The Latest Triumph Of Eugenics – Wax

The premise of this post is that the recreational and medical Cannabis legalization movement has quite possibly been perverted to serve the ends of an invisible cabal of wealthy and powerful people whose goal for centuries has been to find an effective way to rid the world of human beings that they consider undesirable. I hope and trust that none of my readers will take what I am about to say as a criticism of the Cannabis legalization movement, nor of the thousands of legitimate researchers who are probing the intimate nature of Cannabis in search of improved strains for both medical and consciousness-enhancing purposes.

The Legacy Of Hatred That Is Eugenics

The wealthy and powerful people who have been at the core of the Eugenics movement for many generations are driven by a perverted but unwavering belief that there are far too many unproductive, undesirable, morally and physically inferior people in the world.

However, these would-be members of the Master Race have always had a major problem. How do you get rid of all those defective people who are fouling up the your own private, personal gene pool – AKA planet Earth – without anyone knowing what you’re up to?

Mass murder doesn’t work very well – you wind up going down in history as monsters and criminals. Just ask the Nazis or the Serbs.

Birth control schemes don’t work very well either because there are powerful institutions who WANT people to have as many children as possible no matter how sick and poor they are pre-ordained to be by the rigged political and economic game. Just ask the Catholic Church.

While war certainly gets rid of a lot of people, from the Eugenicist’s point of view it also gets rid of a lot of the best young breeding stock. War is messy, inefficient, and at least marginally counterproductive – although it is certainly a profitable racket. Just ask Dick Cheney and George Bush (either George).

Provoking revolutions and class warfare aren’t the answer either – you may get rid of the losing side almost completely, but there are always just as many undesirable low-lifes left alive in any winning side, so you haven’t done anything but purge a small segment of the problem. Just ask the Khmer Rouge or the Taliban.

And of course race and class-based official oppression has proven to be a bust. You can certainly starve, beat, imprison, lynch and execute huge numbers of those you consider undesirable, but some always seem to survive and in some cases they are even able to throw out the institutions you have built to squash them. Just ask South Africa and the United States.

What to do? Well, the Eugenics movement has attracted a lot of suck-up scholars over the centuries – people who trade on their education and their intelligence to cozy up to the wealthy and powerful by devising theoretical solutions. Jonathan Swift made great fun of these sycophants with his “Modest Proposal”, which was aimed directly at the army of scholars who were laboring hard at the time to win the approval of wealthy patrons by coming up with a workable plan for getting rid of the “Undesirables de jour”, e.g. the Irish. But even the most clever and articulate mockery can’t penetrate the impervious shell of those who profoundly believe that they are smarter than everybody else on earth, and so in spite of Jonathan Swift the search continued unabated for the “Ultimate Solution”, as the Germans called their ghastly riff on the Eugenics theme.

But isn’t this all ancient history? Not quite. Anyone who may think that the Eugenics movement these days is only composed of a few crusty old codgers with more money than soul like Donald Trump, and a couple of their high-paid flacks like Rush Limbaugh, has fallen into the trap set for such thinking long ago. That trap is to discount who and what these people are, to underestimate the extent of their power and influence, and to think that this is all just a ghost story designed to scare little kiddies.

It’s true that you don’t hear Eugenics discussed publicly anymore, the way you did a hundred and more years ago. But that’s simply because the people at the core of the movement have learned that you have to keep very quiet about your opinions on this matter because if the popular media and the progressive/liberal side of the political spectrum catch a whiff of someone holding these views they are crucified and no amount of wealth or power can save them. Just ask Charles Lindbergh and Prescott Bush.

Make no mistake – the Eugenics movement is very much alive and well today. Go to virtually any gathering of the wealthy and privileged ( like Bohemian Grove) and select a hundred people at random and I’ll bet you’ll find that at least half of them firmly believe, but are very cautious about saying, that the world would be better off if several billion people could somehow be made to simply disappear. And you would also find that within that group of believers there are quite a few who are actively using their wealth and power to finance and promote schemes designed to achieve precisely that end.

If you are interested in getting some detailed background information on the Eugenics movement’s evolution from the 1800’s through the early 20th Century you can do no better than to review “Eugenics & Other Evils” by G. K. Chesterton. This is a free book available for the Kindle, and gives the modern reader a chilling insight into the origins and aims of this worldwide secret society. I only ask that as you read this book you keep in mind that nothing has changed – in fact, the movement has accelerated in contemporary times.

