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Who Would Jesus Nuke?

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Photo #1

OK, so North Korea has a Hydrogen bomb and a small arsenal of ICMB missiles but, we are assured by all the experts, they don’t yet have the capability of fitting that H-Bomb into a re-entry vehicle that could survive the warhead’s downward plunge from space onto a US city. No re-entry technology – no threat.

That would be somewhat reassuring if we could also be assured that nobody could fit an H-Bomb (see Photo 1) behind the pilot’s seat in a small aircraft, say a Cessna (see Photo 2).


Photo #2

Seems pretty simple. Get a warhead the size of the one in Photo 2 by ship to oh, I don’t know, maybe Mexico, and then load it into a small aircraft and file a legitimate flight plan for, say, Los Angeles.

Then the volunteer pilot, beginning his approach into LA, would simply radio “Allahu Akbar” just before triggering the switch and vaporizing himself and all of LA.

So, who would get blamed for the deed?  How could anyone be sure who did it? Especially with that last radio transmission ringing in our ears. I doubt that even Jesus could decide who to nuke in retaliation, much less The Donald (invidious comparison definitely intended). 

And, for anyone who might think that North Korea wouldn’t risk being found to be behind a plan like this, I’m quite sure the NK military is familiar with the concept of “plausible deniability”.

A brief radio squirt of “Allahu Akbar” would provide pretty good plausible deniability, don’t you think?

I don’t intend my comments here as Fear Porn – I am simply very afraid that everybody seems to be focusing on only one scenario for how North Korea might decide to attack the US with nukes. I’ve already speculated on the use of rusty old freighters in another blog.

So, if the US were really seriously considering as possible the kind of an attack I am describing, we could have people at all the airports and airstrips in Mexico within range of the US, using fairly simple equipment to check every plane before it was given takeoff clearance. And of course we would have to have an automatic interception policy for any airplane that didn’t have a flight plan and an automatic shoot-down policy if any such aircraft didn’t follow directions taking it away from major cities to land in the desert under fighter aircraft supervision.

Hard to see any of that happening though. ICBM’s are so much more dramatic and newsworthy, and high-tech anti-missile missiles are so much more profitable for the US war industry to build, whether they work or not. Who cares about some little puddle-jumper aircraft coming in from Mexico? Probably just another load of Heroin.

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I have recently moved to Portland, Oregon & I am looking for opportunities to contribute further to the Cannabis revolution that I helped to start with my 1969 "Cultivators Handbook of Marijuana". I wrote "Cultivators Handbook" in Eugene, Oregon and self-published it with the indispensable help of the Eugene Augur news collective, the Whole Earth Catalog, and independent booksellers up and down the West Coast. Having the FBI on my ass the whole time made things extra exciting. I have a few new Cannabis & Coca-related ideas that are pretty revolutionary and as part of a team of good people I am confident that we can shake things up a little in a positive way. I am especially interested in working with companies and/or organizations that want to help motivate Seniors to get past any fears they may have regarding Cannabis and take advantage of the tremendous health benefits of this simple, powerful natural source of treatment and healing. Milestone Achievements The Cultivator’s Handbook of Marijuana, Agrarian Reform Press, Eugene, Oregon, 1969. The first US grower’s guide Self-published in the face of active FBI interference. Managed initial West Coast distribution. Published worldwide in six languages. 3+ million copies sold. Still in print in 2017. No longer the best – but still the first in its genre. Marijuana Foods, Simon & Schuster, 1981. The first full-length medicinal Cannabis extract cookbook in the US, offering unique extraction options and techniques for creating edible Cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. The first Medical Cannabis book to focus specifically on the needs of Seniors. Still in print in 2017. Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company. 1980-82. Conceived, founded & developed the company & its flagship brand “American Spirit™”. Worked with Native American groups to develop a market for native, natural tobacco produced by Native Americans on tribal lands. Initiated organic growers program. Lost company through bad choice of outside investors – lesson learned. Writer/Producer of “International Straight Talk” video/CBT series. 1995-97. Sponsored by US/SBA, Texas Instruments, Texas Utilities and GTE. Ten full-length country-specific videos with accompanying Computer-based interactive training app. Focus on practical cross-cultural skills for Americans doing business with, or operating on teams with people from other countries. National & international distribution 100,000+ copies. Still used in Graduate Schools of Business & International Management. Blogger & Social Media Fanatic: 2012 – Present. 175+ full-length posts on the historical and contemporary medical and spiritual uses of Cannabis, Coca and Opium, advocating for the full legalization of Coca Leaf as a natural medicinal plant to complement the emerging range of medical applications of Cannabis and the historically validated importance of Opium as a natural medicine. (Plus, the occasional political ranting and utopian dreaming.) Other Relevant Publications The Connoisseur’s Handbook of Marijuana, Rolling Stone/Straight Arrow Books, San Francisco & NY, 1971. Best-selling history of Cannabis as recreational, inspirational and medical drug. International Cultivators Handbook of Hashish, Opium and Coca, Wingbow Press, Berkeley, 1975. First US book to link & document the medicinal and spiritual uses of the three great natural drugs. The Cultivators Handbook of Natural Tobacco, Cultural Dimensions Press, 1982- 2010. The first grower’s manual for natural tobacco as grown by Native Americans for thousands of years before this powerful spiritual herb become corrupted by the modern cigarette industry. The Coca Leaf Papers, 2012. Medical and scientific research from 1750-1900 on the therapeutic uses of Coca Leaf in the form of extracts and tonics. Extensive bibliography hyperlinked to original historical resources. Advocates for acceptance of Coca Leaf alongside medical Cannabis as a powerful, natural medicine that cannot be co-opted by the Pharmaceutical industry.

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