COVID-19, Coca Leaf Tea & CBD Vapor

Hello Folks – I’ve been quiet for a little while and appreciate that you’re still interested in his blog. In this post I want to share my very recent personal experience with the healing power of Coca Leaf Tea combined with vaporized CBD flower. If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to read this whole post here’s the bottom line – I think that a combination of Coca Tea and CBD vapor may be an effective treatment for the killer consequences of COVID-19 infection – the lung-clogging mucous of pneumonia that shuts down breathing.

Here’s the story.

I have just recovered from what began two weeks ago as a 911-level flu experience. In 24 hours I went from healthy and strong to chills, fever, cramps and heavy congestion that quickly turned into a slimy mess clogging my lungs and making breathing very difficult. My wife was insisting that we call 911, but the last place for anyone with the flu to be is in a hospital bed so I decided to practice what I’ve been preaching and so I started on Coca Leaf tea – a cup every waking hour. Unfortunately all that is legally available is de-cocaineized tea – a lot like DeCaf coffee.

The de-coked tea helped reduce the inflammation in my respiratory tract immediately and made a noticeable difference in the inflammatory symptoms, but the mucous was getting worse – turning into cement in my lungs and sinuses.

I was recently gifted a sample of beautiful purple CBD Hemp buds by my friends at Sovereign Fields, a CBD Hemp genetics company on Southern Oregon that produces, among other beauties, a strain named “Bubba Kush”. I use an old Pax 2 dry flower vaporizer for my THC buds and so, in the spirit of both science and salvation, I packed the chamber with a select tip of a beautiful “Bubba Kush” bud, fired up the Pax and then sucked in just a tiny amount of the vapor. Of course I immediately descended into racks of coughing, but I had already been coughing for days so I wasn’t surprised.

What did surprise me was that after a couple of more tiny little vapor tokes my coughing began to produce giant oysters of mucous flying up out of my lungs. I could hardly spit it out fast enough to keep up. The miracle was that all the previous days of coughing, which is how the body tries to get rid of mucous in the lungs, had produced no such results. My chest had just gotten heavier and heavier, and coughing had become more and more painful. I was getting to the place that goes into pneumonia, where you become too weak to keep coughing vigorously, and too weak to stay vertical, which is the point where people get into bed, lie on their backs, and let the unexpelled mucous pool in their lungs until they die. Suctioning it out, which seems to be the main solution doctors can offer, doesn’t work for too many victims.

This wasn’t a treatment for the flu – I stayed sick for the normal two weeks. But the Coca Tea kept me from feeling swollen and hot, and the CBD vapor a couple of times a day – and I emphasize that it was just tiny little tokes, not deep inhales – kept the mucous coming up and out. I went through a roll of paper towels a day as my sinuses drained and I flushed the toilet maybe 50 times a day to get rid of the oysters I kept spitting up.

I was still sick with the flu, but my lungs kept themselves clear because the mucous kept coming up every time I coughed, which was often, and I didn’t get an ear infection or any of the other consequences on sinus congestion (compaction) because my nose kept running like a two-year old with a head cold. In other words, it was my experience that Coca Leaf Tea and CBD flower vapor are an effective treatment for the mucous congestion that seems to be the main killer with flu, and I am willing to bet that if medical authorities were abe to get past their governments and their own prejudices a lot of people who are dying today, and who will die in the near future, could be saved with this simple approach. It might not work for everyone – the coughing that brings up the mucous is pretty racking – but its a lot better than dry-coughing while your lungs fill up with mucous that hardens into cement and then shuts down your breathing.

It would be easy enough to do CBD vapor infusions and even Coca Tea stomach feeding with people too sick to treat themselves, but my feeling is that if a person coming down with the flu, whether it’s COVID-19 or your everyday killer flu, would be able to keep from descending into death with as many cups of Coca Leaf tea a day as they can stand, plus regular TINY tokes of CBD Hemp flower from a vaporizer. I would NOT want to see people smoking the CBD – the particulate matter in the smoke wouldn’t be good. It’s the vapor that does the trick.

I hope that this can help you or someone you care for. It comes under the heading “Can’t hurt; might just help.”

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