Redneck Sheriff Admits: Black Lives Don’t Matter

At least not in St. Mary’s county, Maryland. But white lives do matter to Sheriff Tim Cameron, and by golly he’s going to do something about the Heroin epidemic in his community now that it turns out that white kids are dying of overdoses.

In a recent (8/17) interview on NPR’s “Here and Now” show broadcast by WBUR Boston, the Sheriff was being interviewed on the increase in Heroin-related overdoses in his rural Maryland county. He gave some statistics for the past few years illustrating the increase in overdose cases and then the interviewer asked him “Who are these people (dying of Heroin overdose)?”

Here is Sheriff Cameron – verbatim. (Starts at 3:13 in the interview – here’s the link).

“That was the most alarming thing. When you look at our county, it was certainly not the lowest socio-economic level of our community. It was in good homes. It was in the affluent portions of our county, and it was young, white females, so that was the alarming thing, our young people were dying from overdoses of Heroin, so we took a complete mobilization of our community ….”

Regular readers of Panaceachronicles know what I think about government drug propaganda – it’s a smokescreen designed to panic the public into demanding more and more police “protection” which, of course, leads directly to more and more police control of everyone’s life, and gives politicians more and more opportunity to take away constitutional protections against state tyranny.

But you rarely hear a high level police official admit what we all know to be true – when it is only poor black and brown people dying of bad drugs and drug overdoses the police and the “powers that be” see no problem. In effect, the police are perfectly happy to let as many people as possible in the “lower socio-economic levels” die from drugs – fewer troublesome poor people to deal with, in their opinion. A real plus from law enforcement’s perspective. But when “kids from good families”, and especially “young white females” begin dying, then saddle up! Its time to sound the alarm!

This is nothing new. While millions of white people were happily and relatively safely getting high on powdered Cocaine in the 1980s tens of thousands of Black people in America’s ghettos were dying from Crack. And while relatively few White people from “good families” are ever sent to jail for recreational Cocaine possession, whole generations of Black people are being jailed for possession of simply a crack pipe with a little residue, much less for possession of actual Crack.

So while Sheriff Cameron’s admission that it took White kids dying to get his attention is no surprise, what is surprising is that he is ignorant enough to say it out loud. That’s usually the kind of thing that cops and politicians only talk about behind closed doors.

In another twist in the so-called “Heroin Epidemic” story, at present about 16,000 people a year are dying of what is being called Heroin overdose in the US. What you don’t hear discussed is that it isn’t really overdosing that is killing many of these people – what’s doing the killing is that a large portion of the Heroin flooding the US (and Europe) these days is part of a Chinese secret war on what they view as the degenerate West, and the Heroin being used by the Chinese to conduct this war is superpotent. It is produced from special strains of poppies first developed in labs in Southeastern China during the Vietnam War to addict American troops, and it did such a great job in Vietnam that the Chinese have simply continued to use this SuperHeroin as an instrument of its invisible war on the West. This means that what an inexperienced young Heroin user might consider a normal dose of Heroin from opium produced in Afghanistan or Turkey or Colombia is actually anywhere from 10-20 times stronger when it is Chinese SuperHeroin produced from weaponized poppies.

To be fair, it was the West that first used Opium as a weapon of war against the Chinese, so from the historical perspective they are completely justified in turning the tables.

You know what would stop all this cold in its tracks? Legalize individual cultivation of the Opium Poppy and the Coca plant and also legalize commercial cultivation of Opium Poppies and Coca plants and the production of pure, safe, potency-regulated Morphine and Heroin as well as medicinal Coca leaf and clean, potency-regulated Cocaine. If somebody wants to grow their own Coca or Poppies and make their own drugs, it should be their right. And if the commercial production of Coca and Poppies were legalized and regulated the US wouldn’t have to deal with the flood of foreign, weaponized drugs now flooding our communities as part of a secret war to destroy the social fabric of the US and Europe. Sure a lot of people would waste their lives staying high and never leaving their couch, but that’s happening right here, right now. What would be different would be that the prisons would be empty, a lot of criminals in high government positions would be out of work and hopefully in jail, and a lot of cops would finally have to actually do police work arresting real criminals rather than taking the lazy cop’s route to promotion and wealth by busting drug users and confiscating their assets.

Our government knows about these weaponized drugs from China. In fact, huge numbers of police, bureaucrats, and politicians benefit financially from either just looking the other way or from actively abetting this war crime. In my opinion, the leadership of government agencies involved with the “War on Drugs” at all levels is committing treason and they should be arrested and tried under the statutes that govern treasonous crimes against the American people. Of course, that would mean that the very people who are committing the crimes would have to investigate, arrest and try themselves, so the whole idea is a non-starter.

So why write a blog piece about this, if everything is so hopeless? Because I am naïve enough to believe that if enough good people wake up to what is going on that they will be able to find and elect leadership at the local community and state level that can counter-attack the Federal Beast that is at the core of this criminal betrayal of our Constitution and our Country. That is the only possible scenario I can imagine for taking down the Federal Beast and the invisible oligarchy that created, maintains and benefits from the ever-reaching tentacles of the beast. That is why I am writing this piece and why I will continue to write as long as I am able. If you’ve come this far with me today, I thank you.

Now please go talk face to face with your local police and government officials and ask them why they continue to aid and abet the high crimes and treason of the Federal government. And when they ask “What high crimes and treason?”, I hope that I’ve helped give you a starting point for that conversation.

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