Terminally Stupid & Just Plain Dead

The DEA and CDC have their panties in a scrunch over the synthetic Opiate analogues like W-18 and U47700 because these chemicals aren’t “on the list” of banned drugs and therefore aren’t illegal. Chemists have literally thousands of formulas for synthetic Opiates to choose from because of massive worldwide research in the 1970s that was focused on looking for Opium/Morphine/Heroin substitutes. Of course the reason all these studies were being done is because of the US-inspired “War On Drugs”, the idea being that if acceptable substitutes could be found for these natural drugs then the Pharmaceutical industry could take over the job of dulling down intractable pain in people suffering from Cancer and other painful diseases. The ruling class in America knew that if effective synthetic substitutes could be found then Pig Pharma would own the pain industry and all those poppy-growing terrorists in Third-World countries (and – oops – the CIA) could be put out of business.  We know how that turned out.

Well, all that research did come up with a bunch of synthetic opiates like Fentanyl, one of the classic killer drugs. For a while these synthetics actually did a pretty good job of giving people relief from pain and suffering, but very quickly synthetic analogues of Fentanyl that aren’t “on the list” were being created in Chem Labs around the world and these chemicals – mostly made by our good friends in China – are wiping out Americans right and left.

The question that nobody seems to be asking is what would happen to all these “10,000 times stronger than Morphine” drugs if growing your own Opium Poppies was legal and people could have access to pure, clean, natural Opium to help them deal with their pain and suffering. Nobody is asking Pig Pharma if the world really needs drugs that are 10,000 times stronger than Morphine because the industry is free to develop and sell all the poison they can while the politicians and their lapdogs in the DEA run around the country busting people for natural drugs that are 10,000 time LESS POWERFUL than what the industry develops and sells and that ultimately winds up on the streets, killing people who just want to get high and escape their painful lives – but not by dying, of course.

Well, one of the things that would happen is that people wouldn’t be dying in droves from the poisons that the government and Pig Pharma have created, and that might get in the way of the secret Eugenics programs that are hiding underneath so much of the “War On Drugs” legislation.

If the idea that the government and Pig Pharma are in a vast conspiracy to poison and kill what they consider to be useless and defective people sounds a bit paranoid then you don’t understand the history of the Eugenics movement. It isn’t difficult at all to trace the growth of this movement and the actions of the government that it has captured. From poisoned alcohol during Prohibition to the CIA pushing heroin in the ghettos, controlling elements of the US government have been solidly behind domestic genocide since at least the late 1800s.

However, the plan to rid the country of undesirables has run into a glitch – a lot of “desirable” citizens have begun dying from these synthetic opiates, so now that so many high-value white people are being found dead we have declared a public health emergency. Looks like that whole Eugenics thing has gotten a little out of hand – now that our killer drugs are eliminating desirables from the gene pool it’s time to start sounding alarms – and of course calling for more police and more surveillance.

The legacy of generations of criminal politicians and bureaucrats, and their insane oligarch owners, is alive and well today on the streets of America. Unfortunately, lots of Americans on those same streets are not alive and well at all.

The only reason that these criminals have not and will not ever be brought to justice is that they control all of the relevant mechanisms of investigation and prosecution of crimes and their control is so pervasive that they have reached the level of untouchability. They are like a Cancer – at some point that disease becomes unstoppable because it has taken over and destroyed the body’s defenses. The bad guys are firmly in charge and the American dream is going down. Only a massive uprising of informed and really pissed-off people using the ballot box, while it still remains a viable option, could possibly threaten their power, so naturally the criminal conspirators are working hard to make the ballot box irrelevant on the one hand, while ensuring that Americans – particularly the children – are rendered too stupid to comprehend that they have been enslaved on the other.

And they are almost there. I’m not sure how long America has left before future historians will write this great experiment in democracy off as a failure, but my guess is that the era they will use to mark the beginning of the terminal decline of the great experiment the one we are living through now.


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