most disturbing and damaging answer may lie in a little-known part of the addiction picture – the fact that the human body can become addicted to a wide range of toxic substances that have absolutely no psychoactivity and that do not create feelings of euphoria, “energy”, satisfaction, relaxation or pleasure.

If you think about this you’ll discover that you already know what I’m talking about. I am sure that you know about the immense problem of children living in slum housing that still has lead-based paint becoming addicted to eating scraps of that paint. Research shows that very young children who have access to this paint start eating it because – believe it or not – it is kind of sweet-tasting. But very quickly they find that their bodies are demanding that they find and eat lead paint frequently during the day. Why? Because if they don’t keep up dosing their body with lead goes into withdrawal that is virtually indistinguishable from withdrawal from Heroin or Cocaine.

Now I am not saying that Coca Cola laces its products with lead. I am saying that the evil, greedy monsters who run Coca Cola and companies like it have spend years and huge sums of money finding ways to replicate the golden days when all they had to do was to put Cocaine in their products and presto – millions of loyal customers.

So, am I reaching when I suggest that Coca Cola may be exploiting the phenomenon of toxic addiction in order to achieve consumer dependence on drinking their product multiple times a day? Perhaps. We’ll probably never know because their secret formula – if it actually exists, which many doubt – is carefully guarded.

But there are some interesting clues, and perhaps none is more interesting than research done by a mining engineer in Australia that I also cited in an earlier post entitled “Coca Cola Classic Is An Excellent Solvent For Uranium”. Here is a brief quote from the research – see what you make of it.

“Coca-Cola Classic® extracts uranium concentrations near identical to DTPA, whereas distinctly higher uranium fractions were extracted using Diet Coke® and Coke Zero®. Results of this study demonstrate that the use of Coca-Cola Classic® in single extraction tests provided an excellent indication of bioaccessible uranium in the analysed soils and of uranium uptake into leaves and stems of the Sodom apple (Calotropis procera).”

“Moreover, the unconventional reagent is superior in terms of availability, costs, preparation and disposal compared to traditional chemicals. Contaminated site assessments and rehabilitation of uranium mine sites require a solid understanding of the chemical speciation of environmentally significant elements for estimating their translocation in soils and plant uptake.”

“Therefore, Cola soft drinks have potential applications in single extraction tests of uranium contaminated soils and may be used for environmental impact assessments of uranium mine sites, nuclear fuel processing plants and waste storage and disposal facilities.”

My take-away from this amazing bit of research is that any liquid capable of out-performing “traditional chemicals” used in uranium ore extraction has to be at least a tiny bit on the toxic side – wouldn’t you agree?

So, setting aside for the moment what this liquid is doing to the insides of every Coke drinker in the world, whose gut is not as resistant to chemicals as solid rock, I am compelled to ask myself whether the Coca Cola Company is perhaps exploiting the phenomenon of toxic addiction, given the effectiveness of their product as a mining industry solvent.

But – some might object – why would a company poison their own customers? I think the answer is simple – although it is also sheer speculation. They would do it if they had learned over a hundred years ago that they could extract the maximum amount of money from customers while they were alive by addicting them to their poisonous product and that they could also guarantee themselves an extremely profitable future by addicting new customers when they are very young to replace the adult customers who have dropped dead as a result of using their product.

Is the Coca Cola Company doing this? Would a corporation be capable of conceiving and executing such a plan? Could something as simple as a carbonated drink that is sold by the billions of units worldwide every day be the vehicle for what amounts to massive genocide for extraordinary profit? Does a bear shit in the woods?

We will probably never know. But as you can see, dear reader, I have my suspicions. And perhaps now you do too. If so, I have accomplished my objective in raising the question in the hope that readers like you will work hard to protect their families and friends from these predatory monsters. After all, the solution is simple. Stop buying their products – all of their products, not just the poison in a can.

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