Pure, Natural Coca Leaf – A Healing Gift Of The Divine Plant

My Web Sites

In addition to this Blog I maintain other websites where I offer information, ideas, links and the occasional rant or two.

I’m currently (2016) writing a book titled “Cannabis For Seniors: A Caregivers Handbook” and have started a website dedicated to gathering and sharing information, resources, and ideas relevant to Caregivers and Seniors using Cannabis for health or recreation, or both. Click here to visit – the website is still early-stage and under development but I’ve put it online anyway to begin sharing ideas, so please comment if you browse the site.

My International Straight Talk website is a dedicated to exploring cross-cultural issues and to providing readers with access to a range of self-study, training and classroom resources. I produced the “International straight Talk” video series in the 1990s with help from dedicated friends, the Small Business Administration and Corporate sponsors. I have posted all ten one-hour cross-cultural digital videos, each broken into approximately 15 minute segments. The series is designed as a thought & discussion-provoking resource for cross-cultural learning.

My “Cultivators Handbook” website is temporarily off-line after being hacked. I am transferring the files to a new WordPress site and hope to be up again soon.

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