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Fabulous “Vin Mariani” (Coca Wine) Website

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Portraits from Album MarianiThis will be a super-short post. If you have any interest in what is happening today in France to revive and carry on the tradition of Coca Leaf tonics started by the legendary Angelo Mariani well over 100 years ago, then this is a website you MUST visit.

This link is to a semi-translated page on the website, but if you read French the original French language version of the site is much more interesting.

And it looks like these folks are initiating a very interesting program of distributors and retailers for – who knows – perhaps a revived Vin Mariani.

Except not in the good ole USA of course.

Author: panaceachronicles

Those of us who were young in the fifties, sixties and seventies are now well along in our aging - those of us left, that is. Just as we tried in our youth to find alternative ways of living, learning, cooperating, having fun, and being productive, I think we're destined to replay many of these scenarios in our old age. Ironically, this is when the intense desire for autonomy from centralized systems that arose in our younger days may prove to be the prescription for not just quality of life but for survival itself.

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