Yahoo – Moar War!

Daffy Don is horrified, as we all are, by the child victims of Sarin gas in Syria.

And just to prove how angry he is, the Daffy One is going to go to war against the monster who he says he believes ordered this atrocity. Really, really – he believes! At least, that’s the story. Remember the Maine! Save lives by nuking Japan! Avenge the Tonkin Gulf attack! Go get Goddam Saddam and his WMD’s. Here we go again – stay tuned while CNN shows us fireworks over Damascus in breathless real time.

Whether Assad is guilty of ordering a nerve gas attack on children just when the fight against ISIS was beginning to make real progress, drawing down the righteous wrath of Daffy Don on his wimpy little head, may make some people wonder why Assad would do such a thing. After all, there are plenty of alternative explanations for how Sarin weapons happened to be in just that place at just that time. But none of the alternatives give the American war-mongers the excuse to do what they have been itching to do for years, so our intrepid news media won’t be reporting those possibilities to us between the ads for erectile dysfunction and incontinence pills.

And of course, our guardians of democracy also won’t mention or show pictures of the dozens of children dismembered and vaporized by US bombs just a few short weeks ago in a “regrettable incident” in Iraq. Or the schools bombed by the US in Yemen, or the hospitals, or the weddings. Those are just little “Oops” incidents, not horrifying reasons to go to war against the “bad guys”. After all, those damn terrorists use schools and hospitals and wedding tents to hide in so what are we supposed to do – not drone them?

But before we go all ballistic (literally) over the sickening deaths of these little ones from nerve gas, let’s check out another monstrosity, and see if this one gets us as mad and as ready to go to war.

According to WHO, over 30% of all 9 million child deaths every year are due to malnutrition.

Now, I tried to find a group photo of dead starved children, maybe a half dozen or so of the three million who die every year from starvation, but all I could find was this photo of one little child who isn’t even dead yet. Apparently, the world isn’t interested in group photos of dead starved children.

But I think you may agree that the image of just this one little child is horrifying enough, especially because there are 2,999,999 more of him every year, and even more especially because nobody including Daffy Don is going to lift a finger in his nameless name.

But evidently we’re going to go to war, again, on another dubious pretext, and that war will kill far more little children with our bombs (collateral damage, dontcha know) than were killed by whoever the monster was who is responsible for the Sarin gas atrocity.

Go figure. I have. And I don’t like what I figure. Do you?

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