A reviewer on Amazon summed the book up beautifully: “This book by GK is far more than an historical curiosity; the arguments he sets forth enable us to see far more clearly the dangers of conceding to a government, a group of elites, or even a vague movement, even a fraction of our rights and responsibilities concerning our own life, death, and progeneration. In the first third of the book, GK utterly dismantles the superficial logic of eugenics. In the second third, he exposes the real objectives of the movement that lay beneath the surface. The final third is a compilation of truly bone chilling articles and letters written by eugenicists of the period.”

However, the purpose of this post is not as much to review the Eugenics movement as it is to share with you an insight that I’ve just had while reading about the newest Cannabis-based craze – Wax.

I believe this secret society of genocidal freaks has finally come up with a workable strategy to destroy what they consider the “undesirable” parts of the human race in a way that not only nobody can point to them as the perpetrators, but nearly everybody will believe that those who are destroyed did it to themselves.

It is in many ways a perfect crime – there is no smoking gun, no motive, no opportunity, and no crime, but millions of what the self-anointed Master Race considers so many cockroaches will simply check into the great roach motel in the sky all by themselves.

But first, here is a brief background on what I believe has been one of their core strategies for many years, a strategy that looks to me like it is finally coming to fruition through an innocently-named little item called “Wax”.

1. Create a set of conditions where drugs that people desire are both illegal and readily available
2. Count on the well-established propensity of people to take these drugs regardless of the risk, and most importantly
3. Be sure that you control the production and distribution of these drugs – behind the scenes of course – so that you can keep making money while executing your plan to destroy the undesirables
4. Find ways to keep boosting the effects of the natural drugs you start out with to the point where they become lethal – but only in ways that can’t be traced back to you.

It’s important that you start by making the natural drugs like Cannabis, Opium and alcohol illegal because that not only creates conditions under which people who use them can be controlled by police, but it also creates huge opportunities for profit on the part of the Eugenicists acting through their network of banks, government agencies, and industrial organizations. It’s also important that you cater discreetly to the fact that many drug users – especially the young ones – are never satisfied with the highs that the original natural drugs offer, but are always seeking new, better, stronger highs.

The invisible oligarchs behind the Eugenics movement that has spanned generations know that given the opportunity, a substantial number of the “Untermenchen” of the world will happily destroy themselves in pursuit of ever more powerful, and ever more deadly highs. The Eugenics movement controls such wealth and influence that it directs the policies of governments worldwide, and for generations it has gone to great lengths to ensure that the masses are given every possible opportunity to destroy themselves and their offspring. Its invisible hand can be seen in the dumbing-down of the masses through a deliberate, trans-generational sabotage of the educational system, through the deliberate poisoning and subtle starvation of the masses with cheap, industrialized food, and – the premise of this post – through providing a never-ending parade of toxic chemical enhancements to what begin as natural, plant-based mind-altering, consciousness-expanding drugs.

The Eugenics movement at some point figured out that Human Beings, and especially young males, just can’t leave well enough alone when it comes to getting high. For thousands of years the indigenous peoples of the Andes used Coca Leaf as medicine and as a source of relaxation and meditation. And for as many thousands of years, indigenous peoples from Morocco to Lebanon to Nepal used Cannabis Flowers as medicine and as a source of relaxation and medication.

The Europeans, of course, had been using Alcohol as their relaxant of choice, beginning with simple home-brewed fermented grain in the time of the Neanderthals. At some point someone discovered how to extract the pure alcohol from the bubbling mash, and soon Europeans were killing themselves off in droves with distilled spirits, but since Alcohol was suddenly a major industrial profit center nobody except a few loony ministers cared. The slaughtering by Alcohol continues unabated.

The Spanish first discovered Coca Leaf when they swarmed like cockroaches over the mountains of South America in search of gold and silver to loot. Coca Leaf quickly entered the botanical pharmacopeia of Europe and before long Coca Leaf tonics were curing an enormous range of the diseases of “modern civilization”.

Then along came some clever German chemists who, noting the remarkable properties of the Coca Leaf, reasoned that there would be great profit in identifying the element in the leaf that is responsible for its effects, so they set about identifying it and finding ways to extract and concentrate it. Voila – Cocaine, which was hundreds of times more potent as a medicine than natural Coca Leaf and which, quite incidentally, happened to also be deadly. And – leave it to American ingenuity – somewhere along the line some garage chemist came up with Crack Cocaine, and a whole new wave of slaughter began.

