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The Coca Cultivators Handbook

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For the past few years I’ve been hoping that somebody who has actually grown Coca in a greenhouse would write a little guide for growers, but probably for some very good reasons it looks like nobody is going to take that chance. So I thought I would do the best job possible working mainly with historical data.

Also I’ve also priced it the same as my first Cultivators Handbook of Marijuana in 1969 – three bucks. I hope that makes it easy to own and read, and I hope the ideas in this Handbook can help bring about the liberation of Mama Coca the way the original “Cultivators” helped move things along a little in the early days of the Cannabis revolution.

Even though I’ve been researching Coca history and traditions for a long time by exploring Coca literature from the 1700’s and 1800’s, I never really appreciated how much practical growing advice was scattered throughout this fascinating long-lost literary history. Lost knowledge is a tool waiting to be picked up and used once again, and it has been fun doing just that with the incredible Coca literature of the 1700’s and 1800’s. Not that there aren’t web resources that cover the basics of Coca growing, but it’s another thing altogether to hear voices from hundreds of years ago speaking with passion and authority on every little aspect of their exciting new discovery – the Coca plant and it’s incredible leaf.

Of course what’s missing at this point in Handbook, other than an excellent section by Angelo Mariani on his Paris Coca greenhouses, is any good current information on greenhouse cultivation and growing under lights like Cannabis growers have gotten very good at. There is no question at all that Coca can be grown indoors with exactly the same technology as Cannabis, and I hope that is already happening in some very private places. Maybe I can help things along a little with some of the information here and then perhaps someone more knowledgeable than me will share what they know too.

As just mentioned, in the Handbook we look at the classic 1880’s Coca greenhouses of Angelo Mariani outside Paris, and explore his advice on growing the very highest quality Coca leaf under glass. Mariani was without doubt the first true connoisseur of Coca Leaf itself and had barely

A handful of magic beans

disguised contempt for the Cocaine craze of his time. His Bordeaux wine-based “Vin Mariani” was celebrated worldwide and set the standard for Coca wine, and he knew more about high-quality Coca Leaf production than any other European or American of his time or probably since. He maintained two first-class Coca plantations in Bolivia and greenhouses in several cities in France, and his advice is simple but definitely gold standard.

So here’s a list of what you’ll find in this first edition, and feel free to click on any of the images in this post to go to Amazon and read inside the book. 

Finally – do you know something you want to share about Coca? I’m calling on readers, growers, botanists and other Friends of Mama Coca to communicate with me and help expand and evolve this resource. Just click HERE to send me a message.

  • The bean is ready!

    Summary Of Coca Cultivation Techniques

  • Coca Cultivation Over The Centuries
  • Coca’s Natural Home Environment
  • Botany of the Coca Plant: Part One
  • Botany of the Coca Plant: Part Two
  • Traditional Andean Coca-Growing Regions
  • Ideal Coca-Growing Conditions
  • The Exquisite Coca Flower
  • The Importance Of Humidity
  • Coca Soils Of The Montaña
  • It’s all good!

    Best Kinds of Earth For Coca Cultivation

  • How To Select Viable Seeds
  • Protecting Seeds & Seedlings
  • Planting Out & Cultivating Coca
  • Daily Life Of A Coca Grower
  • High Quality vs. Inferior Coca Leaf
  • Peruvian vs. Bolivian Leaf – A Comparison
  • Ensuring High Quality Coca Leaves
  • Harvesting & Curing Coca Leaf: Part One
  • Traditional Harvesting Techniques: Part Two
  • Natural Enemies Of Coca
  • Commentaries On Coca
  • Happy leaves

    Searching For Wild Coca

  • Angelo Mariani – Master Coca Grower
  • Coca & Its Therapeutic Properties
  • Proper Cultivation Techniques
  • Harvesting For Maximum Purity & Potency
  • Preparation of the Coca Leaves
  • Coca Leaf – A Better Medicine
  • Natural Medicinal Preparations Of Coca Leaf
  • Your Keys To This Ancient Knowledge

I especially hope that you enjoy reading and exploring the “Keys To Knowledge” hyperlinked bibliography at the end of this little Handbook as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you. These hyperlinks to digital editions of 200 year-old books on the wonders of Coca will allow you to navigate directly to many of those long-lost books and enjoy experiencing the new world of Coca, Coca Leaf and yes, Cocaine through their eyes.

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