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“Smoke No Evil” Free Review Copies Available

Hi! Thanks for visiting. Just click here to request your free review copy of “Smoke No Evil”. That will send me your email address I’ll request that Apple iTunes Bookstore send you a link to download a free review copy.

After you have a chance to read it, I hope that you’ll add your voice to those demanding investigation and full accountability including corporate dissolution and RICO charges for the Tobacco Cartel.

I’ve written this book because “smoking-related disease” continues to destroy millions of smokers and families worldwide every year with no accountability.

I believe that many if not most of those deaths are preventable with a new, evidence-based approach – regulating pesticides in Tobacco Cartel products using existing consumer product pesticide residue limits as the standard.

Ludicrously, Tobacco Cartel products are exempt from pesticide regulation.

This book documents what the Cartel has known and kept secret for generations: that smoking-related disease and death may be caused not as much by Tobacco as by exempted & concealed super-toxic xenobiotics used by Cartel companies purely to boost profits, free of any effective regulation.

I don’t claim that smoking Tobacco, even organic Tobacco is safe; I do say that inhaling a proven carcinogenic/neurotoxic/genotoxic fungicide/insecticide cocktail a hundred times or more a day, from whatever source, combusted or vaporized, will surely and certainly destroy human energy, health & life.

This book offers hard evidence, new facts, and numerous peer-reviewed research citations to raise awareness that the Tobacco Cartel has, in plain view, engaged in a trans-generational conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity on a scale beyond imagination.

I hope that you’ll consider the evidence on its merits.

Here’s the Table of Contents

Introduction: Let Hard Data Speak

Links To Individual Xenobiotics In The Data

More Background On This New Data

Xenobiotics – Substances That Destroy Life Itself

Kentucky Reference Cigarettes – Invalidating 50 years of Research

About Those Dangerous Mint Flavors …

The Practical Reason For Pesticides In Tobacco – Pure Profit

Who Cares?

Why Tiny Repeated Pesticide Doses Matter

Specific Groups of People, Specific Kinds Of Harm

The American Spirits Behind The Data

Chapter One: Cartels, Elites, Corruption & Conspiracy

  • Spirit Voices – Carlito

Who Cares. No Shit. So What.

As Safe As Safe Gets

Just Quit Smoking Shit

Trans-Generational Corruption

Once The Story Is Known

Chapter Two: Incidental Genocide

  • Spirit Voices – Jackson

Why Tobacco Needs Human Labor Or Chemicals

Chemicals are Cheaper Than Labor

Blood Taxes

Chapter Three : Criminal Malfeasance Or Totally Deceived?

  • Spirit Voices – John

The Tobacco Cartel’s Deliberately Obscure Data

Chapter Four: Organic Tobacco Is Safe Tobacco, Period, Full Stop

  • Spirit Voices – Annie

Common Sense Says Safer And Less Safe

“Tobacco Is So Bad Anyway”

Forcing The Cartel To Disown Organic Tobacco

The Facts Call Bullshit On The Bureaucrats

Chapter Five: Why Tobacco Smoke Science Is Fake Science

  • Spirit Voices – Andy

The Core Flaw In All Tobacco Research

Reason #1: Non-Random Selection Of Contents

Reason #2: Uncontrolled & Unmeasured Materials Variability

Reason #3: Variations In Strain, Conditions, Handling

Reason #4: Pesticides & Fungicides Confounding Test results

Reason #5: Sources Of Tobacco Not Segregated

Chapter Six: Nazi Nerve Gas & American Tobacco Products

  • Spirit Voices – Arnie

Nazi Penetration Of The Tobacco Cartel

USDA Is Helping Spread The Nazi Fumigation Technology

Big Pharma’s Big Nazi Heritage

Chapter Seven: Tobacco Road Leads To Pesticide Alley

  • Spirit Voices – Petra

The Rarest Of Smoking Guns

How We Know Brazilian Tobacco Is Widely Contaminated

How Brazilian Nerve Poisons Get Into Those Marlboros, Camels etc.

Chapter Eight: DDT & Dropouts

  • Spirit Voices – Luis

Smoking & School Dropouts – Big Mystery

Could it be so simple?