Tobacco products are another triumph of the Eugenics movement, evolving from a pure, natural leaf enjoyed by all classes to an industrial chemical product containing no leaf but plenty of biotoxins, reproduction disruptors, DNA breakers, and other chemicals that ensure that smokers – the great majority of whom these days are the lower classes of the world – will die in droves after contributing a large proportion of their meager financial resources to this murderous industry throughout their significantly shortened lifetime, and will have children who are deformed and terminally damaged from before birth. The cigarette industry is an ultimate achievement in population control.

One of the breathtakingly ingenious achievements of the Eugenics movement in the faux-Tobacco field was the introduction of clove cigarettes, or Bidis, to young people in the 70s and 80s. Bidis are manufactured from cigarette butts collected by street urchins from the gutters of Asian cities, and if you have ever been to Asia, or even if you simply have a good imagination, you know what those cigarette butts have been soaking in. So these products are literally composed of shit and piss and other disgusting body fluids and industrial chemicals, all neatly disguised by clove oil – itself a potent carcinogen – and of course cleverly fortified with nicotine. With Bidis the so-called tobacco industry was finally able to prove that you can get people to actually buy and smoke shit as long as you disguise the flavor and aroma and load it up with nicotine. What a coup!

But all of these deadly but largely invisible “accomplishments” of the eugenics plotters pale beside their newest trick.

I have little doubt that Eugenicists have been stealthy supporters of the Marijuana legalization movement, not because they were under any illusions that Cannabis itself would help them advance their goal of eliminating as many “undesirables” as possible but because they knew that once Cannabis was legalized it wouldn’t be long before something very predictable would happen.

They knew that once the legalization threshold had been crossed, a virtual army of amateur chemists would take to their garage labs and begin manipulating the Cannabis high just like chemists did with the Coca Leaf, the Tobacco Leaf, and the Opium Poppy.

Well, the Eugenicists were right on target. As more and more markets have been opened to legal Cannabis, more and more “enhanced” Cannabis products have appeared and the latest iteration, a genre innocently called “Wax” has now appeared, and “Wax” is precisely the kind of drug that will finally do the job that the Eugenics movement wants done.
A recent article in BuzzFeed gives a complete rundown on how “Wax” operates and although the article doesn’t connect these issues with any kind of conspiracy if you understand what the Eugenicists have been up to for years it quickly becomes evident that here is a perfect Eugenics storm. I urge you to read the whole article but here are just a few choice quotes.

“We see stuff that is dripping with residual solvent. It’s running with it, literally dripping — more contaminants almost than product,” said University of California, Davis, analytical chemistry professor Don Land, who works with a major Northern California–based marijuana-testing lab called Steep Hill Laboratories.”

“No one is quite sure how many parts per million of butane, if any, might be safe to leave in hash oil. Steep Hill’s chief research officer, Kymron deCesare, who also oversees all of the analytical chemistry labs at UC Davis, said that the recommended Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) numbers that exist for butane inhalation refer only to exposure in a work environment over the course of an eight-hour shift.”

“You can’t apply those numbers to this,” he said, referring to dabs. “We’ve never done the studies on what happens if you’re inhaling a higher concentration than is allowed, a hundred or a thousand times as much as the limit, and you’re doing it repeatedly, over and over again, in a very intense, momentary way.”

“The most blatant risk comes from unsafe pesticides, which are found in weed from Colorado to Nebraska to California. Rodger Voelker of the OG Analytical laboratory in Oregon, which has legalized both medical and recreational marijuana, said over half of the several thousand BHO samples he has tested contained illegal pesticides, including one known to cause brain damage. As bad as these toxic compounds might be in smoked weed, they’re made several times worse when they are concentrated and dabbed, chemists who have analyzed the product say.”

“If people were aware of the level of pesticides we’re finding, especially in concentrates, compounds that are absolutely banned by the EPA for human consumption — people have no idea. They hear it’s tested and it looks clean, but they’re being lied to,” Voelker said.”

“In addition, all BHO contains concentrated versions of the lubricating chemicals added to lighter fluid to make sure the butane flows well through pumps. As several chemists repeated to BuzzFeed News, there is no such thing as food- or medical-grade butane. Even companies in Colorado and Washington use lighter fluid. While butane itself has a low boiling point and is not difficult to remove using a vacuum oven, these heavier, harmful compounds — including benzene, methylbutane, neopentane, and hexane — remain.”

