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Weaponized Heroin & Schedule 1 Cannabis

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chinawhiteFlash Update – news reports of huge spike in heroin deaths in American inner-cities due to the heroin being laced with elephant tranquilizer. Now where in the world would anyone get enough elephant tranquilizer to lace whole shipments of heroin? I suppose it would have to be somewhere where there were lots of elephants needing to be tranquilized on a regular basis. Like SE Asia maybe?

End of flash update – back to the original blog.

Drug War media managers are succeeding in sending the public ballistic over the so-called epidemic of cheap, often fortified Heroin that has somehow, magically become easily available almost anywhere in America.

Virtually every “news” story on the subject is overtly based on the premise that this Heroin epidemic is a brand new threat, like something we’ve never seen before. Of course that means we have to double-down with the War on Drugs, so no re-scheduling of Cannabis right now. Hell, we got a war to fight! American kids are dying! Good, solid, white middle class kids! We’ll get to your goddam Cannabis when we’re good and ready.

Don’t you think it’s odd, or maybe not, that the media haven’t connected this current situation with what happened in Vietnam in the late 1960s when cheap, pure, high-octane Heroin suddenly, almost magically became available to American soldiers in every bar and on every street corner in Vietnam.

It just “turned up”. One day all the GI’s had was brown shit and then -poof!- every hand in Vietnam seemed to be holding out cheap little bags of sparkling white crystals.

It’s no secret that US units were routinely 50% addicted. Returning home as fully addicted Heroin addicts with zero support, nobody should have been surprised that so many of these Veterans quickly fell through the cracks, became street addicts, and perished. The Chinese military strategy remained effective even after the war on the streets of America.

That cheap, potent Heroin made available everywhere in Vietnam was weaponized-grade, especially developed by Chinese military for use against the enemy. That would be us. They had seen the tactic used with great success by the British in the “Opium Wars”, so in Vietnam they were merely, but brilliantly turning around an old idea.

It was a brilliant success mostly by accident because the Chinese couldn’t have predicted how much those American soldiers would love that cheap Heroin. After all, the British had to force most Chinese to become addicts. It was probably a real surprise to the Chinese military that so many American GIs just grabbed their cheap China White and ran into the nearest corner to get high without any urging.

So probably almost by accident with this one strategy alone the Chinese managed to destroy much of the fighting effectiveness of US forces in Vietnam. In fact, I believe that Chinese weaponized Heroin was probably one of the major contributors to the US defeat, and I am quite sure that the Chinese strategic thinkers have not forgotten what they learned.

Because all you have to do is to fast forward a few decades to see that the strategy is still working. All of today’s commentators, including all of the drug establishment like the DEA, are going on compliant media and complaining “where oh where is all this cheap, high-potency Heroin on the streets of America coming from?” Duh.

My bet is that the Chinese military figures that hollowing out American society from the inside with cheap, super-potent drugs is a pretty good strategy, especially since they can do it without triggering a military response, and their enemies will actually pay to be destroyed. After all, what is the US going to do – launch an ICBM strike on the poppy fields of Southeast China? What a weapons system – sure beats anything the US “defense” industry is able to come up with.

Of course it’s not just Heroin that the Chinese military is launching against the Americans – now that they can see how well they are doing they are loading up both barrels with cheap Fentanyl, cheap Meth, and just about anything else that Americans will happily ingest as long as it’s cheap enough and they can get really high.

And in the face of these mortal threats the DEA merrily rolls along ruling that Cannabis must remain a Schedule 1 drug because there’s no medical evidence of its efficacy. Look Mom – we’re fighting drugs. They’re trying to hold on to their bloated salaries and pensions is what they’re trying to do. Because it’s evident that the US leadership is no more capable of fighting this current use of weaponized Heroin effectively than US leadership was in Vietnam.

And, just like the Brass in Vietnam, since they can’t figure out what to do about it they keep the lid on tight and put on sideshows for the tightly-controlled press and pray that nobody will find out how ineffectual they really are. And so far that plan seems to be working beautifully. I mean, you don’t hear a lot of discussion of weaponized Heroin and how it’s being used, do you?

Bottom line – the Chinese are making a big show of high-tech weapons, and they seem to be making scoffers eat their scoffs, but their real ace in the hole is the fact that a lot of Americans just can’t resist a cheap high. And their weaponized Heroin strategy is working fine thanks in no small part to the American War on Drugs that keeps Americans locked in such a self-destructive cycle that even a truly existential threat this obvious doesn’t appear to register. 


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