If I Were Krazy Kim – Part Four

WhooHoo – feelin’ the breeze in my face

I would take a psychotic’s pleasure in telling my victims exactly what I was going to do to them, knowing that they would ignore me and proceed blindly to their doom. (So let’s think about this – why is this man almost always pictured laughing?)

I have written previously about the likelihood that Kim is showing off his missiles as a sleight of hand ploy, and speculated that another component of this ploy might be delivering his nukes in the holds of rusty old cargo ships.

However, the latest round of US posturing and NK threats raises another possibility in my mind.

If I were Krazy Kim I would have long ago smuggled at least one nuke into South Korea and placed it where it could do maximum damage to both South Korea and the US with minimum chance of being detected before I triggered it.

That would mean that I would not try to conceal my nuke in or near Seoul, which is no doubt heavily instrumented to detect such a concealed weapon. Besides, Seoul is exactly where the South Koreans and the US are focused on the North Korean threat – for a lot of very good reasons.

Busan – All Lit Up

Therefore, as Krazy Kim, I would look around for another location for my nuke, and I would probably be delighted when Busan occurred to me. It is a major city, of course, but it is also a major port for US warships like the nuclear submarine Michigan that the US is currently flaunting dockside in Busan.

It is also a major location for US military facilities, conveniently located outside of the range of artillery and short-range missiles that everybody knows are targeted on Seoul.

Best of all, if I were Krazy Kim, Busan is in a natural bowl, which would focus and concentrate the damage done by a nuke going off downtown, near the port, where of course there is all kinds of background radiation already because of US and South Korean military activity.

And naturally, I would not have smuggled in a ready-to-go nuke, but I would have been smuggling in tiny bits over the course of years, assembling it in the most secure place I could find. And I’ll bet that there is no end to the number of such places in Busan.

USS Michigan Docks In Busan

So when Krazy Kim says that he is going to send the USS Michigan to the bottom of the sea as a mass of molten metal, instead of laughing my ass off at another of his outrageous claims, if I were the South Koreans and the US Military I would start looking very, very carefully at every square meter of the Busan area, above and below ground and underwater in the harbor as well.

Because a nuke would certainly do the job  of making a nuclear sub into little drops of molten metal.

That’s what I would do. But hey, I’m just a geriatric lunatic with a computer sitting in rural Texas – which incidentally is a long, long way from Busan. I think I’ll go have a beer and watch my dogs hunt squirrels. Those squirrels just sit in the trees and laugh at my dogs – until they slip and fall.


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