The Bad Guys Win Again

I work part-time as a caregiver and have just returned from my first day caring for D., an elderly woman in the hospital with C. Difficile. She is on the edge of death, and talks constantly about having lost the will to live. No wonder. She is being “treated” with a cocktail of antibiotics that would literally kill a horse, and these “medicines” have completely destroyed her gut biome in the name of going after the admittedly dangerous pathogen C. Difficile.

She has no interest in eating, and is existing only on a few sips of “Ensure” every hour or so, which she takes to the applause of her nurses, doctors and family. “Thank God”, they say, “at least she is getting some nutrition.”

Poison is what she is getting. Ensure and those other drinks that are marketed as an easy way to get nutrition into an old person are nothing more than a high fructose corn syrup cocktail. Pure poison. Her whole body is inflamed because of the combination of having her gut biome destroyed by Vancomycin and a mix of other “let’s just throw everything we have at her” antibiotics, and being “fed” one of the most highly inflammatory substances in the world.

On top of that, her doctors apparently don’t know that there is only one antibiotic that can actually destroy C. Difficile without also destroying the entire body – Rifaximin – but they have kept her in the hospital for over eight weeks now, making huge profits for everybody by stringing along D. and her suffering, ignorant family. She has Medicare and, as her family says, “the best supplemental insurance”. So those eight weeks have made the hospital and the doctors hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That poor family – so grateful that the doctors are doing everything they can. So sad watching Mom lying there all swollen and purple and fading away in a swirling hell of pain.

I couldn’t help myself. I asked her daughter if she had ever heard any of the Doctors mention Rifaximin. Of course not. I also asked if D. was being given probiotics. Of course not – what are those? I tried explaining that even though the antibiotics would kill most of the probiotics at least some balance might be restored, and maybe at least a little of D’s appetite might return.

At this point a nurse who happened to be passing by in the hall heard our conversation and must have dropped a dime because inside of ten minutes I was escorted out of the hospital by guards and my employer was almost immediately on my cell phone firing me.

I’m OK with that. It’s not like finding a job that pays $9 an hour is that hard, although I do enjoy working with old folks, especially listening to their stories. So I’ll probably find another Caregiver agency – there seem to be no end of them – and just won’t mention the incident with Dolores. There just isn’t any other work in the small town where I live – not out of choice, but because life has stuck me here. Of course, I won’t be able to see anyone else who is in the hospital, but that’s OK too. Those places are the definition of hell.

But, dear reader, please ask yourself – how do you think D. would be doing today if she had been able to have a few cups of pure, whole Coca Leaf tea a day for the past few years? 

Bottom line – don’t let the doctors destroy your gut, or the gut of anyone you love with their “medicines” without doing your own research. Keep  everyone’s gut healthy with probiotics. Do not, ever, consume anything laced with HFCS. And please, do everything you can to see that not only Cannabis but also Coca Leaf is taken away from Pig Pharma and the government thugs and given back to We The People.

You have been warned, and with that I’ve done everything I can. As Kinky says – may the God of your choice bless you.

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