Smoking Moms & The Meth Epidemic – Connecting The Dots

Could biologically significant concentrations of multiple classes of pesticides in cigarettes inhaled during pregnancy by generations of smoking mothers since the 1950s explain at least some of the substance abuse epidemic that has emerged over the past 70 years?

As seven generations of smoking mothers since the 1950s have given birth to literally millions of neurologically and mentally damaged babies, who have grown up to disproportionately become substance abusers and addicts, how much of this damage can be explained by pre-natal pesticide exposure on a massive scale by millions of women who have smoked during pregnancy since the 1950s? How much of the human destruction we see on our streets can be traced to generations of pre-natal exposure to concealed and unregulated pesticides in tobacco products?

Consider this small sampling of previously unconnected dots of evidence.

1. We know that children who are exposed to pesticides during pregnancy are at increased risk of developing mental health and neurological problems in adolescence

2. We know that children of mothers who smoke during pregnancy are also at increased risk of developing the same set of mental health problems in adolescence

3. We know that children of mothers who smoke during pregnancy are at high risk of developing the same childhood neurological diseases.

4. We know that children who are exposed to pesticides during pre-natal development are at high risk of developing substance abuse problems in adolescence.

5. We know that substance abuse, mental health problems, and neurological disease are co-occurring health issues for millions of people.

6. We know that a large proportion of people who develop SUD in adolescence and early adulthood have pre-existing mental health problems and neurological disease.

Here is a small sampling of pesticides detected in tests conducted in late 2018 for my book Smoke No Evil. You can get results by Googling any of them and ‘pre-natal’, but maybe start with the Googling DDT and pre-natal since millions of young Black and Brown women are inhaling DDT in little cigars like Swisher Sweets.

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