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Weaponized Heroin Part 2 – Trust The People

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grannyxLongstanding tradition says that writers have to lay out the problem before presenting the solution, but in the case of Weaponized Heroin in particular, and the War on Drugs in general, I think I’ll just put my simplistic little solution on the table first and then describe the problem as I see it.

Trust The People

Admittedly this is a ridiculously oversimplified solution in response to the very complex problem of illegal drugs that ordinary people simply can’t understand.

But how about this?

Revoke all criminalization statutes and cease policing natural drugs immediately and withdraw all laws prohibiting individual cultivation and consumption of all natural drugs.

If people want to abuse those natural drugs, which everyone ought to freely admit can happen, then simply let them, with social institutions like recovery centers standing by to help if they want it.

And if they want to grow these drugs as natural medicines and treat and heal themselves or others with Cannabis, or Coca Leaf, or Opium, then stay out of their lives if you can’t be helpful!

Society lets people drink too much alcohol and suck down lethal food so if people want to smoke way too much Cannabis or zone out on poppy juice from their garden then fucking let them. Getting High is at the core of American values like it or not. Handling the consequences of this kind of behavior will cost society a hell of a lot less than having hundreds of layers of police and parasites feeding on “illegal” drug users.

Give licenses to grow, along with a full pardon, to anyone who has ever been convicted of any non-violent drug “crime”. We’ll talk reparations later. Meanwhile leave people free to grow and sell natural Opium, Cannabis or Coca Leaf – no pills, no extracts – and then leave every peaceful citizen the fuck alone.

Let all Americans grow and use and sell their own Cannabis, Opium and Coca, and let the economic power unleashed by that new liberty flourish. You will see a nationwide economic transformation with the kind of localized people-power that the legal Cannabis movement has begun to reveal.

The minute that Police in every form disappear from the lives of people who are using or growing drugs and natural medicines and are otherwise minding their own business, and the minute that the law tells people everywhere in the country that they are free to grow their own pleasure drugs and natural medicines, that is the exact minute when the usefulness of Weaponized Heroin and other Weaponized drugs will begin to erode as a long-term military strategy for devastation, hollowing-out, and ultimately the conquest of this country.

So now let’s talk about that “Weaponized Heroin” problem a little more.

The problem is that Weaponized Heroin isn’t a “Drug Problem”; it’s a military attack.

Weaponized Heroin is being used as a prime component of a simple, 100% deniable long-term military, economic and social domination strategy. This strategy seems to emanate from one of two sources – Chinese military planners applying lessons learned from the Opium Wars to Vietnam, or, equally possible, as a stealth weapon in the hands of wealthy eugenics freaks within the global ruling classes to clear out genetic defectives and make America beautiful again. Or maybe there are other possibilities – but let’s go with the military option, which seems most likely to me, although the Eugenics freaks have been active and well-funded for centuries.

I have to start with the idea that America’s “War On Drugs” was and is a deliberately created distraction designed to cover a huge range of endemic government incompetence and corruption. John Ehrlichman, one of two of Nixon’s prime architects of the WOD, admitted exactly that near the end of his life. And while the thugs who operate the War On Drugs use just about every kind of killing/maiming weapon available, the weapon they have consistently used most effectively against their real adversary, the American people, is propaganda.

With that in mind, let’s look at the images that are evoked by the words War On Drugs media managers are currently pounding into the heads of anyone distracted enough from reality to be watching one of the screens planted in their heads and not really listening for the clear intent behind the choice of words.


The first images that most people will see in their minds when they hear or read “Heroin” are a quick, dim collage of hypodermics, burned spoons, bubbling gummy black stuff, injection, and slack-jawed death in dirty alleys. And lots of black people.

Of course now the mental horror show programming includes white powder and designer pills, and it is beginning to include dead white kids and suburban Moms, to heighten the impact of the message. And then of course we can’t forget those highly useful, quite dead, unfortunately addicted, thank you for your service, homeless Veterans. God bless America.

So with all those images bouncing amorphously around the word Heroin, scaring the shit out of the listener in micro-seconds, the mind is now prepared to receive the rest of the message:


OMG! Epidemic! Shit – that’s fucking dangerous!

More dim images swirl around. Human masses. Everyone sick and dying. Crying. Thin. Snotty noses. Somewhere far away. Horrible. Flies! Dirt. Tents. Brown people. Black people. Everyone dying. Invisible disease. No medicine. Hopeless.

Now the images and thoughts really begin flowing together. “Heroin Epidemic!” What an idea! Could hit anyone. Could hit my kid. Hooked. Prostitution. Poverty. Violence. Frightening. Do something! Kill the pushers – yeah. Philippine guy knows what he’s doing. Bastard Pushers. Mostly Mexicans too. Addicting decent people. Damn rapists too. Killing’s not good enough.

Heroin & Epidemic – whew! That’s a pretty powerful set of images you got swirling around inside your head there pardner.

Let me try out another phrase.

Weaponized Heroin.

Just substitute “Weaponized” for “Epidemic”.

If anything could be worse than an Epidemic it’s a great big Weapon that can kill lots and lots of people. All weapons are designed to kill. Drones and  and IEDs and gas and nukes – all damn scary.