Being exploited by the government is part of being marginalized

Peer-reviewed Research On Pesticides, Kids & Learning

Chapter Nine: Smoking Mommies & Testicular Cancer

  • Spirit Voices – Jessie

Grandmothers Who Smoked in the 1970’s

Here’s What’s Happening To Male Children Today

Here’s Why Even Tiny, Steady Doses Of DDT Matter

Here’s Evidence That This Is Happening Worldwide

Chapter Ten: Little Cigars & Latino Liver Cancer

  • Spirit Voices – Lynnette

Living With Fungus & Smoking It Too

Chapter Eleven: Sweet Poison At The Bodega

  • Spirit Voices – El Norteño

Chapter Twelve: Targeting The Korean Genome

  • Spirit Voices – Chun


The Most Compelling Evidence

Another Piece Of The Puzzle

Chapter Thirteen: Hidden Cause Of HIV/AIDS Therapy Failure

  • Spirit Voices – Cindi

American Spirit HIV/AIDS Harm Reduction

The Purpose Of The Project

The Problem With Cheap Smokes

Let’s Do Some Street Math

Using American Spirit To Enhance HIV/AIDS Treatment Outcomes

Program Delivery

The Important step: Paying For The Program

The Economic Impact On Patients


Chapter Fourteen: Tobacco Pesticides and Prostate Cancer

  • Spirit Voices – Victor

Chapter Fifteen: Ancestral DDT Exposure & Transgenerational Obesity

  • Spirit Voices – Harrison

Chapter Sixteen: Smoking Mothers & Childhood Leukemia

  • Spirit Voices – Mandy

DDT & Corrupted Baby Installs

Generations Of Corrupted Installs

Chapter Seventeen: New Evidence Linking Smoking & Breast Cancer

  • Spirit Voices – Bill

Chapter Eighteen: Sweet Smokes & Shrinking Balls

  • Spirit Voices – Carson

Appendix One: Pesticides & Fungicides

  • Spirit Voices – Judi

Appendix Two: Testimonials To The American Spirit

Spirit Voices: People may not know the whole story, but they know the truth.

  • I can run longer
  • My only brand
  • I’d rather inhale just tobacco
  • Use some friggin logic PLEASE
  • Let’s see how they stack up in the carcinogen sweepstakes
  • I’m satisfied with just one
  • Start using some common sense
  • Yea to the people who care about themselves
  • At least they are just tobacco
  • One of these a day is good enough for me
  • I’m never going back
  • You WILL notice the difference
  • I love American Spirits
  • The savings are obvious
  • A huge difference in my body clock
  • It’s the delivery system that kills you
  • 4 days a pack
  • Can only be better
  • They definitely taste better
  • Spirits are smoother
  • 1 cigarette lasts as long as 2
  • I can’t tolerate the taste or odor of other brands
  • A step in the right direction
  • The executives should be shot
  • A few changes I can mention
  • Smoke more. Eat less.
  • It’s more of a choice now
  • I also can taste the chemicals applied to reconstituted sheet tobacco
  • Smoke several organic cigs a day
  • Grow your own. Seems like fun.
  • Smokes are smokes but I’d rather smoke the American Spirit
  • I love em
  • I do it for pleasure and taste is more important than anything else
  • If your going to do it, do it with spirits
  • No chemical reaction
  • Say what you want, I’m convinced
  • Certified by USDA
  • My mother passed away of lung cancer
  • Spirits are more like really, really awesome chocolate
  • I can run again
  • With Am Spirits I felt more in control
  • My cough went away
  • He never gets sick
  • Spirits are bomb
  • You wont be able to take more than three puffs
  • “American Spirit” they said
  • I like to smoke, because I like to smoke
  • Taste like ass-chips
  • All I can taste in the others is chemicals
  • Better blood circulation
  • I can definitely tell they’re better for you
  • Smokers are not dumb or ignorant people
  • When the gov’t steps in
  • A satisfied, healthy smoker
  • You could smell the chemicals being released from his body
  • Guess what? Nothing is SAFE.
  • The difference is astounding
  • Once in a while they taste and smell a little like sage
  • Doesn’t taste like battery acid. Doesn’t burn ur throat.
  • I believe in moderation
  • Rat poison being amongst my favorites
  • My lungs feel clean
  • Actually been saving money since I started smoking them
  • The native image is not offending to us New Mexicans
  • I don’t have that just finished smoking smell
  • It was amazing
  • I almost immediately dropped down to a half a pack a day
  • Sometimes I go a day or two without smoking and I’m good with that
  • American Spirits are just less unhealthy
  • If you love to smoke then smoke what you love
  • I think they’re wicked

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Sorry Mom

Too often with barely-concealed malice, doctors routinely make the end of life unforgivably hard for lung cancer victims who were or are smokers. Because of their stunning ignorance of pesticide contamination of tobacco products, and their complete ignorance of how this murderous industry operates, lung cancer doctors too often turn into judgmental terrorists who use their invulnerable position and authority to attack helpless, dying smokers and ex-smokers using contempt, rejection and invective.  Lung cancer victims of smoking are routinely told that they are guilty, stupid, worthless parasites taking up a hospital bed needed for people who deserve care. There is no vestige of care in this treatment.

