Pure, Natural Coca Leaf – A Healing Gift Of The Divine Plant

“Coca Road – Journey To Natural Healing”™: A New Resource For Medical Cannabis Patients


Readers of this blog are familiar with my longstanding conviction that Coca Leaf and Cannabis are complementary natural medicines, and now that Cannabis is on its was to being liberated from oppression the same liberation should occur for Coca in the name of the millions of people whose medical conditions can be effectively treated by both sacred plants.

When I say that Cannabis and Coca are complimentary natural medicines I don’t mean that they are interchangeable – each has a range of “best uses” that sometimes overlap and sometimes are exclusive. For example, one of the most beneficial uses of Cannabis is as an appetite stimulant for people whose medical conditions and their treatments have destroyed their appetite – the impact of cancer chemo on appetite comes to mind.

On the other hand, when severely diminished appetite isn’t the problem but overactive appetite is, or when a person is hungry but can’t or shouldn’t eat (as in the case of an upcoming surgery), a few cups of Coca Leaf tea a day can do wonders not only in controlling appetite but in maintaining organic balance throughout the body while doing so – unlike conventional “appetite suppressant” drugs pushed by Pig Pharma. In fact I would say without hesitation that Coca Leaf tea should be immediately investigated as a superior surgical prep asset that can and should be used in a large majority of surgical procedures.

Both of these natural medicines have been proven to be safe and effective – although in the case of Coca Leaf the evidence is 150 years old, and current research is scanty because governments will not fund it and Pig Pharma doesn’t want it to happen.

Portraits from Album MarianiSo those of us who have worked so hard for the legalization of Marijuana must now turn to the legalization of Coca Leaf. Fortunately in the case of Coca Leaf we have an advantage that we didn’t have when the campaign for the legalization of Marijuana began – there are two countries where Coca Leaf is not only legal but recognized as a safe, effective, non-addictive natural medicine. What Peru and Bolivia have NOT yet done is to resurrect the medical and scientific research of the 1800’s regarding the healing uses of Coca Leaf and offer these healing therapies to a global constituency.

Peru and Bolivia are focused on the relatively narrow range of traditional healing applications of Coca leaf, such as altitude sickness and fatigue, and for the most part have ignored the greater range of healing potential of the Divine Plant. Of course these applications for Coca Leaf can move from “speculative” to “confirmed” very quickly if an effective campaign to make this happen can be created. That is what I am trying to encourage readers on this Blog to begin doing, and I am in the process of getting my own small contribution underway. (More on that shortly.)

It may be useful at this point to review and compare the “Top Ten” medical applications of Cannabis and Coca Leaf. Please keep in mind that while on the Cannabis side of the following list all of the medical applications have been validated through contemporary research, most of the medical applications of Coca Leaf must be, as just mentioned, considered speculative because they are based on medical and scientific literature from the 19th century and have not yet been validated by current research. My hope is that this will begin changing, fast, and soon.

Medical Cannabis Top Ten (Not Necessarily In Order Of Effectiveness)
1. Treatment for symptoms of AIDS
2. Glaucoma
3. Neuropathy (diseases affecting the nerves or nerve cells)
4. Nausea and vomiting associated with cancer chemotherapy
5. Pain caused by structural or psycho-physiological disorders
6. Muscular spasticity and limb pain (multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injury)
7. Symptoms of movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, Tourette’s syndrome
8. Appetite stimulant for diseases of malnutrition (cachexia or starvation)
9. Nausea and vomiting (general)
10. Migraine headaches

Coca Leaf Top Ten (Not Necessarily In Order Of Effectiveness)
1. Heart Disease (Congestive Heart Failure, A-Fib, etc)
2. Inflammatory conditions (Arthritis, Obesity)
3. Brain Disorders (Alzheimer’s?)
4. Asthma
5. Exhaustion (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)
6. Migraine
7. Depression
8. Anemia
9. Kidney Disease (Gout)
10. Malnutrition

Natural medicines are never “one size fits all” – and despite the name of this Blog there is no single Panacea on this earth. There are, however, several dozen natural plant-derived medicines that, when considered as a whole and when used selectively and with knowledge and insight can be said to be Nature’s Panacea. Not a single miraculous healing entity, but a family of healing entities that among themselves can effectively and safely treat and cure virtually any disease or degenerative condition.

So, with those points in mind, I would like to offer Medical Marijuana patients, and their caregivers, information about a resource that will allow them to explore the healing potential of Coca Leaf for themselves legally and without risk, while at the same time opening their eyes to another world and learning some of the deepest secrets of the Andean people who are the children of Mama Coca.

The resource I am talking about is the French/Peruvian company Wiracocha.

General inquiries to the website are always answered promptly, but if you are interested in a particular aspect of the healing journeys available through Wiracocha you can email the Director Mathias is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of the Peruvian Shamanic traditions and has personal contacts throughout the country. (If you mention that you are contacting him through this blog I would appreciate it.)

