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In addition to this Blog I maintain other websites where I offer information, ideas, links and the occasional rant or two.

My International Straight Talk website is a dedicated to exploring cross-cultural issues and to providing readers with access to a range of self-study, training and classroom resources. The principal resource there is a ten-country video series that explores each country’s culture from the perspective of an American small business owner/manager or independent professional doing business there. The videos are a lot of talking heads (this was the 1990’s) but their information is street-smart and pretty timeless regarding how to manage human relationships in business in each country.

I wrote and produced the “International Straight Talk” video series in the 1990’s with help from dedicated friends, the Small Business Administration and corporate sponsors Texas Instruments, Texas Utilities, and GTE. I have posted all ten one-hour digitized videos, each broken into approximately 15 minute segments. The series is designed was a thought & discussion-provoking resource for cross-cultural learning in a business or graduate-level environment. While it was produced 20 years ago and is definitely low-budget, the content was written and designed to retain its relevance, which feedback tends to confirm. Thank you all.

My “Cultivators Handbook” website is temporarily off-line. I am devoting my online writing almost exclusively to the panaceachronicles blog and to other writing and teaching.

Thank you for visiting this page.

4 thoughts on “My Web Sites

  1. Hello Bill, Good to discover that you are still actively scouting out ahead of the tribe. I brought the cultivator’s handbook with me to Kenya in 1975 and did grow some good weed there. I had “cleverly” replaced the cover of the book with an innocuous magazine cover–I gave the book away to a needy ex-colonialist in the rift valley–now I wish I had that book back in my possession, I miss it! I do remember a few things about it, and my kids (who grow pot) smile patronizingly when I start suggesting they use “The golden pit of Mysore” technique. I stay ahead of the tribe too, in terms of medicinal herb seeds, of which I have introduced many new-to-us species over the last 30 years. Thanks for your good works and for being an inspiration to myself and others. If you still have a copy of the cultivator’s handbook left, I’ll happily trade you for an original copy of “Making Plant Medicine.” Richo Cech


    1. Hello Richo – I appreciate hearing that my work has been useful to you. I’ve just browsed your website and blog and love your vision, the content and particularly the photography. Hearing that my book wound up in the Rift Valley made my day. As a child I used to put notes in bottles and throw them overboard whenever my Dad’s assignments took us overseas. The times I got a note back from the person who had found it – happened twice – allowed me to see the wonderful connectedness of the human web.

      I really have to confess that I had forgotten about the “Golden Pit of Mysore” until your message. What fun to hear that it has made its way into your work with medicinal plants. Kinda makes me wonder if it might apply to Coca growing – I don’t think that anything close has been recorded, but will check again.

      I appreciate that you understand the satisfaction of acting as a scout for the tribe, a role you clearly take on for yourself as well. My kids patronize (they would say tolerate) me as well, and my wife is, of course, a saint in that department, so I keep bringing home little things I find, hoping they might have a use.

      I apologize that I don’t have any copies of that book, but thanks for asking. I’ve put a link to your website on my blog.

      Warm regards – Bill


  2. Hi Bill, Big thanks for continuing to scout out ahead of the tribe. Your first book went with me to Africa in 1975, and I’ve been introducing new medicinal herbs to our tribe ever since! Richo Cech, author of “Making Plant Medicine.”


  3. Hello Bill, I read some of your articles on coca leaves with great interest and wanted to buy your book…However Amazon wouldn’t let me buy it as I live in Europe. Guess we’re not allowed information😏 So my question is can I buy the book somewhere else?? I am a passionate gardener and would like to read your book! Please let me know and all the best!


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