“Finally, the least understood health risk posed by hash oil is that of plant waxes, which make up about 15–20% of most BHO. All plants are coated in a film of lipids known as cuticle wax: This is what makes bell peppers shiny. When you smoke marijuana, those waxes burn up, but when vaporizing BHO, the lipids get concentrated and go directly to the lungs, where some chemists believe they form nodules called granulomas on the tissue. “We have no idea how many people are suffering lung damage from cuticle waxes,” Steep Hill’s deCesare said.

All of the modes of action described above are cumulative, and taken together they describe a product that meets the Eugenics criteria perfectly.

So while Wax silently goes about its business of destroying DNA, brain cells, and reproductive organs, the target population as always has all the answers and, as the Eugenicists know they will, they just keep on dabbin’ and telling themselves little stories, like:

Wax is made from Cannabis, so how could it possibly hurt anyone. I mean, its medicine, man.

Wax has a lot of cute names, so how could it be dangerous. I mean, who wouldn’t love to be smoking something called Budder, Crumble, Shatter, or Honeycomb?

Wax delivers quick, monster highs, which is good. I mean who wants to go to the trouble of smoking a lot of weed when all it takes is a dab or two?

Wax is new and sexy, which means that I am cutting edge, baby.

Wax is legal – or at least it is not illegal, so I’m smoking something that “The Man” can’t touch. Way cool.

You don’t drop dead after one dab, or even after a hundred. I mean I have friends who dab every day. So what’s the problem?

The assholes who are bitching about the dangers of “Wax” are just trying to ruin the fun, so who cares what they say?

From the point of view of the Eugenics movement, Wax is the perfect instrument to achieve their goal of wiping out the ability of huge numbers of marginalized young people to reproduce. It is stealthy, effective, and can’t be traced back to them. And it sounds completely harmless. It’s not like sticking a needle in your arm, is it? And by the time these young people discover that they either can’t reproduce, or that the children that they do produce are defective, “non-viable offspring” as the pesticide industry phrase goes, it will be long past the point where anyone can say that this was all a deliberate, carefully calculated plan.

So am I just a crazy old paranoid fart who’s stuck in the past and trying to spoil all the fun? Could be, I guess. Party on kids. Pardon me while I go smoke a flower, or maybe make myself a cup of Coca tea (don’t I wish).

2 thoughts on “The Latest Triumph Of Eugenics – Wax

  1. You say the “Eugenics Movement” has a strategy of “1. Create a set of conditions where drugs that people desire are both illegal and readily available” and then you say “I have little doubt that Eugenicists have been stealthy supporters of the Marijuana legalization movement, “. These seem contradictory, please explain?

    You seem to be in favor of legalization of some or all drugs and yet in this article you paint a picture of disaster from each drug being widely used: ” The slaughtering by Alcohol continues unabated.”, “somewhere along the line some garage chemist came up with Crack Cocaine, and a whole new wave of slaughter began.” What sort of drug policy do you think makes sense?


    1. Hi Jesse – my apologies for not getting right back to you. I do strongly support the right of people to have unrestricted access to any of the natural drugs – opium, cannabis, coca, and alcohol among the most common. I also believe that the Eugenics movement has long noted that whether or not people have free access to these natural drugs, there is a strong tendency for some people – primarily young males – to want to increase the potency of drugs, and maintain that this suits the Eugenics movement just fine because these artificially boosted drugs are increasingly lethal. Distilled alcohol; Heroin; Crack; and now Wax. The reason that I think the Eugenics movement was and is in favor of Cannabis legalization is because they know that legal Cannabis will lead ( has led) to dangerous and potentially lethal “upgrades” such as Wax.

      The only policy regarding the natural forms of drugs that makes sense, in my opinion, is no drug policy. Governments should stay completely out of the regulation of natural drugs. When it comes to the issue of these natural drugs, which are not only harmless but beneficial, being turned into lethal substances like Crack, Wax, Heroin etc. – I don’t have any answer that makes good sense. There is a certain portion of the human race that will do whatever they can to get more and more high, regardless of the risk, but I am certain that making these dangerous forms of drugs illegal doesn’t help anybody and has proven over the centuries to lead only to massive oppression, criminality, corruption, and suffering far beyond what would occur is government simply kept its hands off.


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