The Criminals Behind Global Obesity

DEAPigsEatingSo now we’re being told that doctors are worried about the growing incidence of colorectal cancers among young people and that “science” has linked this new epidemic to obesity.

The scam is that nobody is discussing where that obesity is coming from. People are deliberately led to assume that obesity is connected with gluttony, which of course has a sub-text of implied moral and character defectiveness. This conveniently plays into how “fat” people are stigmatized beginning in the schoolyard all the way through adulthood – if you are “fat” then it’s obviously your fault because you just can’t control yourself and, by extension, you deserve whatever happens to you. According to the prevailing ethos obese people are pigs.

I have yet to see any so-called medical or scientific expert, or any of the howling media mob, point out that the obesity epidemic is actually a whole-body inflammation epidemic, and that this can be laid largely if not exclusively at the feet of the industrial food & beverage manufacturers who, based purely on profit margins, cram as much High Fructose Corn Syrup as possible into every kind of “food” they produce. The real pigs here are corporate America – not “fat cats”, just plain pigs.

It really is all about money. If you doubt that it could be that simple, just do a search for “High Fructose Corn Syrup” and “inflammation”. Then do a search for “inflammation” and virtually any of the top ten killers in America.

And this isn’t about just “fast foods” that so many “experts” like to blame for obesity  – HFCS is in virtually every kind of industrial food that is crammed down the throats of people beginning in childhood with baby formulas and continuing right through life to sick old people being hurried along the path to death by crap like “Ensure”.

Here’s my conclusion – for what it’s worth.

Yes, the new “epidemic” of colorectal cancer (and Diabetes, and Alzheimer’s, and Congestive Heart Failure, and Cancer) are all connected with “Obesity”, but that Obesity isn’t about people acting like pigs – it is about people being victimized from birth to death by corporate Nazis who squeeze a few extra pennies out of everything they sell by using High Fructose Corn Syrup as the sweetener in their nasty little products. HFCS a major cause, but of course not the only food-related cause of whole-body inflammation that is, in turn, the REAL cause of colorectal cancers, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Congestive Heart Failure and many if not most of the man-made diseases that are maiming and killing so many people.

Please read my blog post on Coca Leaf Tea, obesity and inflammation, and think about who is really responsible for all the suffering and death caused by obesity that is being conveniently scapegoated by blaming it on the people who are “fat”, which of course is the personal failing of those “fatty, fatty, two by fours …” who just can’t control their appetites.

Makes me want to cram a hot lead slurpy down the throats of as many corporate executives as possible.





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