While it may sound strange at first, our friend and master Cannabis grower Greg McAllister has suggested that Cannabis growers can add a useful layer of anti-viral and anti-pathogen protection to their grow simply by using milk-based soap for hand washing. 

That’s for hand washing by the way – not for spraying on your plants! Milk is definitely antibacterial on your hands and body but spritz your plants with a yummy coating of milk sugars and proteins and it’s calling all bugs great and small!

Science appears to back Greg up.

Of course there are plenty of other antiviral and antibacterial soaps and washes, but where else can you get a completely natural soap that has been called “The Grandmother’s Drug’ and has been used effectively for centuries for treating human virus infections in Europe and the Middle East – long before viruses were even known? 

As you browse the research links below you’ll discover that there’s nothing unusual about using milk as an antibiotic and antiviral agent as well as an excellent natural skin care product. And you can check out a full review of the anti-viral and anti-pathogenic science that applies to Cannabis grows in my newest article on Todd McCormick’s Authentic Genetics website – What Can The Hop Latent Viroid Teach Us?

A common concern when people first hear of milk soap is that it will go bad like milk left out overnight, but it doesn’t. Milk soap is actually one of the freshest, longest-lasting soaps made, and women around the world, in Europe, the Middle East, Thailand and India for example, have been using it for centuries as an important part of their skin care.

So check out the research below then consider going online and ordering some inexpensive milk soap. You may find you like it even beyond its role in helping to keep your Cannabis grow safer. 

By the way if you have cow dairy allergies you have the options of Goat or Sheep Milk soaps as well. We use Goat milk soaps because we like how they smell and feel and also because they have greater antiviral activity than Cow milk soaps  – but then we feel the same way about Goat yogurt and cheese. 

The Remarkable Anti-Viral Properties of Milk

Cows Milk

Goat Milk

Sheep Milk

Human Breast Milk

Current research – all milks

And for something completely different:

Donkey Milk

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