Brilliant Political Activism – Femen

While this post isn’t precisely about Coca Leaf or natural medicines it is about the strategy of a new Ukrainian feminist group that is terribly relevant to anyone who is seeking an effective way to oppose repression, injustice and exploitation on the part of governments, institutions, and mass ignorance.

The following two videos focus on the Ukrainian protest group Femen and the young woman who came up with one of the most effective ways to bring attention to the cause of the oppression and exploitation of women that I have ever seen. As you will see, Femen has come up with a way to ensure that their voices can’t be ignored.

Inna Shevshenko’s approach reminds me of an old joke in which two Englishmen who are animal rights activists are walking down a country road when they come across a weathered old farmer savagely beating a mule with a big stick. One says to the farmer “I say old chap, can’t you simply explain to the creature what you want? Do you have to beat him so terribly?”

The farmer looks up at the two and grunts “Well, you may be right about reasoning with the beast, but first I have to get his attention.”

InaShevshenkoCheck out how this brave young Ukrainian woman manages to get the attention of the stubborn beasts who dominate her society.

Please view the two videos in order. In the first video Inna explains how she came to create Femen, and in the second video you’ll see Femen in action. Simply Brilliant!

Video #1 – Inna explains how Femen came to be and the atrocious treatment that she received from Ukrainian authorities.

Video #2 – Inna and friends in action – the expressions on the faces in the crowds are PRICELESS!

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