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Excellent Coca Leaf Video

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I’ve just come across this excellent six-minute video that dramatizes Bolivia’s demand that the rest of the world, and especially the greedy, hypocritical and murderous USA, leave the Bolivian People alone and free to pursue their ancient way of life based on the medicinal use of pure, natural Coca Leaf. Please pass this on to your social network and help to raise awareness of the great injustice being done Bolivia on the one hand, and the enormous worldwide potential for the liberation of this powerful natural medicine on the other hand.

Author: panaceachronicles

Those of us who were young in the fifties, sixties and seventies are now well along in our aging - those of us left, that is. Just as we tried in our youth to find alternative ways of living, learning, cooperating, having fun, and being productive, I think we're destined to replay many of these scenarios in our old age. Ironically, this is when the intense desire for autonomy from centralized systems that arose in our younger days may prove to be the prescription for not just quality of life but for survival itself.

One thought on “Excellent Coca Leaf Video

  1. Great article, exactly what I wanted to find.


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