A young friend and I were talking about her mother’s recent death from lung cancer. I was showing her the results of pesticide residue tests that we had just run on a sample of tobacco products that happened to include the cigarette brand that her Mother had smoked – Marlboro Red 100’s. She wondered how all those pesticides and fungicides were allowed.

“EPA does not assess intermediate or long-term risks of pesticide residues to smokers because of the severity of health effects linked to use of tobacco products themselves.” EPA report To Congress: Pesticides In Tobacco, 2003

She said that the hardest part of her Mom’s cancer journey was the constant shaming that her mother had to endure. Her Mom was told every day in one way or another that she was dying because of stupid choices she had made and that all these problems she was causing for other people were the result of her own selfishness. There is a deep streak of judgmental meanness that runs through anti-smokers that is wide and deep in the medical profession, and while the industry is simply judged evil and not given another thought, all the doctor’s anti-smoking anger is directed at the dying patient who immolates themselves with shame and guilt. Which suits the tobacco industry just fine. Nobody is really paying them any serious attention. Their role in this has been written off as fully understood.

“Because use of tobacco products, with or without pesticide residues, is so hazardous to health, all of the Oregon Health Authority’s efforts around tobacco are aimed at discouraging use of tobacco products and encouraging cessation of tobacco use in people already using it.” Oregon Health Authority 2018

Imagine how much legal and lobbying effort it took for the tobacco industry to put that attitude and legislation in place.

So because of that kind of work, in every hospital in every town the attitude is – “She brought this on herself and everybody else. How could she be so thoughtless. She could have quit – lots of people do. She should have thought about the consequences before it was too late. All these resources being wasted on someone dying of their own actions. For shame.”

It’s almost like the fear of Satan in early America. Many doctors hate Tobacco with all the fervent belief and as little hard evidence as those ministers in Salem who hated Satan, and since haters can’t actually get their hands on either Tobacco or Satan (because they are a fantasy, an illusion), in the old days the Ministers of God burned the women who were obviously possessed by theEvil One, and today the priests of medicine shame and revile the smokers of the Evil Weed and condemn them to death.

Doctors and nurses are naturally frustrated by what they see as people sickening and dying because of totally avoidable bad decisions. They blame the tobacco industry, but they blame the people dying from lung cancer way more. After all, it says right there on the pack “The Surgeon General yada yada ….”. And besides, everybody knows that tobacco kills.

I always get suspicious when “everybody knows”, don’t you? It’s just like I feel whenever a doctor talks about what “we” know to be true.  That “we” raises my hackles – it always has a touch of pretentiousness that is always associated with ignorance. What if I could easily prove beyond any doubt that every medical and scientific study since 1972 that has used University of Kentucky “Reference Cigarettes” is fatally flawed?

Actual Tobacco has never been tested in any scientific or medical research claiming to have tested tobacco since 1972.  What would that do to the “we all know that tobacco kills” argument, if there were intellectual honesty on the part of the medical profession?

Yes, people with lung cancer are being killed by smoking, but not by smoking tobacco because they aren’t smoking tobacco these days. They are being killed by manufacturers greed and not their own stupidity, unless you are into blaming victims for being stupid and if you are then the shame is on you. Take a look at the pesticide contaminants in my friend’s Mom’s Marlboro Red 100’s and you tell me – was it most likely the tobacco, or what the manufacturer calls tobacco in those cigarettes that gave her lung cancer, or could it have been all those fungicides and pesticides? You know, the pesticides that “we don’t regulate because smoking tobacco itself is so bad…”

My friend’s Mom undoubtedly thought she was smoking tobacco. She wasn’t.

She probably assumed that any tobacco that actually might be in her cigarettes would be American. It would not.

She probably assumed that she was smoking the cured leaf of a plant rolled in a little paper tube. She wasn’t.

She probably thought the government had her back and regulated the harmful ingredients in tobacco products like they do in all food and beverages. It doesn’t.

She probably assumed that getting lung cancer was a crap shoot and that she could play the odds, not knowing that the game is fixed and she didn’t have a chance. She really didn’t.

Community Tobacco Control Partners Test Results 12/18

Bottom line – it wasn’t tobacco in her Marlboro Reds that killed my friend’s Mom, because there isn’t any real tobacco in those things, and the tobacco waste materials that they use to make them are so contaminated with poisons and toxins that if they were in any other product it would be seized and destroyed be the ever-alert health authorities.

But pesticides in “tobacco” products – good to go. The US government, and the government of Oregon officially don’t care. Sorry about your Mom. In reality, only you and a few who loved her give a shit. Everybody else is just getting a paycheck and telling themselves, and each other, what righteous people they are.