A Major “Oops!” In Tobacco Research

Check out my FOIA request below. Since around 1975, operating through its front organizations, the Tobacco Cartel has supplied “Kentucky Standard Reference Cigarettes” to researchers worldwide for near-universal use in Smoking & Health research. Somehow, it appears from the University of Kentucky Tobacco Research Center’s response below, they just never got around to looking into or mentioning pesticides in their “reference standard” cigarettes. Oops! Somehow they missed those confounding variables that, when factored into all those “Tobacco smoking” research results, invalidate billions of dollars in research that has ignored or, worse, discounted their presence. Every smoking & health researcher, and every regulatory authority in the world has been conned by the Kentucky Reference Cigarette program, and apparently quite deliberately.

Don’t you love their slogan – “Discover what’s wildly possible!”. Yes, by all means, let’s discover what inhaled pesticides do to smokers completely independently of whatever tobacco may or may not do. Let’s do some simple side-by-side testing of pesticide-free, organically-grown tobacco cigarettes with these so-called “reference standard cigarettes”. Isn’t it just “wildly possible” that it’s the inhaled pesticides that are responsible for much of, or even most ‘smoking-related disease’, and not the tobacco itself? How would we know, when virtually every ‘smoking & health’ study for almost 50 years using these materials in the belief that they are testing ‘tobacco’ has so clearly been rigged?

If you would like to verify the complete absence of attention to pesticide contamination in KRCs, check out these articles on Kentucky Reference Cigarettes and try to find any references to pesticides.

Evaluation of In Vitro Assays For Assessing the Toxicity of Cigarette Smoke and Smokeless Tobacco

Variation in tobacco and mainstream smoke toxicant yields from selected commercial cigarette products

Mainstream smoke constituents and in vitro toxicity comparative analysis of 3R4F and 1R6F reference cigarettes

Mainstream Smoke Chemistry and In Vitro and In Vivo Toxicity of the Reference Cigarettes 3R4F and 2R4F

For some additional perspective on the Tobacco Cartel con game and FDA complicity please see: panaceachronicles.com/2021/03/01/the-fda-tobacco-cartel-confidence-game/

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