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The BBC Covers Amazonian Coca

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In this (archived, not live) article on the BBC website, their Amazon correspondent Bruce Parry writes in great detail about the Andean Cocalero scene, the struggles of the Ashaninka people, the Shining Path, and many other Coca-related topics.

He takes a close, BBC-style look at the profound impact of US-sponsored “Drug Wars” on the indigenous peoples of the Coca-producing regions of the Andes and Amazon.

There are also lots of links to interesting, relevant videos. It will be worth your time to browse this article and its links.

Author: panaceachronicles

When I was a child I moved around the world with my military family, always traveling by ship in the days before aircraft could cross oceans. I would spend hours on deck writing messages, sealing them with candle wax in bottles I snagged from somewhere on board, and then consigning them to the sea knowing in my heart that they were on their way to someone, somewhere who would read them. Sometime replies arrived at my grandparents’ house years later, and they would forward them to me wherever I was living. From these contacts I developed pen-pals who I stayed in touch with for many years. I was fortunate to develop, very early in my life, a sense of the network that invisibly but seamlessly connects us all. Thank you for picking up this message in a bottle, dear reader. We are here together.

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