This remarkable group of people has been working for years in Peru building relationships with the country’s most respected Shamans and Indigenous Healers, and developing extended-stay healing centers where people can be treated not just with Coca Leaf but, as appropriate, with the full array of healing medicines that grow in the Andes and that form the basis for the healthy long lives of the indigenous people of these magical mountains. These natural medicines include Ayahuasca, San Pedro Huachuma, Willka, Kombo and Changa.

Beginning in 2015 I will be conducting a CrowdSourced fundraising project – “Coca Road – Journey To Natural Healing™” to enable patients who don’t have the financial resources to travel to Peru with their caretakers to participate in month-long healing experiences guided by the people of Wiracocha. These groups of @ 20 people (10 patients and 10 caretakers) will be structured around a single shared disease or condition such as asthma, congestive heart failure, Dementia or Alzheimers, or obesity, and their treatment plan will be worked out on the basis of individual needs. These groups will not only receive daily Coca Leaf ( and other natural medicine) therapy but will also be given broad exposure to the hidden Shamanic life of the Andes through participation in healing ceremonies, one-on-one sessions with indigenous healers, opportunities to travel (as appropriate to their condition) to sacred sites rarely seen by casual tourists, and will enjoy a diet of organic foods and pure water, the invigorating effects of altitude, the natural mineral springs where the Inca rejuvenated themselves thousands of years ago, and diverse learning opportunities.

In other words – these groups won’t just sit around and drink Coca Leaf tea – they will participate in a total natural healing journey, accompanied by some of the most knowledgeable and caring people anyone could hope to encounter.
And since Wiracocha is also a full-service travel company, members of these groups will not have to be concerned about making decisions regarding travel, lodging, transportation or meals. Everything will be provided so that each patient can concentrate on taking full advantage of the healing experience, and so that their caretaker can learn techniques that can extend the healing once the patient returns home.

There are a couple of practical matters to discuss.

Coca Leaf is 100% legal in Peru (and Bolivia) but Cocaine is not. There is no involvement with Cocaine in any aspect of this journey to natural healing, and each traveler will sign a pledge that they will not compromise themselves or the program by becoming involved with Cocaine in any way.

Cannabis is not legal in Peru. Medical Marijuana patients who go to Peru as part of the “Coca Road – Journey To Natural Healing™” program will not be able to bring Cannabis with them nor should they plan on having access to any Cannabis while there. Again, each traveler will be asked to sign a pledge to that effect.

Finally – and this is a heartbreaker – since Coca Leaf is still considered a dangerous drug in the US and since there are severe penalties for its possession, travelers on the “Journey To Natural Healing” will not be able to bring any of this medicine home with them. But then, part of the motivation for creating the “Coca Road – Journey To Natural Healing” program is so that people with diseases and conditions that have not been successfully treated in the US by conventional medicine can come to Peru for a month, experience the healing properties of Coca Leaf, have their progress toward health documented by fully qualified clinicians, and can then return to the US and give witness.

Imagine the impact, for example, of ten people with early stage Alzheimer’s, each with a trusted caregiver, leaving the US as victims of this terrible, progressive, unstoppable disease and then returning a month later mentally alert, with restored memory, and able to go on television and before legislators and give testimony to their personal experiences, demanding that they and others like them be given access to Coca Leaf just like people now have access to Medical Marijuana.

I have to rush in here to say that there is no contemporary research that proves that Coca Leaf will have any impact at all on Alzheimer’s – this is at this point purely my personal speculation. Doctors in the 19th Century did know that Coca Leaf was very effective at treating conditions such as melancholia (depression), “brain exhaustion”, and “nerves”, but of course Alzheimer’s didn’t exist as a diagnosis in those days.

I have chosen Alzheimer’s as an example because it would have such a dramatic impact if it could be shown that a few cups of Coca leaf tea a day could enhance the quality of life of tens of millions of mostly elderly people suffering from any of the dementias.

But the impact would be no less if groups of patients suffering from any of the conditions that 19th Century doctors KNEW and PROVED can be treated with Coca Leaf were to make the same journey and return with the same message. People suffering from severe Asthma will find relief with Coca Leaf. People with inflammatory conditions will find relief with Coca leaf. People with heart conditions like CHF will find relief. The list goes on.

If you would like to discuss either supporting or participating in the “Coca Road – Journey To Natural Healing™” program that I am preparing for launch in early 2015 I am available on Skype. With this program funded and in place, and with the help of Wiracocha, I believe that we can send group after group to Peru who will return after a month on their “Journey To Natural Healing” with a powerful message that cannot be ignored – especially in those states where Medical Marijuana is now a reality.

Just send me a Skype contact request to professor.drake and I’ll be happy to get back in touch with you. Let’s work together to make this happen.

Author: panaceachronicles

Those of us who were young in the fifties, sixties and seventies are now well along in our aging - those of us left, that is. Just as we tried in our youth to find alternative ways of living, learning, cooperating, having fun, and being productive, I think we're destined to replay many of these scenarios in our old age. Ironically, this is when our creative independence and desire for autonomy from centralized systems that arose in our younger days is likely to be the prescription for not just quality of life but survival itself.

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