But if Weaponized Heroin was as obvious as a couple of dozen nukes going off across America, or a few tons of anthrax or Sarin released at the Super Bowl, or any of the other shit that Dr. Evils have been dreaming up for years, then people might realize that we are under attack.

But the reaction to Weaponized Heroin seems to be “Holy Shit, those asshole pushers are putting elephant trank in their Heroin now – must be trying to give addicts a better high”.

We are not seeing a Heroin or Opioid epidemic, we are seeing a well-disguised attack using weaponized Heroin and other weaponized drugs – and NOT the natural drugs Cannabis, Coca Leaf and Opium, by the way – to wage war on what the enemy sees as undeserving people (that would be Americans) occupying waaaay too much really nice land and water (that would be from sea to shining sea).

Oh, and let’s not forget the “Opioid Epidemic”. The WOD media management guys try to include “Opioid” as much as possible in their “news” because those are the orders, but “Opioid” just isn’t that effective for evoking scary images. It sounds like an alien race – look out for the Opioids! Or maybe just a more severe class of hemorrhoids. “Man, when you got the Opioids you can’t sit down at all!”

Besides not being a very sexy word, I am sure that an amazing number of sponsors of the “news” have hinted to the editors who control the talking heads that everybody should soft-pedal the pills and push the needle. So I am sure the WOD media guys are relieved that they’ve got “Heroin” to work with – a proven hot word.

“We’re going with Heroin Epidemic! Double the budget!”

In trying to grasp the military reality of weaponized Heroin I find it helpful to visualize invisible chemical clouds hanging over hundreds of cities and towns, put in place by a stealthy enemy who has gone undetected while his secret weapon has created mysterious destruction everywhere. That does a better job for me of saying “It’s a fucking attack!” than simply visualizing millions of individuals with pills, white powder and needles who are having an increasingly serious drug problem with fortified Heroin.

The really clever thing about this secret weapon, this weaponized Heroin, is that it has been carried in and placed throughout America by simple profit seekers doing business with single-minded pleasure-seekers. The oldest form of human transaction. What a weapons delivery system! Top that, “Defense Department”.

Cheap, powerful highs are always welcome on the streets of America, and most other places in our society, truth be told. It’s one of the things that others know about us and are able to exploit because we are so institutionally committed to denial of the simple fact that lots of people like to get high and in today’s America that is an overwhelming majority of people because the misery of living is so broad and deep.

So what we’re seeing is actually just an updated version of the same strategy used by the Chinese in Vietnam, and before that by the British in China, who saw that a single vulnerability would allow them to control an entire population, which they went ahead and did with great success in every case. And of course Karma being what it is, that is precisely where the Chinese military idea comes from for using Weaponized Heroin not simply against an invading army, but against an entire population of people who happen to be sitting on the most desirable piece of real estate on Earth.

And the only effective answer to this threat, quite ironically considering that this is America, is in my opinion to trust the People.

Author: panaceachronicles

I love creating, testing, and launching new ideas that work and that make a positive contribution to other peoples' lives. I love breaking trails and discovering hidden or new pathways, new ways of looking at special parts of the world, and most of all I love sharing what I find with others. I wrote the first Cannabis grow book “The Cultivators Handbook of Marijuana” in 1969. Cultivators has sold over 6 million copies worldwide & is still in print in 2016. I'm very happy to have been a part of the beginning of what is now a true revolution. I created The Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company in the early 1980's and invented the American Spirit™ brand. My hope is that many people who chose the organic tobacco alternative have enjoyed smoking a more natural product and been healthier because of it. I wrote the first Cannabis extraction/medical edibles book “Marijuana Foods” in the early 1980's. While Cannabis extracts for medicinal use go back thousands of years, many people in my generation had not even heard of Cannabis butter. I was happy to share what I discovered through research and experimentation. I wrote the first organic Tobacco grow book “The Cultivators Handbook of Natural Tobacco”. I know that in some parts of the country, growers are selling organic tobacco at farmers markets, and I still have hope that a networked collaborative industry can be organized as an alternative to the so-called "Tobacco Industry". I helped thousands of people to be better cross-cultural business communicators with the “International Straight Talk” video/CBT series in the 1990's. If you have the patience for some very old-style talking heads videos they are all digitized and online. A lot of culturally-astute people appear in these videos sharing valuable information. I re-introduced Coca Leaf to the natural medicines dialogue with “Panacea Chronicles” and “The Coca Leaf Papers” in 2010 – 2012. This is a digitized collection of core books on Coca from the 18th and 19th centuries, with a hyperlinked bibliography. I created this resource so that people could connect with Coca's relevance to core health issues in today's world through understanding its historical context. I just finished (2016) developing a market-disrupting line of Cannabis products for “Landrace Brands™”. I figured there was no reason a company run by people I care about to be just another me-too Cannabis industry startup, so we came up with a few surprises. I enjoyed this process and would like to do the same for other Cannabis market companies run by good people. I am currently researching and writing "Cannabis For Seniors: A Caregivers Handbook" to be published in 2017. I welcome your ideas for topics, and stories about how Cannabis has made a difference in your own life or in the life of someone you love. I am always looking for interesting new challenges. Is there anything that we should be discussing?

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